Best 14 Film Schools in Texas in 2024

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Film Schools in Texas

Why Choose Film Schools in Texas?

Texas is a location that is attractive to filmmakers, which is one reason why getting a degree in filmmaking is such a good idea in this state. There are various ways to get your start in this industry, such as by getting a certificate, on-the-job training, and an associate or bachelor’s degree, too.

Top 5 Film Schools in Texas

Rank School Location
1KD Conservatory College of Film and Dramatic ArtsDallas, Texas
2Houston Baptist UniversityHouston, Texas
3The Art Institute of AustinBastrop, Texas
4Our Lady of the Lake UniversitySan Antonio, Texas
5Northwest Vista CollegeSan Antonio, Texas

Choosing Film Schools in Texas

When looking for a film school, try to find one that offers internships and solid networking. Students should seek a program that is well-rounded and that prepares them to work on or off-camera, as filmmaking includes editing, soundboards, and other areas other than working with the camera.

Students who go on to be producers or directors earn a median pay of $74,420, while those who work as editors and camera operators earn around $59,810. The industry is expected to grow by around 18% over the course of 10 years from 2019 to 2029.

Below are the top film schools in Texas. If you’re looking for a school and don’t see one that seems right for you here, we’re here to help you find the right program based on your specific requirements.

Best 14 Film Schools in Texas


KD Conservatory College of Film and Dramatic Arts

  • Dallas, Texas

KD Conservatory College of Film and Dramatic Arts offers an Associate of Applied Arts Degree in Motion Picture Production. This program is 15 months long and trains students to work in the field of filmmaking. The program consists of 72 credit hours.

School Overview

Program Cost: $40,818
Enrollment: 129
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Houston Baptist University

  • Houston, Texas

Houston Baptist University offers education in filmmaking through its film school and the Cinema and New Media Arts Program. The students learn with hands-on experiences and will learn about screenwriting, lighting, directing, cinematography, and editing.

School Overview

Program Cost: ~$80,875 ($16,175 per semester)
Enrollment: 4,000
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The Art Institute of Austin

  • Bastrop, Texas

The Art Institute of Austin offers a degree in filmmaking and video production. The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Filmmaking and Video Production consists of 12 quarts of classes making up 180 credit hours.

School Overview

Program Cost: ~$96,300
Enrollment: 385
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Our Lady of the Lake University

  • San Antonio, Texas

At Our Lady of the Lake University, students may move on from an associate’s degree to take the BA in Mass Communication: Digital Film and Multimedia Production Concentration. The program consists of 120 credit hours and requires four years of time for completion.

School Overview

Tuition (in-state): $16,326
Enrollment: 2,974
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Northwest Vista College

  • San Antonio, Texas

Northwest Vista College offers a digital video and cinema production program. The program prepares students to work in this field while obtaining an associate of applied science. Many students then go on to transfer to a larger university to complete their BA degree.

School Overview

Tuition (in-state): $6,690
Enrollment: 18,010
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South Plains College

  • Levelland, Texas

At South Plains College, students can major in Radio, Television, and Film. The BA program prepares students to work in radio, film, television, and similar industries while receiving hands-on training in the school’s W.D. “Dub” Rogers Television Studio.

School Overview

Tuition (in-state): $13,137
Enrollment: 9,212
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MediaTech Institute-Dallas

  • Dallas, TX

MediaTech Institute in Dallas has many programs in the arts for potential students to choose from. They offer a digital film and video production degree that teaches students to make videos and movies. There are two campuses, one in Houston and one in Dallas, so students can select where they attend courses.

School Overview

Tuition (in-state): $35,200
Enrollment: 223
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The Art Institute of San Antonio

  • San Antonio, Texas

The Art Institute of San Antonio offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Filmmaking and Video Production. It requires four years for completion and a total of 180 credit hours.

School Overview

Tuition (in-state): $19,354
Enrollment: 502
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The Art Institute of Dallas

  • Dallas, Texas

In the same family of schools as the Art Institute of San Antonio, the Art Institute of Dallas offers a film and production degree as well as degrees in visual design, interior design, and animation and effects. Students complete BA programs in four years.

School Overview

Tuition (in-state): $19,354
Enrollment: 850
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University of Mary Hardin-Baylor

  • Belton, Texas

The University of Mary Hardin-Baylor offers a Film Studies B.A. that requires 124 hours of study with 36 upper-level credit hours and 31 credit hours at the school (some may be offered online). Another 63 hours of academic core classes are also required.

School Overview

Tuition (in-state): $16,830
Enrollment: 3,846
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The University of Texas at Austin

  • Austin, Texas

The University of Texas at Austin has been the home of many famous alumni. It was founded in 1883 and has an acceptance rate of 32% (Fall 2020). In addition, 72% of students graduate, making it ideal for people wanting a strong career following their education. The Radio-Television-Film department in the Moody College of Communication offers five degrees: B.S. in Media Studies, M.A. in Media Studies, M.F.A. in Screenwriting, M.F.A. in Production, and a Ph.D. in Media Studies.

School Overview

Tuition (in-state): $10,946 (annual)
Enrollment: 40,048
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Southwestern Assemblies of God University

  • Waxahachie, Texas

The Southwestern Assemblies of God University offers degrees in communication studies, digital media arts, media, and theatre. The programs aim to train individuals for work in film, television, technical writing, and other fields.

School Overview

Tuition (in-state): $19,834
Enrollment: 2,050
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Houston Community College

  • Houston, Texas

Houston Community College offers courses in Filmmaking that focus on film, video production and special effects. Students can select from certificate courses or an AAS.

School Overview

Program Cost: $4,500
Enrollment: 56,151
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Southern Methodist University

  • Dallas, Texas

At Southern Methodist University, students can take a B.A. in Film and Media Arts. The program doesn’t require a portfolio for acceptance, which is beneficial for some students who may not yet have one ready. The program is 122 credit hours in total.

School Overview

Tuition (in-state): $40,896
Enrollment: 11,824
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Ranking Specifications

The schools on this list were ranked on a scale from 2 to 30 based on their tuition rates and enrollment. Higher tuition rates scored lower, while lower enrollment rates scored higher. The two scores were combined and then ordered to come up with this list.

Caution was taken when collecting the data for this list, but be aware that the list is not guaranteed and may change at any time.

Does Your School’s Ranking Check Out?

Do you work at one of these schools and have questions about the ranking you received? Our team can talk to you more about our methodology and make any adjustments that are needed. If your school is not listed here, reach out, so we can discuss adding your institution.

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