Best 15 LVN Programs in Houston in 2024

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LVN Programs in Houston

With a handful of LVN programs in Houston to choose from, you can launch a nursing career that helps you care for those in need. In and around Houston many schools want to help you realize your dream of becoming a nurse. 

Top 5 LVN Programs in Houston

Rank School Location
1Lamar State CollegePort Arthur, Texas
2Blinn CollegeBrenham, Texas
3North Central Texas CollegeGainesville, Florida
4Angelina CollegeLufkin, Texas
5Galveston CollegeGalveston, Texas

Why Choose Houston For Your LVN Certification?

Just over one-fifth of all Houston residents work as a licensed vocational nurse. This is equal to 21% of the population of Houston. Some of the country’s best hospitals are located in this city, so more nurses are always needed. In fact, the need for licensed vocational nurses has risen by 4.43%. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has estimated that by the end of 2028, this profession will have achieved an 11% growth rate. This is significantly faster than the average expected growth rate for the industry.

We have put together a list of the LVN Programs in Houston, which we have ranked according to the required credit hours and tuition. This is our list of the top 15 best LVN Programs In Houston

Top 15 Best LVN Programs In Houston


Lamar State College

  • Port Arthur, Texas

At Lamar State College, in Port Arthur, students can earn a Vocational Nursing Certificate. Those enrolled in this program will learn how to solve problems in the workplace systematically. This allows them to treat each individual patient based on his or her needs. Students are guided through the program by physician assistants and registered nurses, among other qualified personnel. Graduates of the program often go on to work in long-term care facilities, rehab centers, outpatient community clinics, and more.

School Overview

Credit Hours: 50
Tuition: $2,375 per semester
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Blinn College

  • Brenham, Texas

At Blinn College in Brenham, students can enroll in the Vocational Nursing Program. They spend equal amounts of time in clinics and laboratories, in addition to the classroom. This lets students get hands-on experience with the kind of work they will be expected to do as vocational nurses. They offer a 10-month face-to-face program and a 12-month blended/online program in which didactic courses are online and all labs and clinicals are held face-to-face. Students obtain clinical experiences in acute care settings, clinics, and long-term care settings.

Students enrolled in this program receive a Vocational Nursing Certificate Level 2 upon successful completion and are then eligible to for the NCLEX-PN licensure examination.

School Overview

Credit Hours: 39
Tuition: $1,710 per semester
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North Central Texas College

  • Gainesville, Florida

North Central Texas College in Gainesville gives students the opportunity to earn a Vocational Nursing Certificate. Students are taught to use known scientific principles to make the best possible judgment calls when it comes to patient care. Plenty of clinical practice is included in the program so students get the experience they need to start their nursing careers. Students can obtain their clinical experience in home health facilities, doctors’ offices, and hospitals.

School Overview

Credit Hours: 32
Tuition: $912 per semester
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Angelina College

  • Lufkin, Texas

Students at Angelina College at Lutkin have the option of earning an Associate of Applied Science in Nursing or a Licensed Vocational Nurse Certification. Some choose to spend their first year of study earning their certification as a Licensed Vocational Nurse and their second year of study earning an Associates in Nursing.

School Overview

Credit Hours: 45
Tuition: $1,650 per semester
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Galveston College

  • Galveston, Texas

At Galveston College, students can earn a Level 2 Vocational Nursing Certificate. The program’s curriculum covers topics like mental health, pediatrics, clinical and neonatal nursing, and pharmacology. During the program, students work under doctors and nurses to treat patients suffering from basic medical conditions.

School Overview

Credit Hours: 45
Tuition: $1,012 per semester
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San Jacinto College

  • Pasadena, Texas

San Jacinto College, in Pasadena, is one school where students can earn an Associate of Applied Science – Licensed Vocational Nursing. In addition to time spent in the classroom, the program also requires students to work in several different types of health care facilities in order to complete their clinical training.

School Overview

Credit Hours: 45
Tuition: $877 semester
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Lee College

  • Baytown, Texas

Lee College, in Baytown, offers a Level 1 Vocational Nursing Certificate program. Problem-solving is the main focus of the program’s curriculum. The legalities and ethics of the professional are also emphasized. Students are also required to complete a capstone course during their last semester of study.

School Overview

Credit Hours 47
Tuition $3,403 per semester
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Alvin Community College

  • Alvin, Texas

Students enrolled at Alvin Community College can complete their certification to become a Licensed Vocational Nurse. Aside from the required coursework, students complete clinical training in a variety of local hospitals that include Clear Lake Regional Medical Center, Memorial Herman Hospital, and Cornerstone Hospital. Students can also train in various pediatric clinics or nursing homes.

School Overview

Credit Hours: 44
Tuition: $1,034 per semester
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Lone Star College

  • Houston, Texas

At Lone Star College, in North Harris, students can pursue a Level 2 Vocational Nursing Certificate. Students can complete their certification in as few as three semesters. Required classes include Foundations of Nursing, Leadership Professional Development, and Pharmacology.

School Overview

Credit Hours: 48
Tuition: $1,440 per semester
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Paris Junior College

  • Paris, Texas

When students study nursing at Paris Junior College year one is designated for Vocational Nursing certification. If they choose to move on to year two, they can earn an associate’s degree in nursing. Some students even go on to get their licenses as a registered nurse.

School Overview

Credit Hours: 51
Tuition: $1,640 per semester
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Temple College

  • Temple, Texas

Temple College offers a program where students can earn a Level 2 Certificate in Vocational Nursing. Throughout the coursework, students are given the opportunity to work hands-on with established professionals in the field. There are three entry points offered, to help students enter the nursing industry.

School Overview

Credit Hours 46
Tuition $1,656 per semester
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Houston Community College

  • Houston, Texas

At Houston Community College, students can earn a Level 1 Certificate in Licensed Vocational Nursing. Students are supervised by practicing doctors and nurses while they tend to patients in acute care settings, nursing homes, and community health agencies.

School Overview

Credit Hours: 44
Tuition: 363 per semester
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Texas Health School

  • Houston, Texas

At Texas Health School, the Vocational Nursing Program is designed to teach students to use scientific theory to determine the safest way to care for patients. The program also emphasizes the student’s ability to use their knowledge of growth and development to devise nursing care strategies for pediatric and geriatric patients.

School Overview

Credit Hours: 55
Tuition: $13,347 per semester
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Wharton County Junior College

  • Wharton, Texas

At Wharton County Junior College, students can earn a Licensed Vocational Nurse certification. The program’s curriculum includes subjects like psychiatric nursing, medical-surgical nursing, drug administration, and obstetrics.

School Overview

Credit Hours: 51
Tuition: $4,121 per semester
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The College of Healthcare Professions

  • Houston, Texas

The College of Healthcare Professions offers a program where students can earn a Vocational Nursing Certificate. Some of the skills that students in this program are taught include nutrition, growth and development, pharmacology, and medical-surgical nursing.

School Overview

Tuition: $17,350 per semester
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If you are still having trouble choosing from among the LVN programs in Houston, our Degree Finder tool can help. 

How We Rank Programs

We gathered the credit hours and per-semester tuition rates for each program. Tuition rates are calculated based on in-state residency. To obtain the ranking for each program we assign points based on how many credit hours are required and how much the program costs. The best credit hour requirements and tuition rates earn a score of 50. When we couldn’t determine the number of required credit hours, the program in question earned no points for them. To get the ranking for each program, we added the number of points scored for credit hours to the number of points scored for tuition rates. 

We make it a point to provide you with accurate information on each program. However, if you work in one of these programs and believe we have ranked it incorrectly, please let us know. We will quickly make any needed corrections. 

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