Best 3 Free Online Nursing Classes in 2024

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You can find just about anything on the Internet. With more and more education becoming available online, it is one of the best places to seek out free online nursing classes and courses. Many schools offer free online nursing classes to give prospective students a taste of what the school has to offer. While there are entire online nursing schools, there are yet none that will enable a student to earn their degree free. Hopefully, the future will see a free nursing school or two. This shouldn’t deter you from looking, however, because there are many free classes that can help reduce the cost of a full degree. 

Who Benefits From Free Online Nursing Classes?

Students who aren’t yet sure that nursing is the career they want to follow can benefit from these classes by getting a glimpse into what is available. Nursing covers so many areas that knowing exactly where you want to concentrate your efforts can help immensely. If you are on the fence about a certain school, taking a free class can give you an idea of how the school operates and if you and the school are a good fit. Another group of people who can benefit greatly from free online nursing classes and courses is those who are already in the nursing field. 

Top 3 Free Online Nursing Classes

Rank School Location
1Incredible HealthLindon, Utah
2AlisonGalway, Ireland

Most states require those in any area of nursing to get so many hours of education every year or every two years in order to keep their license active. Free online nursing classes can help you fulfill those continuing education requirements. These types of classes can also help those who are seeking to improve their position at their current place of employment or prepare to seek out a better position elsewhere. Finally, students who are simply interested in various nursing subjects can learn from the comfort of their own home and not feel they are spending money on something they will never use.

What To Look For

Many of the free online nursing classes are offered at sites that are designed to offer many types of classes. These platforms are often not connected with a particular school but many of their classes are led by school employees. Check for the source of any course you are looking into. Also, check to see if the course is accredited. This may not matter if you are seeking information only but is normally required for continuing education (CE) classes.  Lastly, check into whether the class offers a chance to apply for testing or offers a certificate or diploma. The answers to these questions will help determine if the class is a good fit for you.

In addition to the places listed here, reach out to your local adult education schools or local colleges and they may offer you free classes. Many hospitals also offer occasional classes, but they may not be online. 

Best 3 Free Online Nursing Classes and Courses


Incredible Health

  • Lindon, Utah

Incredible Health offers a wide variety of courses that are approved for continuing education credit. These are available free of charge to anyone who is already a practicing RN or LPN. These classes are accredited and are able to be used toward your Continuing Education requirements. They offer over 20 courses, including a Comprehensive Nursing Update course of 30 hours. At this site, you can venture beyond nursing and take classes designed for pharmacy workers. You can also find classes designed for specialized populations such as the elderly, special needs children, or members of the LGBTQ+ community.

School Overview

Accredited: American Nurses Credentialing Center
Outcome: Certificate of Completion
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  • Galway, Ireland

At Alison, you can choose from 15 different courses specifically for nurses, or venture into other health-related fields to help enhance your knowledge. The classes vary from specific disorders to generalized procedural classes and the length of time varies. Students are able to complete courses in their own time frame, allowing for a chance to thoroughly comprehending the material before moving forward. The variety of classes include both technical and mental health-related classes to help manage the stress that comes with working in the healthcare field.

School Overview

Accredited: Not Stated
Outcome: Certificate or Diploma, depending on course
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  • Florida

At Nurse.com you have the option of taking a few select free continuing education classes just by registering at the site. If you choose to opt-in for a low yearly CME membership, you have access to a multitude of free classes that will keep you busy for months, if not years. You do not have to be working in the medical field in order to take these classes. Testing is given to ensure you thoroughly understand the subject matter and all of the classes have been approved for continuing education credit. There are also courses at this site that help you make decisions about furthering your nursing career and making your current position healthier in regards to mental health.

School Overview

Accredited: American Nurses Credentialing Center
Outcome: Certificate
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Our Choices

Finding free courses is not easy but these three places were chosen because they offer a variety of classes, offer certificates, and are accredited. If you are an organization that believes you can fit into our free online nursing classes category, we would be thrilled to have you provide us with your information, including what classes you offer and how students can find you. We will review your information and consider you for inclusion in an updated list. We are always on the lookout for the best schools and educational opportunities for those who are seeking students who will thrive in their particular environment.


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