Best Nursing Schools in Nashville TN in 2024

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Nursing Schools in Nashville TN
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Rank School Location
1Vanderbilt UniversityNashville, Tennessee
2Lipscomb UniversityNashville, Tennessee
3Belmont UniversityNashville, Tennessee
4Trevecca Nazarene UniversityNashville, Tennessee
5Middle Tennessee StateMurfreesboro, Tennessee

Vanderbilt University

  • Nashville, Tennessee
  • Graduation Rate: 92%

Are you looking to enhance your nursing career or start on the path to reaching new heights? Vanderbilt University is located in beautiful Nashville, TN and is waiting for you. Vanderbilt School of Nursing offers master’s and doctoral degrees only. The school has a tuition rate of $1,716 per credit hour. Financial aid is awarded and given to nearly 72 percent of the student body. The student to faculty ratio is only 7:1.

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Lipscomb University

  • Nashville, Tennessee
  • Graduation Rate: 58%

Lipscomb University has 4,600 students coming from 52 different countries. Here students can explore the nursing program in an environment of moral integrity. Each faculty member seeks to invest their time into each student. And with a 13:1 student ratio one can see how easy that would be. This school has a cost of $25,719 per academic year. 98 percent of the student body is awarded some kind of financial aid to help with their cost of higher education.

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Belmont University

  • Nashville, Tennessee
  • Graduation Rate: 70%

Belmont University is a popular ranked school that has 8,200 students from every state and 28 different countries. This school is recognized by the U.S. News & World Report for its commitment to teaching students. Students are taught to embrace their degree and develop their talents to excel in the nursing field. This university has a 82 percent acceptance rate with a tuition of $36.694 per year. It is widely known by all students that each professor pours their time and effort into each student. 151 of the students are enrolled in the nursing program at a graduate level.

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Trevecca Nazarene University

  • Nashville, Tennessee
  • Graduation Rate: 71%

Trevecca Nazarene University currently has 1,886 undergraduate students. The school is highly sought after by prospective students, so admission competition is high. With a tuition rate of $18,996 per year and a starting salary average of $36,900 per year it is easy to see why so many students want to attend this school. With 100 percent of the student body receiving financial aid tuition is kept to an all-time low. Over half of the student body agrees that the workload of the school is manageable.

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Middle Tennessee State

  • Murfreesboro, Tennessee
  • Graduation Rate: 42%

Middle Tennessee State is conveniently located on the outskirts of Nashville in the town of Murfreesboro. This school has over 15,511 undergraduate students. Alumni of the school all have an average starting salary of $31,200 per year. Nursing is just one of the popular majors that are available for people looking to get a start on life. The acceptance rate stands at an easy 94 percent. So, getting into this highly rated school is easy as filling out the application.

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Fisk University

  • Nashville, Tennessee
  • Graduation Rate: 44%

Fisk University is a private school and has a number of majors to choose from. There are 716 students that all competed with others to get admitted to this top-notch school. Average tuition costs just $25,268 per year. The average financial aid package stands at $11,802 per year. 93 percent of the student body is awarded this student aid to help with their student bill. Competition to get into Fisk is high at 71 percent. Starting salary for graduates is $24,400.

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Cumberland University

  • Lebanon, Tennessee
  • Graduation Rate: 71%

Cumberland University has a 62 percent admission rate which means it is a highly sought-after school. Students love the nursing program as it is one of the schools most popular programs. The cost to attend is $24,788 per year on the average. But the starting salary of graduates is $34,600 per year. 100 percent of the student body receives some kind of aid that can amount to $10,567 per year. This helps to keep that school bill under control.

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Tennessee State University

  • Nashville, Tennessee
  • Graduation Rate: 33%

Tennessee State University is a prestigious university on a public level. Their focus on education is why over 5,000 students call this place their favorite place of education. With an acceptance rate of 100 percent and a tuition rate of just over $9,100, students can focus on their nursing degree studies without much worry of having to struggle with financial aid. Alumni of Tennessee State University have an average starting salary of $28,500 per year. Applicants can enjoy a low $25 application fee once they apply. 97 percent of applicants receive financial aid which helps students excel at their studies.

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Watkins College of Art, Design, & Film

  • Nashville, Tennessee
  • Graduation Rate: 31%

Watkins College is a four-year school located in Nashville, Tennessee. The college only has about 150 students and boasts a 31 percent graduation rate. Students can expect to earn around $23,800 per year once they graduate. The school has a 70 percent admissions rate. Students pay $29,475 per year. Financial aid is available for each student up to $11,260 per year.

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Welch College

  • Nashville, Tennessee
  • Graduation Rate: 40%

Welch College is a private Christian college in Nashville, Tennessee. With 239 students the school continues to have a 100 percent acceptance rate. Every student that finishes their degree can expect an average salary of $23,900. Athletics is a big part of student life. But academics take center stage as over 50 percent of students go on to finish their degree. SAT and ACT scores are looked at but not required for admission. The average tuition is $22,118 per student per year. 91 percent of students receive some kind of financial aid.

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Daymar College

  • Owensboro, Kentucky

Daymar College is a four-year institution that seeks to better the lives of their students by giving them an excellent education at an affordable cost. New skills are taught to students from the very first day. With a price of only $21,639 per year and a 100 percent acceptance rate, students can know for certain that they have a place to learn. 98 students out of 100 receive an average of $3,735 in financial aid to help with their school bill. Students have a 20:1 ratio with their instructors so they can ask questions and dive deeper into their studies.

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Aquinas College

  • Nashville, Tennessee

Aquinas College is located in beautiful Nashville, TN. With 215 students and a competitive admissions rate of 40 percent, students work hard to get their applications approved. Graduating students boast of a $41,300 per year starting salary making it one of the highest in the area. This Catholic based school gives students a unique perspective on life as morals are integrated into each class. They will see how caring for people matters while upholding their own integrity. The cost to attend stands at $18,708 per year. And yet 90 percent of the students receive some kind of financial aid that averages out to $13,670 per year.

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South College

  • Knoxville, Tennessee

South College is located in Nashville, TN. They are a regionally accredited school. Recognized to be a Tennessee Promise, Yellow Ribbon, Hope Scholarship school that offers a wide range of degrees and programs for people of all ages. Their aim is to help student find their potential and reach their dreams in life. There is no wait list as the school boasts of a 100 percent acceptance rate. South College focuses on their students and not the size of their pocketbook.

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We know that you want to attend the best school. We developed a list of nursing schools based on information that students provide. This way we know that the information we use to rank the school is coming from the students that attend or are seeking to become a part of the student body.

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