Best 18 Schools for an Online Associate in Fire Science Degree in 2024

January 26, 2024 | Admin

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Exploring schools that allow you to earn an associate degree in fire science online can make it easier to get into an exciting career or gain promotions into your current one. There are schools all over the country that offer an online associate degree, allowing you to choose the one that works best for you.

What is Fire Science?

If you are interested in firefighting and fire investigation, fire science is the area to focus your education on. It will teach you about how fires are started, how they are put out, and the general science behind them. Many fire science programs will teach you about the tools and technology available to help study fire and to fight wildfires. Many programs will also focus on the management aspects, making it easier for you to learn how to manage firefighters in the middle of a crisis.

Career Options in Fire Science

A number of careers are available in the fire science industry, including firefighters and fire inspectors. While some careers do not require you to have any degree, obtaining at least an associate degree will make it easier for you to secure better-paying jobs. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, can earn a median pay of $60,230 a year. Once you have a degree, you can expect to earn even more.

It’s a school that allows you to earn an online associate in fire science. You can study with more flexibility while you work full time. Many schools vary in terms of the cost of tuition as well as how many students are enrolled at the school. We have established rank based on these two factors to help you find a school that meets your needs.

Best 18 Schools for an Online Associate in Fire Science Degree

1. Broward College

At Broward College, it’s possible to earn an Associate in Science Degree in Fire Science Technology. Students can choose to take all of the courses online. The concentrated program of study offers three specialties: Fire Officer, Fire Investigator, and Municipal Fire Inspector. The program also provides an option for students to get certified as a firefighter throughout the program. Although the classes are offered online, there are also internship opportunities to enhance technical competencies.

  • Cost of Tuition per Year: $2830
  • Student Enrollment: 67,000

2. St. Petersburg College

An AS degree in Fire Science Technology is available at St. Petersburg College. Students can choose to take the courses online, on the campus, or as a hybrid between the two. It is possible to transfer a certificate into the AS program to make it easier to complete the courses. Advanced training for those who want to become firefighters is also provided. Upon completing the AS, its also possible to work toward a bachelor’s degree online.

  • Cost of Tuition per Year: $2682
  • Student Enrollment: 29,183

3. Barton County Community College

Students at Barton Community College have access to a number of online programs through BARTonline. The AS in Fire Science can be completed entirely online. This ensures students have access to general education courses as well as foundation courses that are specific to fire science. The school also offers a military certificates program, which can help students learn about fire science and apply that education into a branch of the military.

  • Cost of Tuition per Year: $1984
  • Student Enrollment: 16,283

4. Amarillo College

At Amarillo College, students are able to study Fire Protection Technology. The AAS program meets the regulatory standards and exceeds the requirements of the Texas Commission on Fire Protection Standards. Students will have access to a cost-effective program that involves taking all of the courses online. The instruction is a combination of lecture, lab, reading, and group work.

  • Cost of Tuition per Year: $1008
  • Student Enrollment: 13,917

5. Delgado Community College

Firefighting students at Bates Technical College

There are several options for students to get an education in fire science at Delgado Community College. This includes both a certificate program and an AAS program. Both programs can be delivered 100% online for the convenience of students. The AAS program, specifically, will take approximately two years to complete. All courses must be passed with a “C” or higher. Some of the courses include Organization for Fire Protection, Hazardous Materials, and Fire Hydraulics.

  • Cost of Tuition per Year: $4,079 (in-state and out-of-state)
  • Student Enrollment: 20,001

6. Yuba College

At Yuba College, students will be able to earn an AS in Fire Technology through the Public Safety program. Students will need a total of 18 units within the major as well as all of the general education requirements. Some of the courses that will be taken include Fire Protection Organization and Fire Behavior and Combustion. Students who are completing the program online on a full-time basis will be able to finish in four semesters.

  • Cost of Tuition per Year: $1124
  • Student Enrollment: 9769

7. Arizona Western College

Arizona Western College offers a wide array of degrees and certificates online, in-person, and via interactive television network (ITN). Students can take courses to earn an AAS in Fire Science through the Public Safety Institute. In addition to earning an associate degree, students can also learn and receive the necessary certifications to become a firefighter or an EMT.

  • Cost of Tuition per Year: $2280
  • Student Enrollment: 11,817

8. Northern Virginia Community College

At Northern Virginia Community College, students can choose to earn an online associate in Fire Science Technology (FST). The program consists of 60 credit hours, and each class is estimated to be a lecture of three hours per week. Students will learn about such things as basic fire chemistry and physics, public and private fire protection services, laws and regulations that impact fire service, and more. Students will also need to engage in supervised study prior to meeting graduation requirements.

  • Cost of Tuition per Year: $5610
  • Student Enrollment: 76,868

9. Pikes Peak Community College

Various degrees and certificates are available in Fire Science at Pikes Peak Community College. Students can earn a certificate or an associate degree, both entirely online. Students will learn about such things as hazardous materials, wildland firefighting, fire protection systems, and more. Students will also have access to fire internships with area departments. Upon completing the degree program, students may also be awarded program credit if they are a current fire service professional.

  • Cost of Tuition per Year: $2998
  • Student Enrollment: 20,955

10. Colorado Mountain College

Firefighters putting out fire in building

Students can earn an AAS in Fire Science Technology at Colorado Mountain College. Students can take the two-year program completely online. Students will take courses in fire science, organization, investigations, and more. While students will learn about techniques and prevention, there will also be opportunities for hands-on learning through internship programs.

  • Cost of Tuition per Year: $2424
  • Student Enrollment: 8742

11. College of Western Idaho

Whether students are already working as a firefighter or not, it’s possible to earn an online associate in Fire Service Technology at the College of Western Idaho. Students can choose to get hands-on experience through internships where they’ll battle real flames. The two-year program is split across four semesters and will result in earning an Associate of Arts degree. All students will take core academic courses as well as those that focus specifically on fire science.

  • Cost of Tuition per Year: $3400
  • Student Enrollment: 13,944

12. American Military University

American Military University is available to students in and out of the military. Veterans, particularly, can receive a significant amount of support. Within the School of Security and Global Studies is the online Associate of Science in Fire Science. Students can save at the school because of having no cost to apply and no cost for textbooks. The program takes approximately two years and meets the academic requirements of the United States Fire Administration’s Executive Fire Officer Program.

  • Cost of Tuition per Year: $7324
  • Student Enrollment: 46,420

13. Aims Community College

Fire Science is a degree program offered at Aims Community College. Students can take all of the courses necessary to earn an AS in Fire Science online. Students can also choose to take courses on the campus in Greeley, Colorado to take advantage of the state-of-the-art training center. Programs are also available for students who want to begin taking courses while they’re still in high school. In addition to earning an AS, students can also obtain the necessary certifications to become a firefighter and/or EMT.

  • Cost of Tuition per Year: $2538
  • Student Enrollment: 7253

14. Columbia Southern University

Columbia Southern University offers one of the most reputable degrees and training programs for fire professionals in the U.S. Students can choose to earn their AS online. It is also possible to continue to move forward by earning a BS in Fire Administration. The AS program is recognized by the Fire and Emergency Servers Higher Education (FESHE) initiative. To graduate, students will need to earn at least 60 credits, 45 of which can be transferred in.

  • Cost of Tuition per Year: $5655
  • Student Enrollment: 17,459

15. Walla Walla Community College

Walla Walla Community College offers a degree in Fire Science. After taking 91 credits online (some of which can be transferred in from another school), students will earn an Associate in Applied Sciences. Courses that will be taken include Wildland Fire Management, Hydraulics, Hazmat Operations, Firefighting Academy, and more. Students can choose to take the courses online as well as at the Walla Walla campus. Additionally, students may choose to engage in internships with local fire departments.

  • Cost of Tuition per Year: $4376
  • Student Enrollment: 8254

16. Bates Technical College

Firefighting students at Bates Technical College using hose outdoors

Bates Technical College offers hands-on classroom education for those interested in pursuing an entry-level career in fire service. Upon the successful completion of the entire curriculum, students will have certificates in the following areas: emergency vehicle operations, Emergency Medical Technician certification (eligible to test for National Registry certification) and entry-level (red card) wild land firefighter certification. Students who complete the program are eligible to take the IFSAC (International Fire Service Accreditation Congress) tests for Hazardous Materials Awareness and Operations level as well as Firefighter I. The training and certification give the student a great foundation in the fire field and shows prospective employers their commitment to and preparation for a career as a firefighter.

  • Cost of Tuition per Year: $4224
  • Student Enrollment: 7055

17. Albany Technical College

Fire Science Technology is one of the degree programs offered online at Albany Technical College. The two-year program will result in earning an AAS (Associates of Applied Science). The 62-credit hour program consists of core courses as well as occupational courses in Fire Science. Students will engage in such courses as Introduction to the Fire Service, Fire Prevention & Inspection, and Incident command.

  • Cost of Tuition per Year: $4005
  • Student Enrollment: 6003

18. John Wood Community College

At John Wood Community College, students can earn an AAS degree in Fire Science. The online courses can be completed to meet many of the graduation requirements. Students will also need to complete hands-on courses that focus on certified fire and EMS training. Most students will work through four semesters to take core classes and electives. Advisors are available to help students plan a specific degree plan.

  • Cost of Tuition per Year: $7170
  • Student Enrollment: 3054

Our Ranking Methodology

The schools have been ranked using two important factors: the cost of tuition and the total student enrollment at the school. We identify the cost of tuition for a single year, which consists of two semesters. We use in-state tuition rates without factoring in such things as books or room and board. Each school is given a score for the cost of tuition, with schools having more affordable tuition rates scored higher. Then, we score the schools based on total student enrollment, with schools that have higher enrollment numbers scored higher. We add the scores up for both factors in order to determine how the schools are ranked.

Notice an Error?

If you are employed by one of the schools listed and notice an error, please contact us. Our goal is to use the most up-to-date information in order to rank the schools.

If you are interested in fire science, finding the right school is important. Let us help you find an online program that works for you.

Find the program that’s right for you

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