Free Academic Journals for College Students in 2024

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    Free Academic Journals College Students

    Pulling all-nighters to write that research paper that you’ve known all semester about is the classic college story. This list of free-access, academic journals makes getting the research done easier and may even save time for a few hours of shuteye before that 8:00 am deadline. Find the category and journal you need below.


    1. Astronomy Education Review: Free online journal for astronomy and space-science education.
    1. DNA Research: Oxford Journals provides a peer-reviewed look at genes and genomes.
    1. McGill Science Undergraduate Research Journal: This peer-reviewed journal provides opportunity for undergraduates to publish their scientific work and research.
    1. The Journal of Nonlinear Science and Applications: An international research journal of nonlinear analysis and its applications.
    1. Pacific Journal of Science and Technology:A peer-reviewed journal of non-commercial scientific research, theories and observations.
    1. Journal of Biological Engineering: A journal dedicated to the emerging technology and discipline of biological engineering.
    1. Mathematical Physics Electronic Journal: A platform for mathematicians and physicists to publish work and theories.
    1. Maejo International Journal of Science and Technology: Peer-reviewed research centered around communications in science and technology.
    1. Silpakorn University Science and Technology Journal: A tri-annual, peer-reviewed journal producing articles about science, health, animals, agriculture, engineering, and technology.


    1. AJP Reports: A journal serving as a companion to the American Journal of Perinatology.
    1. Baylor University Medical Center Proceedings:This peer-reviewed journal contains the research and clinicals activities in the Baylor Health Care System.
    1. Medical Education Online: A peer-reviewed, international journal for the training of physicians and healthcare professionals.
    1. Mayo Clinic Proceedings: A peer-reviewed, medical journal sponsored by the Mayo Clinic.
    1. North Carolina Medical Journal: A peer-reviewed journal with a new policy forum, and each issue focuses on various health topics.
    1. The New England Journal of Medicine: This is a compilation of research for physicians in biomedical science and clinical practice.
    1. The Journal of Neuroscience: Papers addressing topics of interest in neuroscience and the nervous system for physicians and researchers.

    Economics & Business

    1. Journal of Business Venturing: Exploring the impact of cross-cultural experience on an individual’s ability to engage in profitable, entrepreneurial opportunities.
    1. The Mechanisms of the Business Cycle in the Postwar Era: The systematic fluctuations of the business cycle in the postwar period.
    1. What Does Organized Business Want? A Look At India: How business views higher education and what companies expect from universities.
    2. Bifröst Journal of Social Science: Peer-reviewed articles in the fields of business, law, economics, and more.
    3. Journal of Economics and Business: Articles in the field of finance and economics through applied and theoretical research.
    4. International Journal of Economics and Business Research: Economic and business issues as applied to the private profit sector.
    5. Journal of Global Economics, Management and Business Research: Strategies and policies of economics at the micro and macro level.

    Social Science

    1. African Studies Quarterly: A journal providing research about topics on the African continent.
    1. History of Intellectual Culture: A peer-reviewed journal serving as a forum for discussions about ideologies as well as state and community formation.
    1. eSharp: An international journal for postgraduate level work in arts, humanities, and social sciences.
    1. The 49th Parallel: A peer-reviewed journal about American and Canadian studies.
    1. Nordic Journal of African Studies: An interdisciplinary journal focused on Africa, primarily the topics of language studies, literatures, and cultural studies.
    1. Delaware Review of Latin American Studies: A journal addressing all aspects of Latin American society, culture, and history.
    1. Social Sciences: Anthropology, economics, law, linguistics, geography, and education covered in an international open-access journal.
    1. International Journal of Humanities and Social Science: An intellectual platform for interdisciplinary studies in humanities and social science through peer-reviewed articles.

    Law & Politics

    1. Journal of Gender, Social Policy and the Law: A journal addressing gender issues and feminist legal studies.
    1. Administrative Law Review: Published by the Washington College of Law, this journal comments on administrative law issues.
    1. Duke Law Journal: Student-written and edited legal writing articles.
    1. International Socialism: A quarterly published review of socialist theory.
    1. Columbia Law Review: A student-edited and published law journal released eight times annually.
    1. International Journal of Not-For-Profit Law: An analysis of global civil society affecting the legal environment.
    1. Law, Social Justice and Global Development Journal: A journal commenting on the legal issues concerning globalization and its impact on social development.
    1. European Journal of Law and Technology: Articles focused on issues in law and technology in Europe.
    2. Entertainment and Sports Law: A journal focused on the legal theories and practices in the growing and changing realm of entertainment and sports law.
    1. Harvard Human Rights Journal: Domestic and human rights issues addressed on an international scale.


    1. Administrative Issues Journal: Education, Practice and Research: A university-based journal focused on expanding the discussion surrounding administration theory and practice.
    1. AILACTE Journal: A journal for independent liberal arts colleges for teacher education.
    1. Australasian Journal of Educational Technology: Research examining the integration of technology in education and effective practices.
    1. Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood: An international research journal with peer-reviewed articles about early childhood issues.
    1. Current Issues in Education: An academic, education peer-reviewed journal covering both national and international educational issues.
    1. The Journal of Cases in Educational Leadership: A journal dedicated to cases demonstrating educational leadership qualities.
    1. International Journal of Multicultural Education: Promoting understanding of multicultural issues in education through a peer-reviewed journal.
    1. Education Next: Research, ideas, and arguments about necessary change to the American K-12 education system with a focus on evidence rather than plans and ideologies.
    1. Education Theory: Scholarship and debate surrounding the foundations of education, its policies, ideas, and values.

    Art & Design

    1. Museum and Society: A journal for academic and museum professionals to comment on museums.
    1. International Journal of Education and Arts: A commentary on the significance of arts in education.
    1. Bryn Mawr Review of Comparative Literature: A review and comparative look at new literature.
    1. Music Theory Online: Criticism, commentary and research about musical theory published four times annually.
    1. Early Modern Literary Studies: A scholarly discussion and literary review of English literature, culture, and language.
    1. International Journal of Art and Design Education: An international forum for art and design research as well as creative education.
    1. National Journal of Design: A peer-reviewed journal publishing design articles covering industrial, visual communication, interface, animation, and game design.
    1. Journal of Design History: Addressing topics from design history development to visual and material culture.
    2. Online Journal of Art and Design: Art and design innovations, ideas, and research discovery recorded in an open access journal.
    1. Art and Design Review: A platform for sharing, promoting, and discussing a peer-reviewed look at developments in art and design.

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