Best 9 Online Bachelor’s in Photography in 2024

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Online Bachelors in Photography
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It has been said that photography is one-half talent, one-half passion, and one-half learning. We don’t know about that saying or all those halves, but we do know that a career in photography often begins with an education and a degree. The good news is there are many excellent options for students seeking a degree such as an online bachelor’s in photography and we are here to help. The success of any program can often be gauged by factors such as first-year student retention rates. Using factors such as these, and all-important considerations like tuition costs, we have made finding those photography degree programs easier.

Congratulations on choosing to follow your passions and chasing your dreams. These photography schools and programs offer the opportunity to begin your career with an online bachelor’s in photography, now, it’s up to you to take the shot.

Best 9 Online Bachelor’s in Photography

1. Arizona State University (91 points)

Leading off our list of the top online Bachelor’s in Photography programs is Arizona State University in Tempe, AZ, where students can earn their degree through the program’s Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts. This top program can boast of having a near 90% retention rate which is a great sign for new students too.

Tuition: $29,428 per year

Retention rate: 88%

2. Academy of Art University (90 points)

Making an appearance among the top programs on our list is the Academy of Art University. Based in San Francisco, California, this is a technical school specializing in photography. This 120 credit-hour program has a solid retention rate for first-year students and provides an excellent foundation for a career in the world of photography and digital art.

Tuition: $28,024 per year

Retention rate: 70%

3. Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design (88 points)

Another school of Art and Design, the Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design makes a strong showing on our list of the top online bachelor’s in photography programs. Competitive tuition rates and solid retention numbers also help this excellent program in Lakewood, CO, to earn a place among the top schools on our list.

Tuition: $19,670 per year

Retention rate: 64%

4. Savannah College of Art and Design (88 points)

Another one of the more highly-acclaimed schools of art and design, the Savannah College of Art and Design offers students the opportunity to earn a highly sought online Bachelor’s in Photography at this esteemed program. Savannah can also boast of having very strong retention rates to go along with its state of the art education too.Campus Location: Savannah, GA

Tuition: $38,075 per year

Retention rate: 84%

5. Columbia College Chicago (87 points)

Students seeking a good online Bachelor’s in Photography program need to look no further than Columbia College Chicago. This Chicago, IL based school offers a great opportunity for students to earn their bachelor’s degree, and new enrollees should be encouraged by strong retention numbers too.

Tuition: $27,756 per year

Retention rate: 71%

6. Rochester Institute of Technology (87 points)

While there are several Technical schools on our list, few are as well-recognized as the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY. Students at this esteemed program can earn their online Bachelor’s in Photography and should feel very encouraged by this institution’s impressive near 90% retention rate.

Tuition: $45,890 per year

Retention rate: 88%

7. Rhode Island School of Design (87 points)

Acclaimed for its academic excellence, the Rhode Island School of Design is one of the premier art and design technical schools in the country. While its tuition costs are indicative of such clout, this Providence, RI program does proudly offer list-leading retention rates.

Tuition: $52,860 per year

Retention rate: 92%

8. California Institute of the Arts (85 points)

A leader in not only educating students in the arts but also in the art of long-distance learning, the California Institute of the Arts based in Valencia, CA offers students a great opportunity to earn their online Bachelor’s in Photography. Students will need to manage stout tuition costs at this revered school but those who do will feel good about its 84% retention rates for first-year students.

Tuition: $51,466 per year

Retention rate: 84%

9. Drexel University (85 points)

Drexel University is well-known for its academic excellence but many folks aren’t aware that this Philadelphia, PA University also offers a great Bachelor’s in Photography program. Impressive first-year student retention rates are also another reason this respected institution finds itself among our list of the top programs.

Tuition: $54,516 per year

Retention rate: 89%

Affordable Photography Degree and Certificate Program Options

San Joaquin Delta College

Students seeking alternate degree programs or photography certificates may find the perfect program at San Joaquin Delta College. This program in Stockton, California offers manageable tuition rates in addition to strong student retention numbers.

Tuition: $8,708 per year

Retention rate: 72%

Columbus State Community College

Students at Columbus State can earn an online photography certificate or pursue several two-year programs all at very affordable tuition rates. This Columbus, OH program also has solid retention numbers and provides students with one more affordable option for pursuing a photography career.

Tuition: $9,540 per year

Retention rate: 64%

Santa Barbara City College

The last program on our list and one more affordable option for students seeking to begin a career in photography is the online graphic design and photography degree program at Santa Barbara City College. This Santa Barbara, CA school also delivers solid retention numbers, which is one more welcoming sign for students seeking more affordable schooling choices.

Tuition: $8,326 per year

Retention rate: 64%

The Methodology Used to Rank the Schools

Each school on our list was ranked using the same point system methodology. The same two categories (Tuition: Retention rate) were evaluated for each program, then assigned a point value. Those categories were totaled and the values were assigned to each school. The programs were then ranked according to their total point values.

Corrections, Comments, or Questions

We strive to offer our readers insightful and helpful information regarding educational programs and program options. Readers should be aware, however, that the specific information regarding these programs can only be perceived as approximations as this data is continually and constantly changing.

If you notice an error or find incorrect information please feel free to let us know, and thank you in advance for your help. If you have questions about any of the schools or programs on our list, contact us for more information or help. Good luck in your educational pursuits and may it lead to a picture-perfect career.

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