20 Best Nursing Schools In Ohio in 2024

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Nursing Schools in Ohio
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As you may already know, the field of nursing is ever-growing and can provide nursing students with a bright outlook for their future. That is why it is important to choose a nursing school that can provide you with the skills and the knowledge you need to succeed in this challenging field. If you are currently interested in learning about nursing schools in Ohio, keep reading this article so you can discover which options are available.

Top 5 Nursing Programs in Ohio

Rank School Location
1Ohio UniversityAthens, Ohio
2Ohio State UniversityColumbus, Ohio
3Case Western Reserve UniversityCleveland, Ohio
4Xavier UniversityCincinnati, Ohio
5University of CincinnatiCincinnati, Ohio

This list of nursing schools in Ohio is intended to provide potential students and others interested in learning more about them to help provide easy access to information. This is a comprehensive list that features a wide range of schools that are top choices for those who are considering a career in nursing.

If you are undecided about which school will fit your educational requirements or fit within your budget, you can use the information provided here to help you make your decision. Now is the time to begin learning more about the range of nursing schools in Ohio so you can make an informed choice and have the best education available for your intended career path.

Here is a list of the top choices for the nursing field that are located in Ohio. These schools offer their unique benefits and are designed to give students the knowledge and experience they need to get ahead in this competitive yet lucrative field. If you would like to find out which of these schools may best suit your individual circumstances and interests, keep reading.

The Best 20 Nursing Schools in Ohio


Ohio University

  • Athens, Ohio
  • Graduation Rate: 62%

Ohio University on the main campus in Athens, Ohio has a large campus with over 2000 students enrolled in the nursing program at any given time. It ranks high among all of the schools in Ohio that offer a nursing program. In fact, graduates who attended Ohio University’s main campus are known to earn approximately $2,500 more than graduates of other nursing programs throughout Ohio.

Although this is a popular choice and considered one of the best schools in the region, you will want to consider the benefits and weigh the options to determine if this is the best fit for your budget and other important considerations. If you are okay with a large number of students in the program, there are significant benefits after you graduate, such as your median starting salary, which is approximately $61,000.

School Overview

Tuition: $240 per credit hours for residents of Ohio and $243 per credit hour for non-residents
Enrollment: 2,601
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Ohio State University

  • Columbus, Ohio
  • Graduation Rate: 83%

The Ohio State University is one of the most prestigious schools in the country and has a holistic review process for selecting students. If you are interested in attending this school for your undergraduate nursing degree, you can visit their website to find out the admissions requirements and application details. The BSN program has academic standards in place for students to progress to the next academic year.

*Program costs will vary. To get a full breakdown of the tuition and fees, please visit https://registrar.su.edu/FeeTables/MainFeeTables.asp

School Overview

Resident Program Cost (Undergraduate Columbus Campus): $5,582.40 (12-18 credit hours)*
Non-resident Program Cost (Undergraduate Columbus Campus): $16,574.40 (12-18 credit hours)*
Enrollment: 493 students enrolled in the BSN traditional nursing program
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Case Western Reserve University

  • Cleveland, Ohio
  • Graduation Rate: 82%

Case Western Reserve University is one of the top choices for people who want to attend a high ranking nursing program without spending as much on tuition and expenses. This university can base your tuition on your income, making it incredibly accessible to people who want bang for the buck. To learn more about the income category you fall into and how much tuition would be for your individual situating, You can learn more on the website.

Case Western Reserve University is also ranked in the top 10% of schools in the country and is one of the most popular choices for considering a career in the nursing field. There are also both graduate and undergraduate programs available at this university.

School Overview

Tuition: Based on income ranging from 13,235 to $41,839
Enrollment: 237 for the undergraduate program
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Xavier University

  • Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Graduation Rate: 72%

Xavier University is one of the higher-ranking universities in Ohio with a robust nursing program. This medium size school has a significant number of graduates yearly and is considered a top pick for those who are looking for a quality experience at a university that has garnered recognition over the years.

Although Xavier University may not be the most economical choice for those considering nursing programs, it offers a wide range of attractive options to those considering a career in the nursing field and plan even to attend graduate school. They even have smaller classes and offer hands-on clinical on-site for convenience.

School Overview

Tuition: $900 per credit hour or approximately $57,000
Enrollment: N/A
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University of Cincinnati

  • Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Graduation Rate: 66%

The University of Cincinnati has a great nursing program that is flexible and provides students with the education they need to succeed in nursing. They have a comprehensive program that is ideal for both undergraduate programs and graduate programs. They are also known for their online classes in addition to having high-quality campus classes.

Any student wishing to further their nursing career can also take advantage of one of the country’s best online master’s degree programs in nursing. In fact, it was ranked number 7 in the entire country because of the quality of the online program that is currently offered. This option is economical and provides the student campus setting that many want to attend the nursing program wish to experience.

School Overview

Tuition: $5,500 approximately per term but may vary in each situation.
Enrollment: 29,263 for the entire college
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The Christ College of Nursing and Health Science

  • Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Graduation Rate: 85%

Located in Cincinnati, Ohio, The Christ College of Nursing and Health Science is an excellent choice for people interested in nursing schools in Ohio. They have an outstanding reputation and a high ranking. They currently boast a high graduation rate of 85%, but with a lower acceptance rate than many other prestigious schools in Ohio of 64%. If you want to enroll in a challenging yet worthwhile program, this may be the college for you.

This top-rated nursing school program is designed to give students comprehensive instruction with smaller classes focused on the student’s experience and encourage hands on learning. This may be the right school for those looking for a college with a smaller number of enrolled students.

School Overview

Tuition: Between $16,000 and $23,000 based on the total household income
Enrollment: 300+ for the 2020 Fall semester
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Ohio Northern University

  • Ada, Ohio
  • Graduation Rate: 77%

This university is a private non-profit school with a wide variety of options for those who are just starting in the nursing field or who want to further their degree with a master’s or even doctor’s degree in nursing or nursing-related careers. This college provides a university setting without the higher attendance rates that some other university options in Ohio may have, but with a higher graduation rate at about 77%. The acceptance rate ranges are about 62%, which makes it slightly challenging to attend but worthwhile.

School Overview

Tuition: Ranges from $19,500 to $30,000 based on household income
Enrollment: Approximately 2,200 for undergraduates and approximately 1,000 for graduate enrollment
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Cedarville University

  • Cedarville, Ohio
  • Graduation Rate: 73%

Cedarville University is a top pick for those who wish to attend nursing school in Ohio because it has a high graduation rate of approximately 78% and offers real value for this comprehensive program that is highly rated amount colleges in the state. However, there is a higher number of students enrolled in this college.

School Overview

Tuition: $17,000 – $26,000
Enrollment: 4,302
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Mount Carmel College of Nursing

  • Columbus, Ohio
  • Graduation Rate: 90%

This college is located in Columbus, Ohio, and is a private non-profit school. One of the most attractive features of Mount Carmel College of Nursing is an impressive 90% graduation rate. Another reason individuals would want to consider enrolling in this college is the low tuition, which can prove to be a significant factor in attending a particular nursing program.

School Overview

Tuition: $11,898
Enrollment: 943
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Ursuline College

  • Pepper Pike, Ohio
  • Graduation Rate: 66%

Ursuline College is currently ranked #2 in Ohio for their nursing program. This traditionally, all women’s college is geared to provide students with all of the modern skills and insight they need in their career field. Although this school may not be as economical as some of the others, it makes up for this in campus atmosphere and options. If you have searched for a peaceful setting and a top-notch nursing program, this particular college can offer both to applicants. In addition, the acceptance rate is high for people who may have had a few challenges along the way.

School Overview

Tuition: Full-time flat rate is $34,290 or $692 per credit hour.
Enrollment: Approximately 1,000+
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Edison State Community College

  • Piqua, Ohio
  • Graduation Rate: 47%

This school is located in Piqua, Ohio and is known for the excellent value they can provide to students who are budget conscious, but also want to get a great education. This particular option is meant to cater to those students who are interested in a one or two year degree. This may be a great place to start learning about the nursing field and to obtain an associate’s before moving forward with higher degrees in the nursing field. Keep in mind that this is also a larger school with a very diverse and technical program.

School Overview

Tuition: $11,000
Enrollment: 3,888
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Collins Center

  • Chesapeake, Ohio
  • Graduation Rate: 80%

The Collins Center offers a small yet affordable nursing program for people who are concerned with tuition costs. This school is located in Chesapeake, Ohio, and is one of the best for people who need to get the one on one training this field demands with smaller classes and few fees. Anyone trying to attend nursing school on a dime is encouraged to look further into this program because it is one of the most affordable nursing schools in Ohio, which warrants checking to see if it meets their needs.

School Overview

Tuition: $10,000
Enrollment: 345
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Franciscan University of Steubenville

  • Steubenville, Ohio
  • Graduation Rate: 76%

The Franciscan University of Steubenville is located in Steubenville, Ohio. It is an excellent selection for people who want to get a good education at a medium-size campus that is diverse and offers plenty of on campus options. One of the top-selling points for their nursing program is a relatively high graduation rate at 76% and an equally high acceptance rate of 77%. This will be a great choice if the value for the money is a factor and the overall college experience.

School Overview

Tuition: $24,000
Enrollment: 3,039
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Otterbein University

  • Westerville, Ohio
  • Graduation Rate: 59%

Located in Westerville, Ohio, Otterbein University is a popular choice for planning to attend a nursing program in Ohio. This school has a ranking of 18 out of 80 for nursing programs in Ohio and provides graduates with a leg up for their salary post-graduation. On average, graduates can expect to make more than $59,000 per year. Anyone interested in a more extensive nursing program at a university with a bustling campus life may want to inquire about the admissions process and acceptance rates.

School Overview

Tuition: $32,474
Enrollment: Approximately 118 undergraduates currently
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Aultman College of Nursing and Health Sciences

  • Canton, Ohio
  • Graduation Rate: 59%

Located in Canton, Ohio, this small school is currently ranked at number 26 out of 80 total nursing programs in Ohio. This college is an ideal choice for people who prefer a smaller campus with smaller classes. Although the tuition isn’t the cheapest on the list, it is undoubtedly a good option for people who want more for their money without paying higher tuition like they would at a top state university.

School Overview

Tuition: $18,950
Enrollment: 305
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Ohio Valley College of Technology

  • East Liverpool, Ohio
  • Graduation Rate: 61%

Ohio Valley College of Technology is located in East Liverpool, Ohio, and is one of the top choices for a nursing program based on student reviews and cost. This smaller school takes a hands-on approach with instruction and has smaller classes that can allow each individual to get more intensive training to prepare them for a career in the nursing field. Whether you are interested in an associates’s degree or a degree program from nursing schools in Ohio, they can help get you started on your career path.

School Overview

Tuition: $12,968
Enrollment: 189
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Hondros College of Nursing

  • Maumee, Ohio
  • Graduation Rate: 40%

This particular college is located in Westerville, Ohio, and is known for its challenging yet rewarding nursing programs. This school is designed to provide its students with the most up-to-date training and modern nursing information. They also offer a wide range of benefits and services, such as career counseling and faculty assistance. Those who are ready to enroll in a program that will provide them with superior insight and a boost in their salary should consider registering.

School Overview

Tuition: $19,047
Enrollment: 1,596
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Galen College of Nursing

  • Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Graduation Rate: 37%

Galen College of Nursing is a for-profit nursing school located in Cincinnati, Ohio, and offers both an associate’s degree and a bachelor’s degree in nursing. When you are searching for top nursing schools in Ohio that offer programs designed to provide the best education and salary possible for its graduates, this option should be considered. Although the tuition is much higher than many of the other nursing programs available in the state, this particular school offers a top-notch education that translates into a higher salary and more opportunities after graduation.

School Overview

Tuition: $40,760
Enrollment: 574
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Capital University

  • Columbus, Ohio
  • Graduation Rate: 73%
Capital University logo

Capital University located in Columbus, Ohio has a reputation for excellence in academics and consistently ranks among the highest in NCLEX pass rates in Ohio. Capital has a long history in nursing education which contributes to strong partnerships with top health care institutions. The program is designed to provide students with a strong science foundation, holistic care perspectives, and ethical leadership skills. Capital offers a bachelor’s and master of science in nursing, an accelerated BSN program, and will introduce the Doctor of Nursing Practice in Fall 2022.

School Overview

Tuition (before aid): $37,978
Enrollment: 3,226
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Mercy College of Ohio

  • Toledo, Ohio
  • Graduation Rate: 62%

If you are looking for a medium-sized college with a great nursing program in Ohio, this may be an option you will be interested in checking out to see if it is a good fit for your needs. Located in Toledo, Ohio, Mercy College is one of Ohio’s top nursing programs and has been a top choice since its beginnings in 1917. Over the years, this college has become well known for its quality of education and capable graduates who have gone on to have much success in their careers. One of the most attractive thing about this pot is, however, is the relatively low cost of tuition. The classes are somewhat larger than some of the other options, but this school has plenty to offer overall.

School Overview

Tuition: Approximately $15,900
Enrollment: 1,560
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Anyone who is considering a career in the nursing field and wants to learn more about some of the great options mentioned here should reach out to the admissions specialist or counselor at each school to find out more and see if they qualify to apply to the nursing program. Keep in mind that the ranking for this list is based on overall reviews, popularity, economy, and graduation rates. Each college offers their own unique program that is designed to offer a curriculum that focuses on the modern field of nursing.

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