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Best 15 Interdisciplinary Studies Degree Programs in 2021

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Why Choose Interdisciplinary Studies Degrees?

Interdisciplinary studies are perfect for students with interests that might not be fulfilled through a traditional degree path. For example, if you like art and music, there might be an interdisciplinary program that would combine those interests. Best of all, with this kind of program, students are choosing a degree that is customized to their interests.

Students who choose interdisciplinary studies degrees tend to be motivated critical thinkers who like to work collaboratively and creatively. There are many careers available, such as becoming an entrepreneur or journalist, financial advisor or project manager.

Choosing Interdisciplinary Studies Degrees

Many of these programs are liberal arts degrees. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the median wage for people working in commercial art and design, one possible ISD option, is around $40,940. Working in economics, students may earn a median amount of $52,450.

Below are the top 15 schools for interdisciplinary studies degrees. If you’d like more information, click on the school’s link or reach out. We can help you find the right program for your studies.

Best 15 Interdisciplinary Studies Degrees

1. New College of Florida

At the New College of Florida, students can study a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies. Students can concentrate their studies in International and Area Studies, Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Theater or one of many other disciplines. The program is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission on Colleges.

•             Tuition (in-state): $9,555

•             Enrollment: 726

2. University of Scranton

In Scranton, Pennsylvania, the University of Scranton offers an Individualized Major, which is made for students who are motivated to complete a unique program. Students need to make a proposal to the College of Arts and Science Dean before starting the program. A liberal arts core is required before an additional 36 credits in the curriculum the student-designed.

•             Tuition (in-state): $11,580

•             Enrollment: 5,253

3. The University of Tennessee at Martin

At the University of Tennessee at Martin, students can take a Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies. This is available on-campus or online and consists of a general core group of courses as well as a student’s own suggested area of focus.

•             Tuition (in-state): $9,096

•             Enrollment: 7,280

4. Radford University

Located in Radford, Virginia, Radford University offers an Interdisciplinary Studies Degree through its College of Humanities and Behavioral Sciences. The programs differ as the BA requires more language courses and the BS requires more credit hours in research. The program allows students to construct the ideal program with the help of an advisor.

•             Tuition (in-state): $8,915

•             Enrollment: 11,870

5. University of Oklahoma

The University of Oklahoma offers a Bachelor of Arts Liberal Studies program that focuses on training students’ critical thinking skills. The program is accelerated and designed for adults. In fact, it can be completed in as few as 18 months.

•             Tuition (in-state): $6,583

•             Enrollment: 28,079

6. Winthrop University

Winthrop University allows students to get a Bachelor of the Arts in Individualized Studies that might involve curriculum across areas such as Script and Design, International Community and Development or Forensic Anthropology. The plan of study has to be approved by a Faculty Committee with at least three advisors.

•             Tuition (in-state): $15,318

•             Enrollment: 5,865

7. Daemen College

In Amherst, New York, Daemen College offers an Interdisciplinary Program that may involve areas like working in the ROTC or with cooperative education. Students can take a major, but they are also encouraged to minor and to participate in internships throughout college.

•             Tuition (in-state): $23,928

•             Enrollment: 2,603

8. Molloy College

Molloy College has a small student-to-faculty ratio of 10 to 1 and offers three options of an interdisciplinary degree. Either a BS or BA is available in Interdisciplinary Studies, which can go on to be added to the Interdisciplinary with Childhood Education program.

•             Tuition (in-state): $21,510

•             Enrollment: 5,113

9. University of South Florida

The University of South Florida offers a Bachelor’s in Interdisciplinary Social Science program. This program hits a range of fields, but some concentrations may be in Government and Global Affairs, Law and Justice or Social Relations and Policy.

•             Tuition (in-state): $8,350

•             Enrollment: 44,246

10. Western Kentucky University

Western Kentucky University offers a Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies with 12 areas in which students can vary the program based on preferred interests. Students select 36 hours of courses in an area of interest, and then they must complete another 39 in general education. A quarter of the degree does have to be earned in residence.

•             Tuition (in-state): $12,140

•             Enrollment: 18,171

11. Seattle University

At Seattle University, students can work on a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies or one with an emphasis on Elementary Education K-8. There are four programs of focus, which include Natural Science, Computational Reasoning, Social Science and the Humanities.

•             Tuition (in-state): $19,280

•             Enrollment: 7,199

12. Grand Valley State University

Grand Valley State University has been accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and also offers a BA or BS in Liberal Studies. There is a leadership emphasis option, which has a 19-month cohort option as well. All majors have to participate in either a senior seminar with practicum or an internship.

•             Tuition (in-state): $17,208

•             Enrollment: 24,033

13. George Mason University

George Mason University offers a BS or BS in Integrative Studies. There are 10 concentration options. Study abroad options are available as well as internships.

•             Tuition (in-state): $12,144

•             Enrollment: 37,863

14. Arizona State University

Arizona State University offers an interdisciplinary option that has a fast-track option. The program has a total of 40 classes that start every 7.5 weeks, making it easy to start at almost any time of year.

•             Tuition (in-state): $11,720

•             Enrollment: 53,286

15. Wheaton College

Wheaton College offers an interdisciplinary degree that is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. With a small 10-to-1 student-to-faculty ratio, it’s easy to get personalized attention in this program.

•             Tuition (in-state): $37,700

•             Enrollment: 24,223

Ranking Specifications

The schools in this article were ranked by scoring them from 1 to 15 based on tuition and enrollment. Then, the two scores were combined to give a score between 1 and 30.  Schools with the highest points are at the top of this list.

Every effort has been made to create a list of accurate information. However, this list is subject to change and cannot be guaranteed.

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