Best 11 LPN Programs in Virginia in 2024

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If you want to work in the medical field but don’t have the wish to spend four years attending nursing school or even more to become a doctor, you may be interested in becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). Not only can you be prepared to seek employment in less time but you won’t be spending as much money as you would in a longer program. The work is just as rewarding. In fact, more of the patient care duties fall upon the LPN. You are less likely to spend your days filing paperwork. 

Top 5 LPN Programs in Virgina

Rank School Location
1Virginia Western Community CollegeRoanoke, Virginia
2Mountain Empire Community CollegeBig Stone Gap, Virginia
3Lord Fairfax Community College Middletown, Virginia
4Eastern Virginia Career CollegeSpotsylvania County, Virginia
5 Piedmont Virginia Community CollegeCharlottesville, Virginia

Preparing to become an LPN can take anywhere from 12 to 24 months, depending on where you go to school. Many adult education centers offer courses, as do community colleges. Programs of 12 or 18 months will often see you earning a certificate or diploma, while community colleges often offer an Associate’s degree for their two-year courses. The average salary of an LPN in Virginia is $37,210 per year. This will vary widely, however, depending on the environment you are working in. LPN programs in VA prepare you to work in hospitals, mental health facilities, clinics, and even as a personal aide. Upon completion of any program, graduates need to take and pass the NCLEX-PN test to become licensed.

Best 11 LPN Programs in Virginia


Virginia Western Community College

  • Roanoke, Virginia

This program has demonstrated an excellent passing rate at the completion. In order to be accepted into the program at Virginia Western Community College, prospective students must submit either a high school transcript or GED. Competence in both Algebra I and Biology must be demonstrated. An essay and a personal interview will also be required. Upon completion of the one-year program, students will be qualified to work in a wide variety of areas. Not only are practical skills covered but students also explore how to assess a situation, how to respond with empathy, and how to understand how certain circumstances such as age, environment, and economic status can affect health.

School Overview

Cost: $7,310
Program Length: 12 months
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Mountain Empire Community College

  • Big Stone Gap, Virginia

At Mountain Empire Community College they expect prospective students to pass both drug and criminal record screenings. Any courses receiving less than a “C” during the program must be re-taken, with this being limited to only one retake. A physical exam is required in order to make sure the student is able to perform the taxing physical requirements of nursing, which include bending, squatting, and lifting. Upon completion of the program, successful students will receive a certificate and be prepared to take their licensing exam.

School Overview

Cost: $14,110 (resident), $20,113 (non-resident)
Program Length: 12 months
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Lord Fairfax Community College

  • Middletown, Virginia

At Lord Fairfax Community College you have the opportunity to attend classes at one of four different locations, and take online courses if you wish. The classes are rarely larger than 25 students and there is free tutoring offered to those who are struggling. Should a student wish to continue their education beyond their certificate, the school has a partnership with numerous four-year colleges that guarantee transfer credits. This school encourages students to round out their education by joining clubs and organizations for both networking and relaxation.

School Overview

Cost: $19,009 (resident), $25,012 (non-resident)
Program Length: 12 months
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Eastern Virginia Career College

  • Spotsylvania County, Virginia

A full 83 percent of graduates passed their nursing exam upon completion of the program at Eastern Virginia Career College. This program is designed to not only prepare you for a nursing career but also to enhance your education with general classes. The school believes this makes students more apt to succeed in the world. They are a school that works well with transfer students and they also have a program that will help graduates pursue an accelerated nursing program should they choose. This allows graduates to continue studying at a place that is comfortable and has already been proven to fit with what they seek.

School Overview

Cost: $21,795
Program Length: 12 months
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Piedmont Virginia Community College

  • Charlottesville, Virginia

Graduates from Piedmont Virginia Community College are prepared to work in a variety of settings. While this school doesn’t specifically focus on a unit in mental health, it does help those seeking a position in a correctional setting better prepare. One thing that truly stands out with this school is its emphasis on engaging the students in civic activities. It has been named one of the top schools for student voting by Washington Monthly. This school has fully embraced the need for social distancing and many of its clubs and activities have been adapted to provide students with the necessary human connection they need even though physical participation may be minimal.

School Overview

Cost: $18,010 (resident), $24,013 (non-resident)
Program Length: 12 months
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New River Community College

  • Dublin, Virginia

Students at New River Community College spend much of their time in a clinical setting. This helps give the student as diverse an experience as possible, making the transition from school to career less stressful. The school partners with nine settings to see that this is possible and students are individually mentored to see that each clinical placement is the correct one for their goals and personality. The objectives of this program are to graduate students who can effectively participate in a healthcare team. This includes understanding physical, mental, and emotional factors as well as environmental factors that impact an individual’s health.

School Overview

Cost: $15,717 (resident), $21,719 (non-resident)
Program Length: 12 months
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Standard Healthcare Services, Inc.

  • Pimmit Hills, Virginia

The LPN program at Standard Healthcare Services is entirely focused on the task of preparing students to go onto a career in nursing or to continue their education in the field. Students aren’t required to take any courses that are not related to their intended outcome. The program is intended to provide a set of skills that will enable graduates to work with any age group and pursue a career either here or on foreign soil. There are 400 clinical hours in the program and then additional training through on-site labs and role-playing, as well as the use of a variety of teaching methods that are designed to help students with different learning styles.

School Overview

Cost: $26,519
Program Length: 13 months
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Wytheville Community College

  • Wytheville, Virginia

The LPN program at Wytheville Community College is one of the most extensive available. It consists of five semesters, which includes one summer semester. Of these, only the first two are completely focused on classroom learning. The last three all include clinical experience and cover subjects such as psychiatric, maternity, and infant care. Admission to the program is fierce, with prospective students needing to show competency in Biology, Algebra, and English. A physical exam is required, as our drug and background checks. The rate of passing the licensing test is 83 percent for those who complete the program.

School Overview

Cost: $14,465 (resident), $20,468 (non-resident)
Program Length: 21 months
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Rappahannock Community College

  • Glenns, Virginia

The nursing program at Rappahannock Community College is more oriented to those students who hope to work more in a position within the health department. There are no clinical hours built into the program but students are welcome to seek out positions for the experience. In addition to Pharmacology classes, students improve their writing skills and focus on basic Sociology in order to understand the human being and how health affects that person. While only 57 percent of students complete this program, the NCLEX-PN Pass Rates is a full 93 percent.

School Overview

Cost: $18,320 (resident), $24,323 (non-resident)
Program Length: 18 months
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Reynold’s Community College

  • Richmond, Virginia

Prospective LPN students at Reynold’s Community College are required to undergo some pre-requisites in addition to the usual drug and background checks. Students must show a nurse’s aide certificate, complete five classes and maintain an 80 percent average in all nursing-related classes. There is also a need to exhibit physical ability, including eyesight sufficient for reading patient charts. While the admission requirements are high, this diligence has students achieving a nearly 100 percent passing rate on the licensing exam. Classes are small and taught by local specialists in the field.

School Overview

Cost: $17,338 (resident), $23,341 (non-resident)
Program Length: 24 months
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Danville Community College

  • Danville, Virginia

Danville Community College is another program that has a strict entrance policy. They often do not have the number of spaces available that they have applicants. Acceptance is based on past educational experience and grades on the nursing entrance exam. All students must complete four courses — English, Intro to Nursing, and two Biology classes. The grades in these classes must be at least a “C”. Attendance is a requirement for students and even with decent grades, a student may fail if attendance is not kept up. This is to ensure students exhibit professional work behavior. The outcomes achieved, however, are well worth the strict rules.

School Overview

Cost: $19,721 (resident), $25,724 (non-resident)
Program Length: 24 months
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How We Chose

These programs made it to our list of top LPN programs in VA based on a scoring system that included length of the program, percentage of those able to pass the licensing test upon completion, the opportunity for clinical experience, and more. If your Virginia school offers a program you believe should be placed on this list, reach out to us and provide the information on your school. We are always pleased to consider schools as our lists are regularly updated.

A Note to Students

Whether you are just starting out or have come to a place in life where you seek a change of career, we can help you find the school or program that best fits what you are seeking. Reach out and contact one of our knowledgeable representatives and see how we can help you take the first steps on your new school path.

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