Best 15 Masters in Taxation Programs in 2024

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Why Choose a Masters In Taxation?

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Students who want to work in payroll, with business taxes or with the Internal Revenue Service should consider a Masters in Taxation. This degree is normally available on campus or online and prepares students to handle the tax codes and regulations set up by the IRS. Some possible careers include becoming a tax attorney, tax advisor or CPA.

Choosing a Masters in Taxation

A Master of Science in Taxation is a specialization pathway. It may take up to 150 hours, but the degree program should cover enough information to give students a career as a CPA.

Top 5 Masters in Taxation Programs

Rank School Location
1SUNY at AlbanyAlbany, New York
2Florida Atlantic UniversityBoca Raton, Florida
3Golden Gate UniversitySan Francisco, California
4Mississippi State UniversityStarkville, Mississippi
5Weber State UniversityOgden, Utah

The employment outlook is good for this degree. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that this field will grow by around 10 percent between 2016 and 2026. This will create around 139,000 new jobs for people in the field.

The following list is a collection of the top 15 schools for a master’s in taxation. These schools are ranked from best to worst based on the total cost of tuition and overall enrollment (lower tuition is better, and lower enrollment is as well). If you need assistance choosing a program, we’re here to help.  

Best 15 Masters in Taxation Programs


SUNY at Albany

  • Albany, New York

SUNY at Albany offers a one-year Master of Science in Taxation. This program is intensive, consisting of 30 credit hours in government and corporate taxation, international taxation and tax research.

School Overview

Tuition (in-state): $11,310
Enrollment: 17,544
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Florida Atlantic University

  • Boca Raton, Florida

Since 1964, Florida Atlantic University has been the home to a Master of Taxation program. The business program is AACSB-accredited and requires 30-credit hours to complete the coursework and graduate.

School Overview

Tuition (in-state): $6,693
Enrollment: 30,061
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Golden Gate University

  • San Francisco, California

Located in San Francisco, Golden Gate University offers a Master of Science in Taxation with a focus on developing practical skills needed in the field. The program is available online, in an accelerated format on-campus or as a part-time program.

School Overview

Tuition (in-state): $16,095
Enrollment: 2,432
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Mississippi State University

  • Starkville, Mississippi

Mississippi State University offers a Master of Taxation through the AACSB-accredited program at its College of Business and Adkerson School of Accountancy. The program can be customized to suit the student’s goals, but 15 hours of tax courses need to be finished to graduate.

School Overview

Tuition (in-state): $8,800
Enrollment: 22,226
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Weber State University

  • Ogden, Utah

Weber State University offers a Master of Taxation that consists of 30 credit hours. The program comes with 18 core courses and 12 electives. Some classes include e-business, negotiations and project management.

School Overview

Tuition (in-state): $7,476
Enrollment: 29,644
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San Jose State University

  • San Jose, California

San Jose State University offers an MS in Taxation. The MST program is flexible and consists of 30 credit hours. Classes take place online, in the evening, on Saturdays and at other times. Part-time and full-time options are available.

School Overview

Tuition (in-state): $7,176
Enrollment: 36,085
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Bentley University

  • Waltham, Massachusetts

Bentley University is an AACSB-accredited business school with a Master of Science in Taxation available. The 30-credit-hour program has 10 courses in total and meets the education requirement to take the CPA test.

School Overview

Tuition (in-state): $38,400
Enrollment: 5,314
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DePaul University

  • Chicago, Illinois

Located in Chicago, Illinois, DePaul University offers a full-time, 46-credit-hour program for students seeking their Master’s Degree in Taxation. The program may be completed in just a year, but part-time students finish within two-to-three years on average.

School Overview

Tuition (in-state): $19,584
Enrollment: 22,064
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Northeastern University

  • Boston, Massachusetts

Located in Boston, Northeastern University has a 30-credit hour MS in Taxation. The program can be completed in a single year if students attend full-time. Part-time students typically finish within three years.

School Overview

Tuition (in-state): $24,793
Enrollment: 22,207
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University of Denver

  • Denver, Colorado

Students can earn a Master’s Degree in Taxation from the University of Denver in just one year. Students may complete their entire degree online, in-person, or through any combination of online and in-person courses. Students may pursue our 24-credit or our Extended 30-credit Master of Taxation degree track, which is offered specifically for students who desire additional elective courses to qualify for CPA licensure.

School Overview

Tuition: $43,104
Enrollment: 12,931
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Rutgers University

  • Brunswick, New Jersey

Located in Newark, Rutgers University offers an AACSB-accredited business program in taxation. The 30-credit-hour program fulfills the course requirements needed to take the CPA exam.

School Overview

Tuition (in-state): $17,736
Enrollment: 50,173
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Arizona State University

  • Tempe, Arizona

Arizona State University is located in Phoenix and offers an MTax degree that can be completed in just nine months. The program has small class sizes, and it prepares students to take the CPA exam. The Master of Taxation degree is available through the W.P. Carey School of Business.

School Overview

Tuition (in-state): $11,720
Enrollment: 53,286
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Boston University

  • Boston, Massachusetts

Boston University offers a 24-credit-hour program allowing students to get a Master of Law in Taxation Law. The course requires students to maintain a degree in law and to come with two letters of recommendation.

School Overview

Tuition (in-state): $54,720
Enrollment: 33,720
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University of Southern California

  • Los Angeles, California

At the University of Southern California, students can work toward a Masters of Business Taxation for Working Professionals. The majority of students do already hold a CPA license and have at least six years of work experience. One-year of full-time work experience is required to enter the program.

School Overview

Tuition (in-state): $46,272
Enrollment: 48,321
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New York University

  • New York City, New York

New York University offers a Master of Studies in Law in Taxation. The program takes up to two years and is made up of 24 to 30 credit hours. The curriculum may be customized.

School Overview

Tuition (in-state): $33,408
Enrollment: 52,885
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Ranking Specifications

The schools in this article are ranked from best to worst based on scores for the lowest tuition rates and the lowest enrollment, which would suggest a lower student-to-teacher ratio. Every effort has been made to collect accurate information, but keep in mind that this list is subject to change and is not guaranteed.

If you have questions about your school’s ranking, contact us. We would be glad to change any information that misrepresents your school or speak with you about adding your school to the list.

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