11 Fastest Engineering Degree in 2024 [Definitive Guide]

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Fastest Engineering Degree
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Finding the fastest engineering degree that is delivered online may jump-start your career to a job that pays handsomely. With so many colleges offering engineering programs in the U.S, where can you start? You can begin your college hunt right here.

Duration of the Fastest Engineering Degree

We’ve made a well-researched list of colleges that can help you boost your career in no time. Normally, it takes plus 4 years to finish a degree in engineering. But you can be done for less than the standard time. The reason is that the colleges we ranked according to affordability allow you to transfer credits from another college into the school. Here is a list of the colleges that you may be interested in.

Rank School Location
1Tarleton State University (TSU)Stephenville, Texas
2American Public University (APU)Charles Town, West Virginia
3Grantham University (GU)Lenexa, Kansas
4The University of Maine (UMaineOnline)Orono, Maine
5Old Dominion University (ODU)Norfolk, Virginia

11 Fastest Engineering Degree


Tarleton State University (TSU)

  • Stephenville, Texas

As a public university, Tarleton University has a main campus in Stephenville and is the founding member of the A & M University. It had an enrollment of plus 14 000 students in the Fall of 2020. Its Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences in Manufacturing and Industrial Management needs 120 credits to be completed. But the online version can be done in under one year because it’s designed for working professionals.

The advantage of this course is that students can apply 12 to 36 credit hours taken from workforce classes or technical classes from a community or technical college. The transfer credits can also come from training through the military, or verified work-based training toward degree requirements. Students can choose from two specializations, for example, industrial management or safety management.

After completing the degree, students can pursue careers in senior-level positions. They include automated manufacturing, production planning and management, and computer-controlled machinery. Students can also transfer up to 84 credits from other colleges and universities to speed up the course.

Tuition: $100 per credit
Expected Starting Salary: $35,900
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American Public University (APU)

  • Charles Town, West Virginia

American Public University is a private, for-profit online educational institution with an enrollment of 2,324 students. Owned by America Public Education, Inc, it’s made up of the American Military and the American Public University. APU offers a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering that must be completed with 120 credits over an 8-week program format. To finish the program within a short time, students can transfer up to 90 credits from another learning institution.

APU’s degree stands out because students can develop their critical thinking skills and their ability to solve problems. They’re also taught by expert practitioners from the engineering field thus gaining hands-on experience. In this course, students will, among other topics, do computer technology, cybersecurity, and data science.

Tuition: $285 per credit
Expected Starting Salary: $43, 800
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Grantham University (GU)

  • Lenexa, Kansas

Founded as Graham Radio Licensing School in 1951, Grantham University is a profit-based online university located in Lenexa, Kansas. With an enrollment of 3009 undergraduates, it offers a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering, Electronics Engineering Technology, and Engineering Management Technology (EMT). GU’s degrees are meant to prepare students for careers in developing, testing, and putting computing programs into action.

After studying Electronics Engineering Technology, a student can be a dependable and well-regarded technologist in the field of electronics. On the other hand, the EMT course blends management and engineering, equipping students with managerial skills. You can transfer up to 75 credits into the school so that you can finish the program earlier than the standard time of 4 years.

Tuition: $295 per credit
Expected Starting Salary: Unavailable
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The University of Maine (UMaineOnline)

  • Orono, Maine

With an enrollment of 8,158 undergraduates, the University of Maine is an above-average public educational institution located in Orono, Maine. It offers a Bachelor of Science in Surveying Engineering Technology 100 percent online. They require 125 credits for the B.S. in Surveying Engineering Technology; they also offer a 15 credit stackable certificate.

Students are allowed to transfer credits from another college to finish the course in a short time. They can also expect to study courses such as surveying engineering, computer applications, engineering communication, etc. The University of Maine is ABET-accredited.

Tuition: $308 per credit (in-state), $385 per credit (out-of-state)
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Old Dominion University (ODU)

  • Norfolk, Virginia

Old Dominion University is located in Norfolk, Virginia, and has 15,003 students. Its engineering degree programs include Computer Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Electrical Engineering. Students with 60 credits from another college can complete the bachelor’s by taking the upper-division (300 and 400) level courses. Also, they’ll need to earn at least 30 credits.

What’s outstanding about one of the degrees is that students can take the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam. They then become a licensed professional engineer in Virginia. Students can pursue a well-paying career in the construction, consulting engineering, surveying, and development industries as well. In Electrical Engineering, students will learn to design, develop, and support electronics and computer networks.

Tuition: $ 360 per credit, in-state; $ 407, out of state
Expected Starting Salary: $35,500
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Regent University (RU)

  • Virginia Beach, Virginia

Located in Virginia, Regent University is a private Christian university founded by Pat Robertson in 1971. Its Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering is a highly-marketable degree that prepares students to solve complex problems by applying engineering, mathematical and scientific principles. Students can have concentrations such as a B.S in Computer Science, Information Systems Technology, etc., and can do the program over an 8-week format.
To help students complete the program in as little time as possible, they can transfer up to 90 credits. After the completion of the course, students can pursue a career in computer engineering.

Tuition: $395 per credit
Expected Starting Salary: $31, 400
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Eastern Kentucky University (EKU)

  • Richmond, Kentucky

Offering 40 online undergraduate and graduate degrees, Eastern Kentucky University is a public university located in Richmond, Kentucky. It’s accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. EKU’s Bachelor of Science in Fire Protection and Safety Engineering Technology, which is delivered online, aims to enhance your knowledge of fire safety. A student needs 120 credits to complete it and they can transfer up to 90 credits so that they can finish it in a short time.

Students stand to enjoy immense benefits in doing EKU’s engineering because they can attend and take part in national conferences. These include the Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC) and the IAFC- International Association of Fire Chiefs. Having completed the course, they can be Fire Protection and Fire Prevention Systems Engineer, Fire Safety Director, and Building Inspector, etc.

Tuition: $409 per credit
Expected Starting Salary: $29,800
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Lamar University (LU)

  • Beaumont, Texas

Lamar University’s College of Engineering, situated in Beaumont, offers a variety of engineering degrees at the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels. As one of the most innovative engineering colleges in Texas, Lamar also offers a number of baccalaureate and master’s level combo programs that allow students to complete the two degrees in only five years.

Program Options:

  • Baccalaureate degrees covering Chemical, Civil, Construction Management, Electrical, Industrial, and Mechanical Engineering
  • Master’s (ME, MES) degrees covering Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Industrial, and Mechanical Engineering
  • Master’s (MS) Environmental Studies, Environmental Engineering or Port/Terminal Management
  • Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering
  • Doctor of Engineering (DE) degrees covering Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Industrial, and Mechanical Engineering

Student Enrollment –  15,460

Accreditation – ABET & SACSCOC

Undergraduate Tuition (resident): $5,232
Graduate Tuition (resident-6 credits): $2,861
Expected Starting Salary: $32,200
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National University (NU)

  • San Diego, California

Located in San Diego, California, National University is an above-average university with 2884 undergraduates. It offers a Bachelor of Science Electrical and Computer Engineering, which is delivered over 4-week classes. The degree emphasizes theories, principles, and practices of electrical engineering and mathematics. Students will also cover the design and development of both digital hardware systems and the software that enables the hardware.

NU’s engineering is unique because students concentrate on one subject at a time and they’re not required to go to a college campus to work on a part of their engineering classes.

Tuition: $442 per credit
Expected Starting Salary: $48,900
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Thomas Edison State University (TESU)

  • Trenton, New Jersey

Thomas Edison State University is a small, public university in Trenton, New Jersey, which serves the state’s adult population by delivering online lessons. With 71 undergraduates, it offers a Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Engineering Technology. The program is designed for reactor operators and related workers in the nuclear industry. To complete the program, students need 120 credits and they can transfer up to 80 credits from other colleges and universities.

Besides, to accelerate the program, credits may be earned from the Navy Basic Nuclear Power School, Advanced Navy Training, NRRPT Certification, NRC licensure training, Prior Learning Assessment (PLA), or ACE- reviewed company training. Another degree on offer is Electronics Systems Engineering Technology.

Tuition: $544 per credit
Expected Starting Salary: $46, 200
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Arizona State University (ASU)

  • Tempe, Arizona

Arizona State University is a highly rated public research university located in Temple, (AZ). It offers several engineering degrees ranging from B.S in Software Engineering, Electrical Engineering to Engineering Management.
Requiring 120 credits, a student can choose a specialization in Electric Power and Energy Systems. What’s outstanding about ASU’s degrees is that they’re delivered through the canvas management system. Students can take part in interactive hands-on learning on their own or in a group.

Tuition: $561-661 credit hour
Expected Starting Salary: $38, 300
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We compiled our list of online schools offering the fastest engineering degree based on authoritative sources. Additionally, we took into account the cost of each school and the expected starting salary for the alumni. We then ranked the schools according to affordability and earnings. The school with the lowest tuition per credit hour was Tarleton State University and Arizona State University is at the bottom of the list because of the highest tuition per credit.

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