Best 14 Online Bachelor’s in Spanish in 2021

April 23, 2021 | Staff Writers

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Are you a student or a professional who is passionate about learning and communicating in a foreign language? A bachelor’s in Spanish can be a good choice for you. Pursuing this program will enable you to communicate effectively and fluently in Spanish, thus increasing your career opportunities and growth.    

Why You Should Pursue A Bachelors in Spanish

Although learning a foreign language may not seem like a walk in the park, pursuing a bachelor’s in Spanish improves your proficiency in the language and comes with a number of advantages. Here are a few;

  • Given that Spanish is the fourth spoken language on the planet after Hindu pursuing a bachelor’s in Spanish and English helps you to communicate with over 530 million Spanish-speaking people worldwide. Studying Spanish also becomes advantageous if you live in the U.S. because it’s the second spoken language after English.  
  • Obtaining dual degrees, including a degree in Spanish, widens your career opportunities since one can become a language teacher.
  • The program increases your bilingual abilities, which has so many benefits that many international organizations seek during hiring.
  • The program is offered online, hence no need for a student to go to the campus. This helps cut extra costs like accommodation and facility charges. 
  • Allows you to communicate with native speakers, which allows for free interaction and enriching yourself with their unique socio-cultural practices.
  • Enables you to have critical thinking and basic-skills.
  • It qualifies you to work in a foreign land with Spanish speakers since a language barrier does not constrain you.
  • Getting skilled in Spanish is an asset in many career paths such as business, communication, government, healthcare, education, national and international management, and translation and interpretation. 
  • Importantly, bilinguals in English and Spanish have high earnings of between 5% – 20% more than their monolingual peers.  

Do you now feel convinced to enroll in the Spanish program, but you don’t know the best universities that offer the course? You have not to worry because we are here to help you choose one from our list below.  

If you need help finding a college or university that offers your degree of choice, we can help. To locate schools offering your favorite program, use our search engine by Click here. Below is a compilation of the 15 best schools that deliver an online Bachelor’s in Spanish for working students.

Best 14 Online Bachelor’s in Spanish

1. Arizona State University (98 points)

Arizona State University offers students seeking to accelerate their study opportunities an online bachelor’s in Spanish. The school’s students offering the program can graduate before the standard four timelines due to the 38 classes that are delivered over a 7.5-week term. Courses in this program comprise virtual synchronous meetings where a student practices speaking Spanish. This is done through conversations and interactions in Spanish with the instructor or a handful of fellow learners using webcams and microphones. Also, new students seeking to attain this degree can earn an initial language course placement based on the results of their Spanish assessment.  Some areas covered in pursuing the degree are Spanish language, literature, linguistics, civilization, professional correspondence, and business communication, among others. The program requires students to have 120 credit hours to graduate. To increase the growing language skills, students can use electives in topics such as Southwestern and Spanish-American civilizations and Mexican literature.

  • The tuition fee is $19,398 per year
  • The graduation rate is 63.2%

2. University of North Alabama 96 points)

The University of North Alabama is among the best schools offering an online bachelor’s in the Spanish program, and students pursuing the course can choose from the three distinctive concentrations. These include Spanish for commerce, Spanish language, and culture, as well as Spanish literature. All three concentrations consist of 18 classes. The program requires students to complete 120 credit hours before graduating. Among the students’ major requirements include attending classes in Spanish composition and conversation, Hispanic literature, and a senior seminar in an area of interest. Moreover, online students can also qualify for the school’s opportunities to study abroad. Learners can improve on their language skills from either Spain or Peru during the summer.

  • The tuition fee is $20,220 per year
  • The graduation rate is 49%

3. Florida International University (93 points)

Famously known as one of the best institutions of higher learning in the States of America, Florida International University offers students a fully online Bachelor of Arts in Spanish. The course not only helps students to learn one of the most important languages in the U.S. but also enables them to connect with other Spanish-speaking countries. This benefits the learner in career switch or development and culture exchange. Among the 20 countries that use Spanish as their national language include Spain, Mexico, Colombia, and Argentina. The school’s online bachelor of arts in Spanish allows students to attain a well-rounded knowledge of the Spanish language and culture, which helps them when interacting with other native or non-native Spanish speakers on professional platforms.

  • The tuition fee is $18,963 per year
  • The graduation rate is 72.3%

4. Fort Hays State University (89 points)

At Fort Hays State University, students who wish to pursue a foreign language and education have a chance of attending the Spanish program either online or on-campus. The school’s flexibility to choose the program of their choice in attending classes offers them an opportunity to decide on appropriate study time while pursuing other personal matters. However, studying online remains the best since it is more convenient and cuts some extra costs like accommodation and other charges always incurred on-campus. To be awarded a bachelor’s degree in Spanish, a student has to complete 127 credit hours. The dual degree permits students to integrate their passions to achieve career success in the classroom. Moreover, graduates with a dual degree in Spanish and teacher education can easily be employed in high school or elementary as language teachers. 

  • The tuition fee is $15,360 per year
  • The graduation rate is 71.4%

5. Eastern New Mexico University (87 points)

Eastern New Mexico University offers an online and on-campus bachelor’s in Spanish program whose degree duration is four years, every semester taking 45 credit hours. The program prepares students to be well-advanced with bilingual abilities and exposed to a different culture and language. The school offers a month-long total immersion program in Solola, Guatemala, to students to practice Spanish in a native environment while exploring other regions and cultures. Additionally, the university has international agreements that allow students to complete semesters abroad and internships at accredited institutions in Latin America and Spain. Students pursuing the Spanish program do discussions, reading, projects, and tests completed throughout the semester via Skype. 

  • The tuition fee is $8,448 per year
  • The graduation rate is 35.8%

6. Mercy College (84 points)

Mercy College is an accredited school located in New York City’s metro area and offers an online bachelor’s in Spanish. Pursuing an online degree in Spanish at the school offers a learner with outstanding skills that are transferable to careers in both public and private sectors. The program is aimed at giving opportunities for working professionals and students willing to study the course. The program is offered on weekends and nights, which makes it convenient for busy learners. Some areas the course focuses on include the current Spanish civilization, Spanish conversation, contemporary Spanish literature, and Spanish-American culture. The online classes are taught by tutors who teach similar Spanish classes while on campus. To graduate, a student has to complete 120 credit hours. 

  • The tuition fee is $19,594 per year
  • The graduation rate is 48%

7. Northern State University (81 points)

Northern State University, located in Aberdeen, South Dakota, is one of the best universities that offer online programs. The institution offers an online bachelor’s degree in Spanish, which equips students with Spanish knowledge, experience, and practices that meet their desired careers and interests. Since the school’s Spanish courses focus on real-world application, learners are exposed to Spanish-based cultures and language, which enable them to flourish professionally. This is because students are instructed by professors who have gained enough experience from Spanish-speaking countries. The four-year degree program requires students to complete at least 122 credit hours to graduate. 

  • The tuition fee is $11,821 per year
  • The graduation rate is 43%

8. Oregon State University (75 points)

For students and professionals interested in studying Spanish, Oregon State University, based in Corvallis, Oregon, is one of the best schools offering the program. The university offers an online bachelor of arts in Spanish, which provides students with a strong foundation in the language, culture of the Spanish-speaking countries, and literature. 

During the training, students learn from Spanish native-speaking faculty, engage with the latest development technology course, and interact with other Spanish-speaking learners worldwide. The program requires students to complete 180 quarter credits to graduate with a bachelor’s degree

  • The tuition fee is $14,310 per year
  • The graduation rate is 62.5%

9. University of Louisiana (72 points)

The University of Louisiana offers an online bachelor’s program in Spanish through the School of Humanities. The program enables students learners to either pursue a degree in Spanish secondary education or as a major in modern language. Students who prefer Spanish as a secondary education degree will have to complete 42 credit hours to be able to finish the program. Those who opt for modern language Spanish will also have to complete 30 credits and 12 hours of French. Among the major topics covered include; commercial Spanish, advanced oral language development, the survey of Spanish-American literature, and civilization in Latin America. The four-year program requires students to finish 120 credit hours to graduate with a bachelor’s degree. 

  • The tuition fee is $400 per credit hour or $12,000 annually
  • The graduation rate is 48.8%

10. The University of Arizona (68 points)

Found in the State of Arizona, the University of Arizona’s Spanish and Portuguese department offers its courses fully online for students interested in pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Spanish or Portuguese. 

The school expects all online students to possess some abilities and skills such as self-motivation, effective time management, as well as the ability to work with a virtual partner. Learners should also have basic knowledge in computing like PowerPoint, email, video recording, virtual chats, recording, and downloading and uploading. The school ranks 117 among the best national universities and 11 in the best schools offering online bachelor’s programs. To graduate with a bachelor’s degree, a student has to complete 124 credit hours. 

  • The tuition fee is $12,711 per year
  • The graduation rate is 60%

11. Liberty University (63 points)

Do you wish to communicate effectively and fluently with native Spanish speakers? Liberty University, a private institution found in Virginia, is the best school to enroll for an online bachelor’s degree in Spanish. It’s ranked as a top national university by the U.S. news and report in appreciating and recognizing the quality of language programs it offers.  

The university allows students pursuing Spanish on-campus to participate in the residential programs. Nevertheless, online classes are convenient for learners who cannot make it to school or prefer studying online. 

Some courses students do include an introduction to Hispanic linguistics, advanced Spanish composition and conversation, and modern Spanish literature. The program requires a student to complete 120 credit hours to graduate with a bachelor’s degree. 

  • The tuition fee is $22,747 per year
  • The graduation rate is 33.8%

12. National University (61 points)

Under the Arts and Humanities department, the National University based in California offers a bachelor’s program in Spanish for people interested in pursuing the foreign language. This bachelor’s degree program is offered online and comprises online instructions and rigorous proficiency-oriented coursework. The curriculum is tailored to busy students and professionals who want to develop their Spanish oral, written, and reading skills. The school also ensures students learn and acquire critical thinking and practical skills needed in self-determination. To graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Spanish, a student has to finish at least 180 quarter credits. 

  • The tuition fee is $13,320 per year
  • The graduation fee is 13.3%

13.University of Central Florida (54 points)

The University of Central Florida, situated in the State of Florida, offers a bachelor’s program in Latin-America, which enables learners to expand their understanding of contemporary issues in Latin America. The program also allows students to gain insight into the impacts of influential cultures in the western hemisphere. However, the school also allows students interested in Spanish to enroll in the online program for the award of a bachelor’s degree. The program requires a student to complete 120 credit hours to graduate. It equips students with a clear knowledge of Spanish culture, migration, human rights, the political economy of Latin America, and nationalism. The program enables students to develop proficiency in the Spanish language and Portuguese, which accelerates their career opportunities and education.

  • The tuition fee is $179.19 per credit hour (in-state) and $715.80 per credit hour (out-of-state).
  • The graduation rate is 74.7%

14. University of Arkansas (48 points)

The University of Arkansas is a public-owned university in Fayetteville, Arkansas, and one of the best and affordable schools offering a minor in Spanish. It has over 21,005 undergraduate students enrolled in various academic programs. The minor program in Spanish is offered fully online. Upon completion, students are expected to attain the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages proficiency level that comprises at least intermediate high in reading, writing, speaking, and listening comprehension. This program enables students to acquire a wider understanding of the Spanish-speaking world’s cultural and historical perspectives through courses like literature, culture, and Latin-American civilization.  

  • The tuition fee is $9,384 (in-state) and $25,872 (out-of-state)
  • The graduation rate: 66%

Our ranking method

The best software data from the U.S. Department of Education’s College Scorecard and the corresponding university websites were used to compile these rankings. The schools were ranked according to their annual tuition costs or cost per credit hour and graduation rates. Both were given 50 points, and each school was given points based on how it compared to others in terms of tuition and graduation rates. The cumulative score for each school was calculated by adding the points received for both ranking factors. When there was a tie, the acceptance rate was also taken into account when ranking.

We make every effort to provide our readers with up-to-date and reliable information. If you’re affiliated with one of the schools mentioned above and see a mistake or something that needs to be updated in the information given, please contact us, so we can make the required changes.

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