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Top 5 Law Schools In Georgia in 2021

February 16, 2021 | Staff Writers

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If you are to the point in your education of choosing a Law School, Georgia has several quality options for potential students who want to attend school in the south. Here is a list of the Law Schools in Georgia in order from best to still good to help you narrow down your options. 

Is Law School Worth The Effort and Resources? 

If your end goal is to practice law, then certainly. Lawyers’ fees can vary greatly depending on the type of law practiced and the area however even the low end of the scale is considered livable and even wealthy in most regions of the nation. Some rightfully argue that a law education is not wholly for practicing law, many go on to change the world in politics with the knowledge and way of thinking they gain at a quality law program. 

How Long Does Law School Take? 

After earning a bachelor’s degree in law, or in a related field, students will apply to law school. Law school is typically three years long and helps the brightest in our nation learn all the basics of Law and then begin to focus on a specialty. In total to become a Lawyer in the United States a person can expect to invest a minimum of 7 years of education. 

Top 5 Law Schools In Georgia

1. University of Georgia

The University of Georgia and Georgia State are highly competitive when it comes to tuition, scholarships, and quality. However, in the past several years UGA has had more graduates hired into “Big Law” and coveted Government Law positions. The experience you will have at the campus is rated as positive with a close yet competitive environment for students who live on and off-campus alike. The campus is located in Athens with a comfortable hour and a half commute to Atlanta. It is also said that there is a lot of community pride for UGA graduates who live and work in Law in Atlanta. If you want those Atlanta connections, despite the fact that there are three other firms in the city, yet enjoy a smaller town slower-paced life while attending the University of Georgia’s Athens law program is ideal. 

  • Tuition: $12,080 In-State, $31,120 Non-Resident
  • Graduate Enrollment: 9,072

2. Georgia State University

Georgia State is located in Atlanta in the hub of the goings-on in the biggest city in the state and region. The competition between Georgia State and the University of Georgia is beneficial to students and firms alike because the tuition stays fair while the curriculum is always improving to keep up with times, yet upholds the classical law education foundation that every lawyer needs. The students report the urban setting in the midst of so many businesses and restaurants is one of the perks of the school. The campus is beautiful and graduates are recruited in the city and across the nation alike. This school has all the perks of a state school, while sitting in the midst of private law schools in Atlanta. 

  • Tuition: $9,286 In-State, $24,517 Non-Resident
  • Graduate Enrollment: 7,080

3. Atlanta’s John Marshal Law School

John Marshal Law School is where to attend if you want an institution that focuses wholly on law studies. They also have a branch in the lovely town of Savannah with the same quality program so you can choose from the fast-paced hub of Atlanta or the southern charm of a mid-sized town. The price point is going to be higher at John Marshal than the state law program in the same city, but many students report that they enjoy the quality of education, the direct focus on the law without the distraction of student’s with other majors, and the connections made at this prestigious institution. This small school is a step outside the big city, even with the proximity to the buzz of Atlanta’s hottest law firms and night light. 

  • Tuition: $22,065 per semester
  • Enrollment: 379

4. Emory Law

Emory Law states that they are a community of scholars. If you want a law school experience that takes your mind to places you never imagined with round table discussions and applied use in practice daily with like-minded peers, then Emory Law may be right for you. The people there are described as friendly and in a student review, the graduate claims to still call her advisor for career advice long after graduation. If you want to attend school on a lovely campus in a big city, consider Emory. Like the other Law Schools located in and around Atlanta graduates in the area have great pride in their choice and the many law firms in the big city choose from the best graduates in this condensed area. Emory stands out from the state schools for some firms, while others prefer state graduates. It often depends on the affiliation with firm as much as anything else in the region. 

  • Tuition: $53,804
  • Graduate Enrollment: 7,297

5. Mercer University

Mercer University is one of the colleges located in a smaller city compared to the others, with a more community feel for the campus experience. There site states that they produce “practice-ready lawyers” and student reviews report a demanding curriculum, hands-on experience, plenty of debates, applied theories, and late-night studying. Living in Macon to attend law school is reported to be a great experience with a wide variety of restaurants and an impressive music scene at night. If you are ready to dedicate your education to studying and debating law while enjoying the culture of the south, then Mercer may be the best choice for you.

  • Tuition: $37,808
  • Graduate Enrollment: 3,375 

How This List of Law Schools Was Ranked:

This list was ranked using the websites of the specific law schools for statistical and degree information, real student reviews, and other credible sources. If you feel that your school was not accurately portrayed please contact us so we can correct any errors and continue to provide true information for your potential applicants. 

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