Best 10 LPN Programs in Rhode Island in 2024

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Becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) allows you to enter the nursing industry. Various schools across Rhode Island offer you educational opportunities. Since each school offers a different experience, you’ll want to consider what kind of education you want and how flexible you want the curriculum to be. The top LPN programs in RI have been ranked for you based on the cost of tuition and the overall enrollment at the school. Additionally, a few online schools and schools in the surrounding area have been included to provide you with the best overview of options possible.

What is an LPN Program?

While LPN programs can vary from school to school, most require approximately one year of nursing education. Certificate programs can be offered on a local campus or online. In some instances, students may also pursue a slightly higher level of education and obtain an Associate of Applied Science in AAS.

Top 5 LPN Programs in Rhode Island

Rank School Location
1Community College of Rhode IslandWarwick, Rhode Island
2Brunswick Community CollegeBrunswick County, North Carolina
3Sacred Heart UniversityFairfield, Connecticut
4Utica CollegeUtica, New York
5Brown UniversityProvidence, Rhode Island

Much of an LPN program focuses strictly on nursing education. This means that prerequisite courses that are often used to obtain an associate or bachelor’s degree are not included. Essentially, courses like English Composition, Math, and History would not be requisites to the program. The benefit, however, of taking such requisites is that it would make it easier to enroll in a BSN or MSN program later on.

Career Expectations as an LPN

Once you obtain a certificate to become an LPN, you can choose a variety of work environments. You may choose to work in surgical or psychiatric facilities, maternity wards, emergency wards, and more. Often, you’ll work under the supervision of a Registered Nurse (RN).

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, an LPN earns a median salary of $47,480. The job outlook is also growing, providing more jobs 10 years from now than many other industries.

After becoming an LPN, you can also explore educational opportunities to become an RN. “Bridge” programs allow you to take the necessary courses to go from LPN to RN and RN to BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing). As you obtain more education, you can seek out higher nursing positions and increase your salary exponentially.

There are some incredible LPN programs in Rhode Island and the surrounding areas. Once you decide you want to become a licensed practical nurse, it’s all about choosing the right school. We’ve listed the top 10 schools that offer LPN and similar programs to help you jumpstart your nursing career.

Best 10 LPN Programs in Rhode Island


Community College of Rhode Island

  • Warwick, Rhode Island

There are quite a few opportunities for nursing at Community College of Rhode Island. Students can attend the Practical Nursing Diploma program, which is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing. Once the program has been completed, students will be eligible to take the Practical Nurse exam. The program is offered at the Knight campus, though some courses can be taken online. It’s also possible to transfer some credits into the community college. Students can also choose to earn an Associate of Science Degree in Nursing.

School Overview

Tuition per Year : $4700
Total Enrollment: 17,893
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Brunswick Community College

  • Brunswick County, North Carolina

At Brunswick Community College, students can earn a Practical Nursing (PN) Diploma. This provides students with an introduction to nursing care with a holistic approach. Students will also be eligible to take the national licensure exam upon completing the program in order to become an LPB. A total of 43 credit hours are included in the program. Students will generally take the program in two years, though some students choose to do it in one by going to school full-time.

School Overview

Tuition per Year: $2532
Total Enrollment: 1814
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Sacred Heart University

  • Fairfield, Connecticut

At Sacred Heart University, located across the border in Connecticut, students can choose to enter the LPN program. The courses are part of St. Vincent’s College. Students can participate in full-time or part-time study. The program will involve a transition course and an online bridge course. Upon completing the program, students can also transfer credits toward an associate or bachelor’s degree. Various prerequisites also have to be taken, including Intro to Psychology, English Composition, and Math for Health Sciences.

School Overview

Tuition per Year: $43,070
Total Enrollment: 8532
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Utica College

  • Utica, New York

A major in Nursing is available at Utica College. The campus is located in nearby Syracuse. The majority of the courses are offered online. Then, there are clinical rotations and hands-on lab simulations. The program offered at the college is for a BS, though students can take specific courses in order to reach the necessary qualifications to sit for the LPN exam. Students will get the education needed to work in geriatrics, community health, critical care, and much more.

School Overview

Tuition per Year: $22,110
Total Enrollment: 3488
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Brown University

  • Providence, Rhode Island

Students at Brown University can explore a number of programs. While there is no LPN program, there is a Division of Biology and Medicine. This can make it easy to obtain all of the prerequisites necessary to transfer to a school of nursing in Rhode Island or elsewhere. Students can also take courses in neuroscience, health administration, and more. It will allow LPN students to get a taste for some of the various specialties in nursing to help with career selection later on.

School Overview

Tuition per Year: $58,404
Total Enrollment: 8848
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Agape University

  • Pompano Beach, Florida

Agape University offers an array of programs in nursing. While the school is based in Florida, various online programs are offered to students in Rhode Island. It’s possible to sit for a BS in Nursing program or an AS in Nursing. Either way, students can decide how long they want to spend. One year in a program will result in qualifying to test for an LPN while two years will result in qualifying for the RN licensure exam. Many of the courses can also be transferred to other universities for students who want to seek higher degrees later on.

School Overview

Tuition per Year: $5800
Total Enrollment: Unavailable
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St. Joseph School of Nursing

  • Nashua, New Hampshire

The St. Joseph School of Nursing is located in North Providence. Students can explore the LPN program or seek out a two-year AS in Medical Assisting. Students will take a wide array of core classes in addition to nursing courses, such as Anatomy & Physiology, Nutrition, and Psychology. Students will also partake in various clinical procedures, making it easy to get the hands-on lessons needed to apply to real-world nursing jobs. While most courses are taken on campus, some online courses can be taken, too, offering a hybrid curriculum.

School Overview

Tuition per Year: $22,735
Total Enrollment: 2405
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Roger Williams University

  • Bristol, Rhode Island

Various programs are offered at Roger Williams University to help students work as an LPN. There are undergraduate certificates and degree programs available.  Students can study Gerontology, Nursing Home Administration, Infant & Toddler, Healthy Communities, and more. Students may wish to get an undergraduate certificate in various aspects of health along with their LPN so that they can explore new and exciting career opportunities. The delivery of the programs in online, on-campus, and hybrid. The student experience focuses on flexible learning with a wide array of services ranging from advisement to career and professional development.

School Overview

Tuition per Year: $36,978
Total Enrollment: 4844
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Bryant University

  • Smithfield, Rhode Island

The School of Health Sciences at Bryant University provides plenty of opportunities for students. Students will have access to high-tech classrooms and laboratories. Students will also be able to study gross human anatomy at neighboring Brown University. While students can’t attend an LPN program, they can get plenty of hands-on experience in the Physician Assistant Studies program. Students can also take the credits that they earn at Bryant and transfer them into any LPN program around the country.

School Overview

Tuition per Year: $45,395
Total Enrollment: 3287
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Lincoln Technical Institute

  • West Orange, New Jersey

Students at Lincoln Technical Institute can attend the Practical Nursing program. In one year, students will earn the necessary education to sit for the PN licensing exam to become an LPN. Students will get hands-on experience in simulated nursing and medical labs. There will be opportunities to partake in blood drives, community health events, and health fairs. Students will also develop skills that will be used in daily nursing jobs, such as dressing wounds, reading vital signs, and immobilizing limbs.

School Overview

Tuition per Year: $27,401
Total Enrollment: 607
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Our Ranking Methodology

We rank the schools by establishing a score for each of them. Two scores are created: one for tuition and one for total enrollment. Each is critical in determining how they can impact the overall educational experience, particularly for nursing students.

The score for tuition is based on in-state tuition rates, without including room & board or books. The tuition listed is for a full academic year or two semesters. The schools with lower tuition rates receive higher scores.

The score for total enrollment is based on the number of students enrolled at the school. Higher scores are given to schools with higher enrollment numbers because they generally have more programs and benefits for students.

Notice an Error?

We work hard to provide the most accurate information about the schools we list. If you work for a school and notice an error, please contact us. We’ll make the adjustments and re-rank the schools, if necessary.

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