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LVN Programs
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Nursing is not only a smart career decision, but it is also a proud, noble, and much-needed role in the field of healthcare. And like many healthcare professions, it pays well, and historically it has shown to be recession-proof too. People are always going to need healthcare, and that equates to the need for having good LPN/LVN care.

Choosing to become LVN certified is something to be proud of, and all you need now is to find the right school and LVN program. To help you with just that, we have compiled a list of the top 26 schools for LVN programs.

Rank School Location
1Green River College Auburn, Washington
2Bismarck State College Bismarck, North Dakota
3Dakota County Technical CollegeRosemount, Minnesota
4Anoka Technical College Anoka, Minnesota
5Northland Community and Technical CollegeEast Grand Forks, Minnesota

26 Top LVN Programs


Green River College

  • Auburn, Washington
  • Points: 92

The Green River College, located in Auburn, Washington, offers more than a path to getting your LVN. Most people who enroll in the LVN program, nearly 40% of whom graduate, can manage the required 105 credit course in less than two years. Green River College is also an excellent place to get more attentive instruction as a result of their typically small class size. Those benefits and a very reasonable tuition rate earn the Green River College LVN program a place on our top 25 list of LVN programs.

Tuition: $4584 per year
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Bismarck State College

  • Bismarck, North Dakota
  • Points: 91

The Bismarck State College LVN certification program follows an 11-month plan that includes classroom and lab instruction. The first portion of the program involves training as a certified nursing assistant (CNA), in the process of completing your licensed vocational nursing program. Now, more than ever with the continued COVID-19 concerns, Bismarck State College relies on the use of tools like an interactive video network for many classes and lab practices.

Tuition: $5820 per year
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Dakota County Technical College

  • Rosemount, Minnesota
  • Points: 91

What the Dakota County Technical College lacks in schedule flexibility, it makes up for in a respected and successful licensed vocational nursing program. This full-time program accepts applicants for the fall and spring semesters and offers reasonable tuition fees and an above-average graduation rate.

Tuition: $5864 per year
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Anoka Technical College

  • Anoka, Minnesota
  • Points: 90

This vocational college is a great choice for students who want to begin a nursing career. Minnesota’s Anoka Technical College has been the springboard for many students, and for people seeking to become a licensed vocational nurse. With a solid tuition and graduation rate, Anoka Technical College registers as a solid choice on our list of the top 25 LVN programs.

Tuition: $5734 per year
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Northland Community and Technical College

  • East Grand Forks, Minnesota
  • Points: 87

Within the ominous-sounding city of Theif River Falls in Minnesota, lies a wonderful school and a great LVN program. That school is the Northland Community and Technical College, and that LVN program offers a 44-credit diploma option for students who are up to the challenge. Northland Community also offers many online options too, and everything those aspiring to join the field of nursing need. While the Northland Community and Technical College doesn’t have the most affordable tuition rate, it is far from being expensive and that helps to find this program on our list of the top 25 LVN programs.

Tuition: $5715 per year
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North Dakota State College of Science

  • Wahpeton, North Dakota
  • Points: 87

For students who have plans of becoming a nurse, the North Dakota State College of Science offers an LVN program to help them accomplish those plans. Students can enroll in the LVN program either during the spring or fall semesters, and the program takes five semesters to complete. A manageable tuition cost and a solid graduation rate approaching almost 50% put this program on our top 25 list.

Tuition: $6222 per year
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Minnesota State Community and Technical College

  • Fergus Falls, Minnesota
  • Points: 85

For students who want to begin a career in nursing, the Minnesota State Community and Technical College offer nursing program options. Located in Fergus Falls, Minnesota, this school is a good choice for students who want to begin their careers sooner than later, with plans like an LPN program that can be completed over two semesters. A solid graduation and tuition rate are enough to make the Minnesota State Community and Technical College nursing program worthy of a top 25 spot.

Tuition: $5560 per year
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Hennepin Technical College

  • Brooklyn Park, Minnesota
  • Points: 85

A fair tuition rate and a lower than average graduation rate doesn’t tell the story or do justice to the Hennepin Technical College LVN program. This program only accepts a few dozen applicants for its two-semester program that is both demanding and challenging, hence the explanation for those lower graduation numbers.

Tuition: $5248 per year
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Wharton County Junior College

  • Wharton, Texas
  • Points: 84

The LVN program at the Wharton County Junior College in Wharton, Texas is designed to prepare students for a career in nursing, even before they complete the program. Structured as a full-time 40-hours a week course, students will learn the rigors of nursing while being educated in the techniques, knowledge, and skills nursing demands.

Tuition: $4824 per year
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New Mexico State University – Carlsbad

  • Carlsbad, New Mexico
  • Points: 84

The LVN program at the New Mexico State University – Carlsbad, is an affordable option that allows students to begin their nursing careers in under two years. Students of the program receive a Certificate of Achievement after completing the program’s 41 credit hours.

Tuition: $4108 per year
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Northwest Technical College

  • Bemidji, Minnesota
  • Points: 83

The Northwest Technical College in Bemidji, Minnesota offers a unique one-year LVN program that is only offered once a year at the beginning of the fall semester. As a fast-track to starting your nursing career, the Northwest Technical College is a great place to start. While the graduation rate is only 31% that isn’t necessarily surprising considering the demands of the program. A fair tuition rate also helps to offset the somewhat low graduation numbers and is enough to earn Northwest a spot in our top 25.

Tuition: $5654 per year
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Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College

  • Perkinston, Mississippi
  • Points: 81

This community college has proven to be a wonderful place for many students looking to embark upon a career in nursing or medicine. The Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College offers its LVN program twice yearly during the spring and fall. While promoting the benefits of small class sizes, MGC also offers reasonable tuition rates for future nurses and medical professionals.

Tuition: $6850 per year
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Del Mar College

  • Corpus Christi, Texas
  • Points: 81

What defines the Del Mar College LVN program in Corpus Christi, Texas is a sterling NCLEX-PN pass rate, small classes, excellent instruction, and affordable tuition costs. Del Mar also has many online options for portions of its LVN program, all of which help to offset a surprisingly low graduation rate and earn this program a place on our list of the top 25 LVN programs.

Tuition: $5441 per year
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Fortis Institute – Erie

  • Pennsylvania
  • Points: 79

Small classes, more personal and hands-on instruction, and a proven LPN/LVN program makes the Fortis Institue – Erie and excellent choice for those seeking a career in nursing. While tuition may require some financial assistance, a strong graduation rate, and an even stronger LVN training program make the Fortis Institute a more than viable choice.

Tuition: $13,157 per year
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Dickinson State University

  • Dickinson, North Dakota
  • Points: 78

As a smaller college, Dickinson State University takes pride in being able to provide smaller classes and a more personalized style of instruction. As an associate of Applied Science degree, the LVN program is a 66 credit course that can be completed in two years. learning.

Tuition: $11,044 per year
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Allan Hancock College

  • Santa Maria, California
  • Points: 77

Located in Santa Maria, California, the Allan Hancock College is a lesser-known but excellent choice for students interested in pursuing a career in nursing. This LVN program accepts applications each year through the end of June and has a manageable tuition rate. Although the graduation rate is sub 40% the Allan Hancock College does enough to make the top 25.

Tuition: $7504 per year
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Platt College – Lawton

  • Oklahoma
  • Points: 77

From real-world clinical rotations to hands-on labs, and thorough classroom instruction, the Lawton, Oklahoma campus of Pratt College is preparing students today to become the nurses of tomorrow. A stout tuition rate will make financial assistance a common necessity, but a stronger than average graduation rate helps offset those hurdles and also earns the Pratt College – Lawton campus a place in our list of the top 25 LVN programs.

Tuition: $19,735 per year
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Napa Valley College

  • Napa, California
  • Points: 77

The LVN program offered at the Napa Valley College in Napa, California can be completed in under two years and it can be taken on a part-time basis. Not only does the Napa Valley College LVN program offer flexibility, but it also prepares students for success in the field of nursing.

Tuition: $7502 per year
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Bates Technical College

  • Tacoma, Washington
  • Points: 77

Offering a one-year nursing program, the Bates Technical College is a good option for students who want to fast track their nursing careers. This program also only accepts a limited number of applicants and is offered twice a year. While tuition assistance is likely needed to help with the considerable tuition expense, the program also boasts of a solid graduation rate.

Tuition: $15,527 per year
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College of the Redwoods

  • Eureka, California
  • Points: 76

This 61 credit LVN program offered at the College of the Redwoods sends graduates off with an Associate degree and the tools and skills needed to succeed in their nursing careers. This program also proudly boasts have a perfect NCLEX-PN pass rate too. Along with a manageable tuition rate, the College of the Redwoods’ LVN program finds itself among the top 25 on our list.

Tuition: $6822 per year
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Santa Rosa Junior College

  • Santa Rosa, California
  • Points: 76

The LVN program at Santa Rosa Junior College in California includes a heavy schedule of classes, labs, and clinical work. There are also stringent requirements for clinical/lab hours in addition to pre and co-requisite courses. A reasonable tuition rate also makes this program a good option for future nursing students.

Tuition: $8170 per year
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Pennsylvania College of Technology

  • Williamsport, Pennsylvania
  • Points: 75

When looking for a well-rounded program that allows students to complete an LVN program in less than two years? The Pennsylvania College of Technology is a good option. With a rather considerable tuition fee, financial assistance will likely be necessary but a strong graduation rate helps to justify this LVN program’s appearance on our list.

Tuition: $17,160 per year
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Arkansas Tech University

  • Ozark, Arkansas
  • Points: 74

As a two-year program, the LVN course at Arkansas Tech University-Ozark Campus results in an Associate of Applied Science Degree. A 63 credit program, graduates leave the ATU-Ozark LVN program prepared for a successful career in nursing and medicine. ATU-Ozark is a two year school affiliated with ATU, a four-year university, and has both a PN program as well as an accredited RN program.

Tuition: $13,236 per year
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Lewis-Clark State College

  • Lewiston, Idaho
  • Points: 70

The Lewis-Clark State College offers a 44 credit certificate program. This LVN course is typically 12 months to complete and prepares students for a career in the medical field. As a more established educational institution and four-year school, the tuition expense is considerably more than smaller two-year programs and technical colleges.

Tuition: $19,978 per year
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Idaho State University

  • Pocatello, Idaho
  • Points: 67

Like the other larger learning institutions on the list, the tuition rates at Idaho State University are more expensive than smaller colleges and technical schools. The LVN program at Idaho State, however, continues to help teach and train the next generation of medical care professionals and nurses.

Tuition: $24,168 per year
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Ranking Process and Methodology

The method used to rank the nursing schools is based on a points system. Using equal values for both factors, the total combined point values were then assigned to each respective school. Yearly tuition cost and the graduation rates of each school made up the factors used in the ranking process.

Concerns, Errors, or New Information

We want to ensure that our information is helpful and useful, which means that we also welcome any inquiries about errors, updates, or new information regarding our lists. And always be mindful that these statistics are approximations as this information is ever-changing.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any corrections or changes that need to be updated or if you have concerns regarding any of the information we present. We strive to be accurate and reliable, and we appreciate your help in helping us to achieve those goals and for finding a LVN program near me.

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