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Best 15 Mathematics Degree Programs in 2021

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What Is a Mathematics Degree?

A mathematics degree concentrates on a variety of math-related subjects and prepares you for a multitude of careers in engineering, statistics, and accounting, among many others. Mathematics degrees come with different specializations such as Actuarial Science, Probability & Statistics, and Pure Mathematics.

Top 15 Schools for a Mathematics Degree

1. Northwest Missouri State University

Northwest is a state-assisted, four-year regional university with 127 undergraduate degree programs to choose from. The Career Services Department offers an Exploring Majors fair which gives you the opportunity to get acquainted with the various majors at the school and discover what major is the most ideal for you. If you attend as a full-time student, you will be issued a laptop to use for the entire school year. At the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, you can earn a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics and a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. You can also pursue graduate studies to earn a Master of Science in Mathematics.

  • Estimated tuition: $4,958.24 per year/in-state
  • Graduation rate: 49%

2. University of Nevada-Reno

The University of Nevada in Reno is a land-grant university and was the first institution of higher learning in the state. The university links students with an abundant amount of learning opportunities that enable them to follow their academic passions. Since the university has invested nearly $1 billion into the expanding campus in the last decade, you are provided with more resources, services, and tools that make up a world-class educational experience. For the math major, you can earn a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics. With the Bachelor of Arts, you will gain a liberal arts experience with a combination of course study in humanities, arts, and social and natural sciences. With the Bachelor of Science, you will be provided with a more rigid education in computing and science, and mathematics.

  • Estimated tuition: $7,268 per year/in-state
  • Graduation rate: 56%

3. University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is the country’s first public university and is nationally recognized for its innovative teaching. The university has the Carolina Covenant, which is a commitment of a debt-free education to low-income students. You have the option of several degrees in mathematics and mathematical sciences, including Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. Upon graduation, you will have opportunities for plenty of job positions, such as computer analyst, statistician, and educator.

  • Estimated tuition: $9,018 per year/in-state
  • Graduation rate: 91%

4. North Carolina State University

NC State University is a leading public research university and dominates in technology, science, math, and engineering. NC State contributes $6.5 billion to the state economy each year. The university is prominent with teaching and research in humanities, social sciences, and design. Students have served in global and local communities, and have built connections with top employers. The Department of Mathematics has a blueprint for success which consists of a diverse curriculum, advanced research, and superior teaching. NC State prepares you with the tools you need for prosperous careers in finance, technology, and biomathematics. The department offers majors in Applied Mathematics and Mathematics.

  • Estimated tuition: $9,100 per year/in-state
  • Graduation rate: 77%

5. Georgia Institute of Technology

Georgia Tech is one of the leading research facilities devoted to bettering the human condition by way of advanced technology and science. The university is home to over 25,000 undergraduate and graduate students who major in fields such as computing, science, and engineering. Georgia Tech offers a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and you have the option to pursue one of four areas of concentration, such as Discrete Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Probability & Statistics, and Pure Mathematics.

  • Estimated tuition: $10,258 per year/in-state
  • Graduation rate: 86%

6. University of Washington

Serving over 54,000 students each year, UW is one of the world’s most distinguished public universities. UW has multiple campus locations in Tacoma, Seattle, and Bothell. The university provides a rich learning environment for its students by recruiting the most innovative and diverse faculty and staff worldwide. The Department of Mathematics allows you to choose from four areas of specialization, including Bachelor of Arts Philosophy Option, Bachelor of Arts Teacher Preparation Option, Bachelor of Arts Standard Option, and Bachelor of Science Option. With these options, you will have elevated competence in logical rigor, abstract thinking, and analysis.

  • Estimated tuition: $10,629 per year/in-state
  • Graduation rate: 84%

7. University of Wisconsin

The University of Wisconsin is a public land-grant university and a distinctive research facility. You will get high-quality education and solve real-world challenges. In 2005, the university became the first national stem cell bank. UW offers a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. You have a couple of options for the math major. You can concentrate on mathematics exclusively or you can combine math courses with areas in which mathematics is applied, such as economics or engineering. Many graduates have secured employment in various jobs with governmental agencies, business, and industry.

  • Estimated tuition: $10,725 per year/in-state
  • Graduation rate: 85%

8. University of South Carolina-Aiken

Founded in 1961, fostering partnerships has been a mainstay of the University of South Carolina at Aiken. You will be provided with a high-quality education from an award-winning institution that offers Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. The university contributes over $281 million into the state’s economy each year. With the Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics program, you will be provided with training in analytical thinking through problem-solving activities and be well-prepared for employment in a broad range of careers in the industry.

  • Estimated tuition: $10,398 per year/in-state
  • Graduation rate: 42%

9. Brigham Young University

Brigham Young University has the highest undergraduate student enrollment out of the private universities in the United States. There are more than 200 study abroad programs available in 80 countries. The university offers Bachelor’s and Master’s programs in mathematics, including a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, a Master of Science in Mathematics, and Ph.D. in Mathematics. The mathematics major will prepare you for a variety of valuable careers in government agencies, information management firms, and business organizations.

  • Estimated tuition: $11,940 per year/in-state
  • Graduation rate: 62%

10. University of Texas-Austin

The University of Texas at Austin is one of the best universities worldwide with top national programs spread across 18 colleges and schools. The Mathematics Department is noted for its outstanding facility and stimulating mathematics environment. There are over 100 faculty members which include members of the National Academy of Science. The department commits itself to inclusion and diversity in conjunction with a stringent education. There are several mathematics tracks offered, including Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics, Bachelor of Arts in Teaching, and Bachelor of Science in Mathematics honors, to name a few.

  • Estimated tuition: $12,668 per year/in-state
  • Graduation rate: 81%

11. University of Minnesota

The University of Minnesota is one of the most esteemed public research universities in the country and is the only land-grant university in the state. The School of Mathematics offers multiple degrees for mathematics majors, including Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics and Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. You have the option to specialize in one of three areas, including Computer Applications, Mathematics Education, or Actuarial Mathematics. There is a broad range of courses and your core curriculum is complemented by technical electives as well as other areas of concentration such a physics, economics, or engineering. You will be presented with numerous research opportunities through REUs and other undergraduate research programs.

  • Estimated tuition: $13,318 per year/in-state
  • Graduation rate: 78%

12. University of California-Los Angeles

UCLA is one of the most prestigious universities situated in one of the most influential cities worldwide. The university has extensive resources to ensure the students are successful and will make positive impacts in the world. The Department of Mathematics has more than 100 faculty members and there are several specializations for mathematics majors. The specializations include Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, and Data Theory, among others.

  • Estimated tuition: $13,239 per year/in-state
  • Graduation rate: 91%

13. University of Virginia

The University of Virginia was founded in 1819 by Thomas Jefferson and is an exemplary public institution. The university has a track record of being a renowned research facility with a large-scale academic medical center. The Department of Mathematics has a substantial presence in the mathematical community and this has been the case since the 19th century. As a math major, you may obtain a Bachelor of Arts with the option of several concentration areas.

  • Estimated tuition: $14,188 per year/in-state
  • Graduation rate: 94%

14. University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

The University of Michigan at Ann Harbor offers more than 275 degree programs that are spread across 19 colleges and schools. The university has the Go Blue Guarantee program that provides free tuition for families with incomes of $65,000 or below per year. The Mathematics Department gives you the option to choose from six specific programs, including Actuarial Mathematics, Honors Mathematics, Mathematics of Finance and Risk Management, Mathematical Sciences, Pure Mathematics, and Secondary Mathematics Teaching Certificate. There and many career paths with a mathematics degree and some of the career opportunities include math teacher, software consultant, and researcher, to name a few.

  • Estimated tuition: $15,945 per year/in-state
  • Graduation rate: 92%

15. University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign

The University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign is a land-grant university that spearheads innovative research that bolsters the human experience. The mathematics program includes majors such as Mathematics, Actuarial Science, Teaching of Mathematics, and Mathematics & Computer Science. The Actuarial Science program prepares you for valuable careers as enterprise risk analysts and actuaries. You will have the opportunity for research experience through the Illinois Geometry Lab where you will collaborate with graduate students, faculty members, and postdocs on projects that involve visualization of mathematics. You will also have a wide variety of opportunities to participate in community and campus outreach.

  • Estimated tuition: $16,862 per year/in-state
  • Graduation rate: 85%

Our Ranking Methodology

We made a list of 15 schools that offer a mathematics degree. For tuition, we used undergraduate, in-state tuition based on what was stated on the school’s website. We also factored in the graduation rate.

If you work for one of the schools we ranked and you notice any incorrect information we used for the ranking, please get in contact to let us know what needs to be corrected.

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