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Everything You Need to Know About Online Architecture Degree 

An architecture degree has become one of the most sought-after degree programs, both in the U.S. and globally, as evidenced by the high number of architecture degree graduates released into the job market annually. Until recently, architecture degree programs were mainly offered in traditional classrooms. However, with the increased technological advancements, precisely the invention of the internet, institutions began to adopt online learning. Currently, almost all bachelor’s degrees have adopted online programs. 

Online courses have increasingly become popular, mainly due to world digitalization. Most accredited architectural institutions are now administering both master’s degree and bachelor’s degree programs online without physical teacher-student interaction. Online programs have the same rigor as on-campus architecture degree programs. Interestingly, unlike traditional classroom learning, the virtual programs enable you to access all your courses at your preferred location and time. 

Despite the complexity of architecture degree programs, one can gain commendable knowledge and expertise to pursue various professions. Enrolling in an online course lets you as a professional architect increase your value to clients and employers. Online baccalaureate programs earn you the basic knowledge to start an architect career. 

Before enrolling for an online architecture degree course, it is vital to consider various factors, especially the degree program’s cost, and the institution’s performance. In this article, we will explore in detail: 

  • How to choose an online architecture program
  • Best online architecture degree programs 
  • Top low-cost online bachelor’s in architecture programs 
  • Most affordable online master’s in architecture programs 

How to Choose an Online Architecture Program

An online architecture degree is the most suitable bachelor’s degree program for a student wishing to enter the architectural engineering profession or further their education through a master’s degree but cannot attend on-campus learning. Enrolling in an online architecture program is relatively easy, especially when you have the proper qualification. However, the task at hand is usually choosing the best online architecture program. If you are having difficulties, don’t worry. This page provides you with all the details you need. 

What Should You Look for in an Online Architecture Program? 

Choosing an architecture degree program begins with you since the choice is influenced by your personal goals, career objectives such as being landscape architects, and more. With so many learning institutions out there, selecting the right school can be quite a task. However, with some of the factors outlined below, making a choice will be relatively easier. 

  • Accreditation: Accreditation is one of the most vital factors to consider when choosing an online architecture program. You must first confirm whether the school and the architecture program are accredited. Accredited degree programs guarantee that the program has met all the quality standards set by the accrediting organization. 
  • Hand-on Experience: Most online architecture degree programs offer hands-on experience in designing, interior designing, and landscaping. The top-notch programs are most likely to provide architecture students with hands-on experiences to begin their professional practice successfully. Therefore, you must consider such online degree programs, whether a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree. 
  • Reputation: The reputation of an online school matters a lot, mainly to potential employers. Employers typically consider specific online architecture programs when recruiting fresh graduates. Visit various websites to determine the best rank colleges and online architecture programs to help identify the ones that suit your needs. 
  • Scholarships: Architecture degrees are increasingly becoming expensive. Finding a degree program that exposes you to several scholarship opportunities could ease the financial burden of acquiring an online bachelor. 

What Are the Key Options You Have When Comparing Online Architecture Programs? 

Choosing between two or more programs to identify the one that suits your personal needs can be pretty devastating. Here are some of the key options that you might use to compare online architecture programs: 

  • Cost: One crucial factor that you need to consider when comparing online degree programs is the cost of acquiring the degree. Online architecture degrees vary in costs. Hence, you need to consider your budget to avoid straining your resources. 
  • Degree Duration: Even though all online architecture degrees follow specific course standards, undertaking the programs varies. Typically, a bachelor’s degree takes five years, while a master’s degree takes three years. However, some architecture programs have crush programs enabling you to earn your degree within a short period. 

What Else Should You Keep in Mind When Looking at Online Architecture Programs? 

You also need to consider the specialties of the degree program. An architecture degree program provides you with the necessary knowledge and skills required for architectural practice. Additionally, these architecture degrees allow architecture students to specialize in specific fields, for instance, sustainable design. Ensure you choose a degree program that best suits your career goals. 

Best Online Architecture Degree Programs 

Finding the best online architecture school and programs can be relatively challenging However, we got you covered. Here is a list of some of the best online architecture degree programs. 

  • Chatham University 
    Chatham University is one of the best online architecture schools in the world. The learning institution offers a professional degree in architecture engineering through its College for Continuing and Professional Studies. Its Master of Science in Interior Architecture is one of the most sought-after online architecture degrees since it focuses mainly on interior design. The program is offered entirely online. Architecture students pursue this course to learn and earn various knowledge such as research, critical thinking, and architectural imagination needed for their professional work. Students have to complete 30 credits to earn their degree. 
  • Lawrence Technological University 
    Lawrence Technological University has quite a commendable reputation as the leading institution in vocational training. The schools offer an online Master of Architecture that allows its students to be significant in architectural design and practice. NAAB accredited Lawrence Technological University to provide the 15-month online architecture degree program. This online program is suitable for professionals with a vital mastery of design and construction. 
  • University of Washington 
    The University of Washington offers a full-time and part-time online program. The university is best known for its master’s degree in infrastructure planning and management, which has prepared some of the country’s best architects. If you are looking for a good background in commercial construction, then you should consider the institution. 
  • Southern Illinois University 
    SIU offers one of the most comprehensive online architecture education. Besides, the program is offered at an affordable rate. Hence you should be your option if you are looking for a budget-friendly program. Under the program, a student is required to complete 42 credits before graduating from college. The online program incorporates online and face-to-face learning (weekends only) to help gain practical and theoretical knowledge. 

Other best schools with some of the best online programs include: 

What Do the Best Online Architecture Degree Programs Have in Common? 

The best online architecture degree programs might have differences. Nonetheless, there are some common similarities between the programs. Some of the main similarities include: 

  • Accreditation: One common thing about the best online architecture degree programs is accredited by NAAB, the accreditation organization for all architecture degree programs. 
  • Coursework: These online programs share some of the standard courses and vary depending on one’s major. Besides, they require students to possess basic knowledge of architectural degrees. 
  • Credits Earned: The online architectural degree program dictates that students must complete at least 30 credits before earning their degrees. However, the duration of the courses varies considerably depending on the credits to be completed. 
  • Specialization: Even though in the initial stages of your degree program, you will likely undertake several standard courses, the final stages require you to major in a specific area that will lead to a career profession of your choice. For instance, those interested in becoming landscape architects should major in landscape architecture. 

Where Can You Find Information About the Best Online Architecture Degree Programs? 

Are you looking to find information on the best online architecture degree programs? You are in the right place. This page explores some of the various areas where you can find the information you need to help you choose the right degree program:

  • University Websites: The most effective place to find information about some of the best online courses is university websites. The information provided on the websites usually is detailed enough to enable you to make comparisons with other online architectural programs offered in a different college. The comparison helps typically in decision making. 
  • Study Portals: Study portals are leading websites that provide information on the best online degree programs. All you need is to visit the website and search for the best online architecture degree. You get the data within a snap of a finger. 
  • Mainstream Media: Learning colleges usually run several adverts, advertising some of the best programs. You might use the information broadcast to help determine the country’s best online architecture degree programs. 
  • Ranking Organizations: Visiting the websites of college-ranking organizations such as the Council for Aid to Education, Niche rankings, and the Top American Research Universities will enlighten you on the best online programs. 

Top Low-Cost Online Bachelor’s in Architecture Programs

As mentioned earlier, the online architecture program’s affordability is one of the critical factors that a student needs to consider before enrolling, whether a master’s degree or a bachelor’s degree program. On this page, we will explore some of the cost-effective online bachelor’s in architecture programs to help make a profound decision on which ones to pursue. 

What Are the Most Cost-Effective Online Bachelors in Architecture Programs?

Architecture being a complex discipline, students must be ambitious enough to earn their degrees. Additionally, online bachelor’s in architecture programs usually are quite expensive. It is critical to choose a cost-effective program, especially for those without scholarships. There are several cost-effective online bachelors in architecture programs. Here are but a few: 

  • University of Texas: If you are looking for a high-quality and affordable professional degree in the field of architecture, look no further than the University of Texas. The university’s Bachelor of Architecture prepares students for professional roles through a solid foundation in the theory of architecture, history, and technology. The program’s curriculum covers various aspects such as design and landscaping, which might land you a landscape architecture career. 
  • University of California: The learning institution offers a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture, which helps prepare students for entry-level careers and continuing education programs. Architecture students gain knowledge of architectural design and representation, architectural history, and technologies and build performance. Besides, the university has a well-resourced online library to help students conduct further research. 
  • University of Minnesota: University of Minnesota’s Bachelor of Science in architecture is a professional degree that trains and prepare architecture students for various job opportunities in the architectural field. Students learn to research, theoretical text analysis, and analog and digital drawing. You will also study other world influences such as history, social-cultural, and environmental factors, making you an all-rounded graduate. 
  • University of Virginia: The schools’ bachelor of science in architecture is one of the best affordable online programs due to its innovative curriculum. The program helps prepare students for professional skills by equipping them with knowledge and background of design practices and urban environmental planning, which exposes the graduate student to several unique career options. 
  • University of Washington: The university offers a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture. The program is quite broad as it prepares students for other curricula such as political and economic structures, urbanism, aesthetics, and many more. The degree program isn’t studio-based, unlike other major online architecture programs. To be enrolled in the program, you must have completed all the architecture prerequisites. 
  • Academy of Art University: The college’s online bachelor of architecture degree provides students with education on design and other related areas. A student is required to complete 162 credits to complete the program. With its innovative technologies, online students get high-quality education as on-campus students. 

What Are the Most Cost-Effective Plans of Action You Can Take While Pursuing a Bachelor’s in Architecture? 

Cost-effective plans of action during your online bachelor help you save costs while studying. The plans could come in handy for working students. Here are some of the cost-effective plans that might interest you: 

  • Applying for Scholarships: Scholarships are some of the financial support options available to students studying online architecture degrees. Scholarships pay a significant amount of tuition costs, giving you almost free access to education. You opt to save the money that you have used to pay your tuition fees. 
  • Learn from Home: To help cut unnecessary expenses, consider staying home with your parents rather than living on campus to help cut rent, food, and costs associated with utility bills. This approach will help you save, mainly when your workplace is close to your parents’ home. 
  • Subscribe to Online Libraries: Buying books can be costly sometimes, especially architecture degree learning materials. Subscribing to online libraries gives you access to several learning materials at an affordable cost. The learning materials are always in soft copy formats, which you can easily store in your learning devices. 

Are you planning to pursue an online architecture program and need some funding? There are several scholarship options that you can apply for to enable you to achieve your dream of becoming a professional architect. Let’s discuss some of the most popular scholarships. 

  • The American Institute of Architects: The American Institute of Architects funds students’ education through various architecture scholarships. To earn the scholarship, you must be a high-performing student. 
  • Kate Neal Kinley Memorial Fellowship: If you are lucky enough to earn this scholarship, stand a chance of being awarded up to a maximum of $20,000. The scholarship option is open to students pursuing architecture, architectural design, and landscape architecture. 
  • Yale School of Architecture: This scholarship option is available to both resident and international students enrolled in the school. You must prove that you are in financial need. 

Other scholarships include those awarded by: 

Most Affordable Online Master’s in Architecture Programs 

The high demand for online master’s in architecture programs has significantly increased the cost of earning an online master. The high prices have prevented several bachelor’s degree graduate students from pursuing the professional degree. However, there are still other affordable masters in architecture programs that you might consider pursuing.

What Are Some of the Highest-Ranked Affordable Online Master’s Architecture Programs? 

 If you are looking for an affordable online master’s degree, we got you covered. Here are some of the most affordable online master’s in architecture programs: 

University of Missouri 

The University of Missouri is a non-profit university that offers some of the most affordable online architecture programs. The master of science in architectural studies provided by the school helps explore design and architecture and their relations. The degree program courses include energy-efficient building design, sustainable technologies and systems, and design thinking and creative process. 

Chatham University

 The Master of Science in Interior Architecture is one of the most affordable online master’s architecture programs. Students studying full-time are likely to earn their professional degrees within one year. The program is suitable for interior design or architecture degree graduate students. 

Thomas Jefferson University

Jefferson University enables you to pursue your master’s degree within two years, particularly those on a full-time basis. The Master of Science in Sustainable Design is structured appropriately to give students practical hands-on experience and other architecture-related skills. If you enroll in the class, you will cover sustainable design methods and adaptive design. You must complete a thesis project to earn this online master’s degree. 

University of Florida

The University of Florida offers a master’s in sustainable design, a combination of several courses including design, construction, urban planning, and architecture. The 36-credit program prepares students to pursue an array of architectural professions. Besides, the online master gives students a studio experience which is quite beneficial to graduate students. 

University of Nebraska

The university offers a master of science in architecture and gives students the option to specialize in interior design. The coursework enables a student to learn several other disciplines. Like most programs, you must complete 36 credits and a thesis to earn your degree. 

What Are Some of the Highest-Ranked Affordable Online Master’s Architecture Programs? 

If you are looking for the highest-ranked affordable online master’s architecture program, consider yourself lucky. This page explores some of the highly ranked online architecture degree programs. 

University of Missouri

 This university is ranked highly among the colleges offering online master’s degree programs. The institution offers a Master of Arts in Architectural Studies. The classes offered include methods and products, technologies and systems, design thinking, and creative process. 

Southern Illinois University

 The online masters of architecture program incorporate several education models to help train and prepare graduates for future career professions in architecture. The program requires students first to complete their undergraduate architecture degree programs or other related fields. 

University of Nebraska

University of Nebraska’s online master of science in architecture ranks third among the highly-ranked affordable online master’s programs. The students might opt to specialize in interior design, which is also undertaken online. The program is suitable for research-based design professionals. Online education is an integral part of the university as it advocates for quality education. 

Ball State University

 The university offers a Master of Science degree in interior design. Despite the affordable program, it is one of the best online master’s degree programs you can enroll in in the country. It has an innovative curriculum suitable for students with the desire to become interior designers. 

Brenau University

Located in Georgia, Brenau University offers one of the best online masters of fine arts in interior design. Students must complete 54 credits before earning their degrees. One of the minimum requirements for enrolment is an undergraduate degree in interior design or other related degree programs such as architecture. 

How Can You Find Out If an Affordable Online Master’s in Architecture Programs Is Accredited? 

Currently, employers are reluctant to graduate with online education degrees, especially from colleges that aren’t accredited to offer architecture degree programs. Therefore, when choosing an online master’s in the architecture program, you must choose programs with standard credentials. Accrediting agencies generally conduct accreditations to ensure that the online degree program meets all the organization’s quality standards.

Despite being a voluntary process, there are several benefits tied to the process. For instance, it helps validate the online architecture degree program to employers, interested organizations, and rival universities. But, how do you know the program is accredited? Here are some tips to help determine whether the online master’s in architecture program you considering to pursue: 

  • Verify the Universities Accreditation Online: Universities always provide information regarding their accreditation status on their portal. Always visit the websites, particularly on the “About” page. 
  • Verify Whether the Accreditations Are Recognized by the Department of Education: If you visit the Council for Higher Education Accreditation or Department of Education website, you will likely find a list of all the recognized accrediting organizations. Be sure to confirm whether the accreditations posted by the university are from the recognized accrediting agencies. You also achieve this by simply entering your prospective online master’s degree program in the Department of Education’s database to ensure the accreditation status is active. 
  • Check for Specialized Accreditation: It is vital for master’s degree students to check whether their online degree programs have specialized accreditation. Please take your time and check the list for specialized accreditations from recognized accrediting agencies if it has specialized accreditations. 


Online architecture degree programs have become quite popular due to increased technological advancements witnessed in the education sector. Initially, traditional classroom learning was the preferred mode of learning. However, the education sector has evolved, leading to various changes in the way students and tutors interact. Online architecture programs allow you to study for your professional degree without necessarily having to attend on-campus programs. 

Additionally, the increased flexibility of online master’s architecture programs has also led to its increased popularity. Currently, there are several accredited online architecture degrees offered in several universities across the country. With this, choosing an online architecture program can be pretty devastating. It would be best to consider several factors, such as accreditation, cost of the program, university or college reputation, and financial aid availability. 

The United States boasts of some of the best online architecture degree programs worldwide. High-ranking programs are attributable to the increased research activities and state-of-the-art facilities that ensure effective online education. Besides, most of these online programs are quite rigorous, as the on-campus programs. Information on the best online architecture degree programs can easily be obtained on various websites, including university websites, study portals, and mainstream media. 

In addition to having the best online architecture programs, the United States also has some of the top low-cost online bachelor’s in architecture programs and the most affordable online master’s programs. Besides, financial aids are readily available to students having financial difficulties. Some of the aids include architecture degree scholarships and government grants. Suppose you were considering pursuing an online architecture degree program. In that case, we hope this article will help you choose an online degree program that meets both your financial resources and financial needs. 

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