Best 18 Nurse Practitioner Programs in Georgia in 2024

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Best colleges for nurse practitioner programs in Georgia

Becoming a nurse practitioner can provide a number of incredible job opportunities in the healthcare industry. There are both online and on-campus programs for you to explore throughout Georgia. We have identified some of the top nurse practitioner programs in Georgia to help you decide where you want to attend.

What to Expect in a Nurse Practitioner Program

There are a number of nursing careers that you can explore. Nurse practitioners are often able to meet with patients and make diagnoses under the supervision of a doctor. As such, becoming a nurse practitioner involves a rigorous program in healthcare. You will need to earn a Master’s in nursing, obtain a license, gain experience, and obtain a nurse practitioner certificate.

Top 5 Nurse Practitioner Programs in Georgia

Rank School Location
1 Columbus State UniversityColumbus, Georgia
2Kennesaw State UniversityKennesaw, Georgia
3University of North GeorgiaDahlonega, Georgia
4 Georgia Southern University Statesboro, Georgia
5Middle Georgia State University Macon, Georgia

In most instances, students will spend at least five years in school to become a nurse.

Careers as a Nurse Practitioner

In order to work as a nurse practitioner, you will need to have at least a master’s degree. Your actual job position may be a nurse midwife, nurse practitioner, or even a nurse anesthetist. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average nurse practitioner in the United States earns a median salary of $115,800 per year. The job outlook is also growing considerably faster – with approximately 45% more jobs available in 2029 than there was in 2019.

Once you have the necessary education and experience, you may find yourself working in a variety of different environments. You may choose to work in private practice, hospitals, surgical centers, and elsewhere.

Deciding to become a nurse practitioner requires a significant amount of dedication. With so many programs to choose from in Georgia, it’s possible to find one that offers the education you want as well as the flexibility that you need. Each school has unique aspects that can make it more or less desirable – and we’ve identified the top 18 schools that offer programs in the state.

Best 18 Nurse Practitioner Programs in Georgia


Columbus State University

  • Columbus, Georgia
Outdoor view of college campus

The School of Nursing at Columbus State University offers a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) program. Students who already have a bachelor’s degree will be able to complete the program in as little as two years by attending full-time. The 100% online asynchronous courses also make it possible to get an education without having to visit the campus. Students will need to complete a total of 765 clinical hours on their own – which the nursing department can help to set up.

School Overview

Tuition per Year: $6,930 ($385/credit hour)
Total Enrollment: 8,300
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Kennesaw State University

  • Kennesaw, Georgia

Students at Kennesaw State University can attend the Nurse Practitioner Program within the WellStar School of Nursing. At the completion of the program, students will have earned an MS in Nursing. The professional program involves a total of 40 semester hours of course study that is broken down to include core classes, primary care area of concentration, and residency. Students who apply to the program should already have a BS in nursing as well as at least one year of experience working as a registered nurse. Courses are offered in the fall, spring, and summer semesters.

School Overview

Tuition per Year: $6456
Total Enrollment: 35,600
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University of North Georgia

  • Dahlonega, Georgia
Student doctors at the University of North Georgia and female patient

At the University of North Georgia, there is an MSN with a concentration in Family Nurse Practitioner. The program is designed to help registered nurses learn what is needed to not only receive national certification but also qualify for advanced practice authorization. There are flexible programs that allow for two-year or three-year plans of study. Clinical hours will also need to be obtained, which can be as many as 120 hours per course. Students at UNG can also go on to pursue a Doctor of Nursing.

School Overview

Tuition per Year: $4744
Total Enrollment: 18,219
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Georgia Southern University

  • Statesboro, Georgia

The Waters College of Health Professions at Georgia Southern University offers various degree programs for students. The Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) track will prepare students who are already registered nurses to ensure they can go on to provide patient-centered primary care. The curriculum is available online and on-campus and includes such things as pharmacology, health policy, health assessment, biomedical ethics, and more. The program is also accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education.

School Overview

Tuition per Year: $6463
Total Enrollment: 20,517
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Middle Georgia State University

  • Macon, Georgia

A Master of Science in Nursing is available at Middle Georgia State University. The program is specifically for an Adult/Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner. This offers some diversity in comparison to the traditional family nurse practitioner programs found at many schools. 43 hours of graduate coursework must be completed along with clinical hours. Students will learn about health promotion, differential diagnosis, and more while providing care to a broad population base of young adult to geriatric patients. The school also boasts that 100% of those who have graduated from the program have passed their certification exam on their first attempt.

School Overview

Tuition per Year: $4042
Total Enrollment: 8066
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Georgia State University

  • Atlanta, Georgia

Georgia State University offers a Nursing MS from the Byrdine F. Lewis College of Nursing and Health Professions. Students can choose one of four nurse practitioner tracks: Adult-Gerontology, Pediatric Primary Care, Family, or Psychiatric Mental Health. There are traditional and RN to MS programs to choose from. While most students choose to explore the distance-learning program while they work full-time, other students choose to take at least some of the courses on campus. The master’s track will require 48 semester hours plus clinical hours. A Part-time student will often take four years to complete.

School Overview

Tuition per Year: $9286
Total Enrollment: 32,082
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Valdosta State University

  • Valdosta, Georgia

At Valdosta State University, the MS Degree with a Major in Nursing allows students to complete the Family Nurse Practitioner program. The format is hybrid, allowing for classes both online and at the campus. It is a total of 50 credit hours that will need to be completed. Full-time students will often meet the requirements in two years while part-time students may take four. A total of 715 clinical hours will also need to be completed – and these can be arranged through the Health and Sciences department.

School Overview

Tuition per Year: $6583
Total Enrollment: 11,420
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Clayton State University

  • Morrow, Georgia

The School of Nursing at Clayton State University allows students to participate in a high-demand program. The school is listed as one of the best nursing schools in Georgia. Additionally, the online program allows students to work while getting their MS degree. The concentration in family nurse practitioner can make it easier for students to work to improve their education once they’re already a registered nurses. Some students can also explore the post-master’s certificate of Family Nurse Practitioner.

School Overview

Tuition per Year: $5538
Total Enrollment: 6900
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South University

  • Savannah, Georgia

An online Family Nurse Practitioner program is available at South University. Students can earn an MS in Nursing while completing all of the coursework online. Then, students will have to complete the clinical hours on their own time. The program meets the core competencies for Family Nurse Practitioners as it has been outlined by NONPF (National Organization for Nurse Practitioner Faculties). Students will learn about promoting positive health behaviors and diagnosing common health problems at the various developmental stages.

School Overview

Tuition per Year: $13,594
Total Enrollment: 17,881
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Augusta University

  • Augusta, Georgia

Students at Augusta University can participate in the DNP-FNP program. This allows students to obtain a Doctor of Nursing that focuses on becoming a Family Nurse Practitioner. The program offers full-time and part-time schedules – and students who wish to take courses on campus can do so in both Athens and Augusta. At the doctoral level, students will learn about preventative and primary health care while also learning about leadership and policy. The program is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education.

School Overview

Tuition per Year: $8832
Total Enrollment: 9274
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Armstrong State University

  • Savannah, Georgia

Armstrong State University goes by another name – Georgia Southern University. However, it is strictly the one on the Armstrong campus in Savannah. The BSN program gets students started on their path toward becoming nurse practitioners. Once working as a registered nurse, students can participate in the RN to FNP track. Students will take didactic and clinical courses. Students will have access to the program online, though some on-campus learning days will be required to complete clinical specialty courses. Various specialty areas will be present, including adult/gerontology, pediatrics, and women’s health.

School Overview

Tuition per Year: $4854
Total Enrollment: 5278
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Georgia College

  • Milledgeville, Georgia

Georgia College has been identified as one of the most affordable online colleges to attend for a master’s degree in nursing. The Fully online format allows students to obtain their MSN. The degree concentrations include Family Nurse Practitioner, Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner, Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, Nurse Educator, or Nurse Midwifery. Students can choose where to take clinical rotations as long as they are in Georgia and are approved by the school.

School Overview

Tuition per Year: $9256
Total Enrollment: 6230
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Emory University

  • Atlanta, Georgia

At Emory University, students can explore a few master’s degree programs at the School of Nursing. There is a Master’s of Nursing Pre-Licensure Degree program along with various specialty tracks to become either a nurse-midwife or a nurse practitioner. Students who study full-time will complete the requirements over four semesters (two years). Dual degrees are also available, allowing students to diversify their education.

School Overview

Tuition per Year: $53,804
Total Enrollment: 14,769
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Mercer University

  • DeKalb County, Georgia

At Mercer University, students can work to become Family Nurse Practitioner. They’ll work in accordance with the Georgia Baptist College of Nursing to complete the FNP track. Students can take courses online and on-campus and choose to follow a curriculum plan that is full-time or part-time. Students will have access to research libraries and a number of community and campus resources.

School Overview

Tuition per Year: $37,808
Total Enrollment: 8600
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Shorter University

  • Rome, Georgia

The Ben and Ollie Brady School of Nursing at Shorter University provides students with access to a degree that focuses on the love of Christ. The program earns students a BS in Nursing, which can, then, be transferred to various certificate programs and master’s programs across the state of Georgia. Additionally, students can explore a wide array of scholarships to make it easier to afford the program.

School Overview

Tuition per Year: $22,370
Total Enrollment: 3702
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Wesleyan College

  • Macon, Georgia

Students at Wesleyan College can pursue a bachelor’s degree in nursing. Students will have access to a nursing simulation lab that uses state-of-the-art controls. The program is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education. Many students who graduate from the program receive job offers, allowing them to go on to make an impact in nursing and health.

School Overview

Tuition per Year: $23,970
Total Enrollment: 754
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Georgetown University

  • Washington, D.C.

Georgetown University, while located in DC, is popular with students in GA because it offers the entire master’s program online. Students who are already licensed and working as registered nurses can gain experience with direct patient management. Programs allow students to choose between nurse-midwifery and family nurse practitioner. It’s also possible for students to explore doctorate programs and post-graduate certificates.

School Overview

Tuition per Year: $56,058
Total Enrollment: 5365
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Brenau University

  • Gainesville, Georgia

The Master of Science in Nursing at Brenau University offers students an opportunity to enroll in the Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) program. The online, full-time program can be completed in 20 months. A part-time three-year program is also available. Students will complete the coursework online, attend classes on Saturdays at the Norcross campus, and experience practicums in the field. Small classes also allow students to get the comprehensive preparation that they need to be successful.

School Overview

Tuition per Year: $31,084
Total Enrollment: 1756
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Our Ranking Methodology

We have established our ranking methodology based on two important factors. First, we look at the cost of tuition. Tuition has been calculated based on in-state rates and does not include other expenses such as books or room and board. The tuition is listed as per year, which includes two semesters. The more affordable tuition rates are given a higher score.

Second, we look at total enrollment. Schools that have higher enrollment numbers are given a higher score. The reason for this is because high enrollment numbers generally recognize that schools are not only more popular but also have more activities. We add the two scores together in order to help us rank the schools effectively.

Notice an Error?

If you notice an error in any of the information that we have listed, please let us know. It is our goal to have the most up-to-date information for students who are interested in pursuing a program at one of the schools on our list.

If you are interested in becoming a nurse practitioner, it’s important to find the right program. Let us find an online program that meets your needs.

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