Best 2 LPN to BSN Programs in Florida in 2024

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If you are a licensed practical nurse (LPN) or licensed vocational nurse (LVN) ready to take your career to a higher level, or you want to start from LPN and progress to BSN, then a bachelor of science in nursing LPN to BSN program can be the best option for you. This program is notorious for preparing nursing students for higher levels of nursing opportunities.

Rank School Location
1Florida Gulf Coast UniversityFort Myers, FL
2West Coast University MiamiDoral, FL

So, what is an LPN to BSN bridge program?

An LPN to BSN bridge program is a designed option for both an LPN and LVN individuals who want to further their nursing careers by earning a BSN degree.Although having an LPN or LVN education prepares you to perform some basic patient care procedures under the guidance, pursuing a bachelor of science in nursing degree (BSN) as well as and having a registered nurse license will enable you to handle a wider range of nursing responsibilities. It will also boost your confidence in practice.

Reasons Why You Should Pursue an LPN to BSN Program

Because of the rise in demand for nurses globally, taking your nursing career to a higher level could be the greatest decision of your life. Let’s look at the facts about obtaining a BSN degree.

  • Did you know that holding a BSN degree can earn you big money more than for an LPN? According to data, people with a BSN earn significantly more than they would if they were RN with associate degrees or LPN. More so, many prefer BSN holders to LPN holders.
  • Owning a BSN enables you to enjoy and be satisfied with your job. You will rarely be denied nursing opportunities, which is contrary to those with an LPN.
  • A BSN degree also acts as a key pillar for those interested in becoming leaders in the nursing industry. In fact, most healthcare centers prefer nurses with a BSN to become their leader.
  • Obtaining a BSN also means better patient care outcomes. While having an LPN enables you to handle some nursing practices, you are not yet a qualified-registered nurse. Therefore, you cannot perform like a person with a BSN.
  • Earning a BSN degree has become easier than before. With the introduction of online programs, you can now pursue your degree in your comfort zone, with less pressure of visiting the school campus.

So, are you looking for the best universities offering LPN to BSN programs in Florida? Don’t worry. We got you covered. Below, we provide information on the two best schools in Florida that will propel your nursing career by providing you with an LPN to BSN opportunity. For more information about other courses that you may want to pursue, Click here to utilize our search engine to explore more programs.

Best 2 LPN to BSN Programs in Florida


Florida Gulf Coast University

  • Fort Myers, FL
  • Graduation Rate: 51%

Located in southwest Florida, Florida Gulf Coast University offers an exceptional learning environment for its students. The school has a campus and region that serve as a living laboratory where life-giving discoveries are carried out. The School of Nursing encourages collaborations with the community that help their successful clinical internship services. Their undergraduate nursing students spend 4-5 semesters engaged in clinical settings where, as caring caregivers, they apply their learning in competent patient-centered situations, gain an awareness of health system processes, and build faith. In a number of acute and primary health care environments, those seeking advanced degrees undergo intensive hands-on internships.

This institution has both undergraduate and graduate programs that endeavor students are prepared for excellence and innovation. Applicants who have attended another licensed nursing program but have not completed it must provide a letter in good standing from the Dean of the School of Nursing (or designate) addressing the following: a capacity for progress in a BSN program, protection in the provision of nursing services, interpersonal communication abilities, and other facts that the director finds significant. For all nursing classes to be assessed for nursing equivalence, BSN students with an approved BSN baccalaureate program may also apply course syllabi and topical outlines.

The school’s staff members, students, faculty, and alumni are active people, conscious of the environment. Moreover, through their doing, leading, and making a difference, they serve and inspire their communities hence creating a conducive environment for everyone. Being a young university, it has both professors interested in entrepreneurship and individuals who are motivated to create new initiatives and programs to benefit the students and community are attracted. Contrary to most universities, this school has no tenure system. Because of that, faculty members are free to work on several contracts. Also, the faculty members constitute different researchers and scholars who are committed to service and teaching.

According to the school’s effect view, their students were selected for an exclusive internship at NASA, the White House, and the Scripps institution of oceanography. The students present research across the USA through the conference and provide healthcare services in third world countries. As a matter of fact, these students also qualify to earn their master’s degree at oxford university and Fulbright fellowships. Students must complete appropriate benchmarks for timely completion of the degree. Failure to reach milestone criteria may result in reselection. The graduates from this school enjoy the highest graduate employment rates among the state’s universities.

School Overview

Tuition fee: $25,162 per year
Acceptance rate: 66.7%
Accreditation: southern association of colleges and school commission on colleges (SACSCOC) to award associate, baccalaureate, masters, and doctoral degrees
The student to teacher ratio: 21:1
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West Coast University Miami

  • Doral, FL

West coast university in Miami is a new campus in Florida. This campus has an eye-catching glass structure that features an exterior breezeway, all-around expansive views, and easy highway access, making it easy to locate and conducive to learning. The College of Nursing’s philosophy is that schooling is a continual process that happens in stages during a person’s lifespan. Lifelong learners and logical thinkers are nurses. The goal here is to provide culturally diverse learners with evidence-based and creative nursing education; to train nurses to provide quality and caring treatment relevant to the needs of the population and global society.

The university offers both bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) and LPN to BSN programs. The students here have access to internet stations, computer labs, science labs, and nursing skills labs provided by the university. Apart from the undergraduate and graduate degrees in nursing and dental hygiene, this university also offers a doctor of physical therapy and a doctor of pharmacy degrees as-well-as occupational therapy and health administration. According to the school’s graduate profile, professional graduates should at-all-times treat all clients and patients with respect and dignity. They should never disclose the client’s or patient’s health condition to anyone. As a matter of fact, they should always possess a professional appearance as they conduct their duties. Below are the school’s objective;

  • To offer a degree program in areas that endeavor career success.
  • To provide a conducive and supportive environment that cares about the success of all students.
  • To help in meeting all the needs of employment opportunities of the actual profession.
  • To enhance student success through providing academic and support services.

WCU career services provide guidance on career planning, help in everything from resume writing and training for interviews to job leads, and more. Although they can’t guarantee employment, they can help you plan and get the best out of any chance. It’s one-stop support to help you progress your career before and after graduation. Due to the school’s large property (46,000square feet), the students have enough space for their studies and extra curriculum activities. Students also have a big break-room, a sizable student quad area, a student meeting room, a student study area, and computer stations within the library. If you are looking for a luxurious university with integrated-modern technology, then this university is recommendable. It features permanently mounted projectors, projection screens, and interactive whiteboards. These whiteboards are used for capturing, printing, and transmitting images and text.

School Overview:

Tuition fee: $23,241 per year
Acceptance rate: 100%
Accreditation: WASC senior college and university commission (WSCUC), a regional accreditation body recognized by the US. Department of Education (USDOE) and the council on higher education accreditation (CHEA)
The student to teacher ratio: 12:1
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You ought to locate a successful school that provides such a curriculum if you are prepared to develop your knowledge and skills and obtain your BSN degree. As noted, in Florida, there are not many schools for you to choose from. Yet, to help you choose the one that better fits your particular preferences and specifications, it is advised to reach out to at least three to five separate colleges. Some aspects to consider include; the duration of the curriculum, costs, and how lessons are given.  If neither of these two schools completely satisfies your needs, before moving on to an RN to BSN program, you may also consider an LPN to RN program. Indeed, there are now still several schools providing RN to MSN programs, which ensures that if you complete the degree, you have the opportunity to advance your career further.

Find the program that’s right for you

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