Best 15 Online Bachelor’s in Hospitality Management in 2024

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Hospitality management is a great field that changes all the time. For people who love to work in fast-pace environments, working in hospitality gives them the opportunity to participate in varied tasks daily and to interact with new people all the time.

People who work in hospitality often travel the world, or at least the United States. The career is often flexible, too, allowing you to move to different areas of the country or world and still have career options.

Top 5 Online Bachelor’s in Hospitality Management

Rank School Location
1 North Carolina Central UniversityDurham, North Carolina
2Fort Hays State UniversityHays, Kansas
3Eastern New Mexico UniversityPortales, New Mexico
4Lakeland UniversityPlymouth, Wisconsin
5Missouri State UniversitySpringfield, Missouri

Choosing an Online Bachelor’s in Hospitality Management

When selecting an online bachelor’s in hospitality management, look for a school that does offer internships. This will help you get your foot in the door at a business you may want to work for in the future.

You should know that certain hospitality careers, like lodging management, are in decline. Though lodging managers make around $54,430 annually, the industry is expected to see a 12% decline between 2019 and 2029. Another popular job, which is as a hotel, motel, or resort desk clerk, has a median wage of only $25,950 but sees an increase in wages over time.

Below are the top 15 schools with an online bachelor’s in hospitality management. If you don’t see a program you like here, let us know what you’re looking for. We’ll help you find your next educational program.

The Best 15 Schools with an Online Bachelor’s in Hospitality Management


North Carolina Central University

  • Durham, North Carolina

At the top of our list is North Carolina Central University, which offers a BS in hospitality and tourism administration. The curriculum consists of 128 credit hours and a 1,000-hour internship.

School Overview

Tuition (in-state): $4,740
Enrollment: 8,011
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Fort Hays State University

  • Hays, Kansas
W. R. & Yvonne Robbins College building

Fort Hays State University offers a BS in tourism and hospitality management. This program focuses on major courses such as international hospitality planning and tourism and hospitality marketing.

School Overview

Tuition (in-state): $3,582
Enrollment: 15,908
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Eastern New Mexico University

  • Portales, New Mexico

Eastern New Mexico University offers a 120-credit-hour bachelor of business administration. This program offers several scholarships and focuses on preparing students to work in tourism, event management, and more. There is a required internship.

School Overview

Tuition (in-state): $7,044
Enrollment: 5,685
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Lakeland University

  • Plymouth, Wisconsin

Lakeland University offers a 123-credit-hour program that is a BA in hospitality management. This program blends business and hospitality courses, and students may select from over 12 emphasis areas.

School Overview

Tuition (in-state): $11,286
Enrollment: 2,511
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Missouri State University

  • Springfield, Missouri

Missouri State University offers a BAS in hospitality leadership. The program has six specialization tracks, one of which is club management, as well as coursework in finance, HR, and law. The school requires incoming students to have an AS or AAS in hospitality management or culinary arts for admission.

School Overview

Tuition (in-state): $5,202
Enrollment: 23,453
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East Carolina University

  • Greenville, North Carolina

East Carolina University offers a 120-credit-hour bachelor’s degree in hospitality management. The program has three concentrations to select from, including convention and special events management, lodging management, and food and beverage management.

School Overview

Tuition (in-state): $4,749
Enrollment: 28,651
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University of Wisconsin Stout

  • Menomonie, Wisconsin
University of Wisconsin Stout banner and logo

The University of Wisconsin Stout offers one of the oldest hotel, tourism, and restaurant management programs in the world. Students can obtain the BS in a hotel, restaurant, and tourism management online or in person. The school requires students to perform supervised work prior to graduation.

School Overview

Tuition (in-state): $7,155
Enrollment: 8,413
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Florida Atlantic University

  • Boca Raton, Florida
Florida Atlantic University banner

Florida Atlantic University offers a two-year program in hospitality and tourism for transfer students coming from an associate program. All majors must complete 1,000 hours of work experience to get the BBA.

School Overview

Tuition (in-state): $5,467
Enrollment: 30,061
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Madonna University

  • Livonia, Michigan
College building at night

The Hospitality and Tourism Management major is an industry-specific, management-oriented program that integrates theory with practical field experience. The program offers a Bachelor of Science degree with a minor in Marketing.

Hospitality and tourism management is a dynamic sector of the service industry encompassing a wide variety of career opportunities that include lodging, restaurants, recreation, club management, resort operations, travel, tourism, and event management.

School Overview

Tuition (in-state): $15,930
Enrollment: 2,992
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Johnson & Wales University

  • Denver, Colorado

Johnson & Wales University offers a 180-quarter-credit BS in hospitality management that has a varied curriculum. Students learn most about spreadsheet design, business legal environment, financial accounting, and finance. They may opt to join an optional internship in America or abroad.

School Overview

Tuition (in-state): $13,734
Enrollment: 6,695
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Northern Arizona University

  • Flagstaff, Arizona

Northern Arizona University offers a 120-credit-hour BS in hospital and restaurant management. This program requires a 1,200-hour internship, and both online and on-campus students pay the same tuition.

School Overview

Tuition (in-state): $10,305
Enrollment: 30,733
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Florida International University

  • Miami, Florida

Florida International University offers a BS in hospitality management that focuses on one of six areas, such as tourism management or beverage management. Students have the option of selecting a 12-credit minor and need 500 hours of related work experience.

School Overview

Tuition (in-state): $8,912
Enrollment: 58,711
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The University of Alabama

  • Tuscaloosa, Alabama

The University of Alabama offers a BS in hospitality management online and in Tuscaloosa. There is a 600-hour practicum and internship required for students who wish to graduate from this program.

School Overview

Tuition (in-state): $10,780
Enrollment: 38,100
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Washington State University

  • Pullman, Washington

Washington State University offers a BA in hospitality business management that students can use as a completion program. They must transfer in at least 60 credits or have an associate degree that meets general education requirements. Students complete a 1,000-hour paid internship during the course.

School Overview

Tuition (in-state): $11,493
Enrollment: 31,607
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University of Massachusetts

  • Amherst, Massachusetts

The University of Massachusetts, Amherst, offers a BS in hospitality management online or in person. It serves as a degree completion program and offers 14 courses in food and beverage, events management, and service experience.

School Overview

Tuition (in-state): $14,014
Enrollment: 31,350
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Ranking Methodology

The rankings here were created by first ranking the schools from 15 to 1 based on total tuition rates. High rates were given lower marks. After that, the same schools were ranked form 15 to 1 based on their enrollment rates, with greater enrollment suggesting larger class sizes (and thus a lower rating).

Interested in Learning More About These Rankings?

Do you want to know more about the rankings you see here? Would you like us to correct information that you think is misrepresentative of your institution? We’re here to help. Send us a message, and we would be happy to assist. If your school is not listed but you would like it to be, contact us.

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