11 Fastest Accounting Degrees in 2024

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Fastest Accounting Degrees
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There is no sense spending any longer than absolutely necessary pursuing your college degree.  If you can accelerate your completion of an accounting degree, you will enter the workforce that much sooner and maximize your lifetime earnings.  Furthermore, spending less years in school also has the potential to decrease your debt load.  The question is which colleges and universities provide the best accelerated accounting degree programs.  Do not invest your limited time searching through the entirety of the accounting degree programs.  Instead, let us do the work for you.

Top 5 Fastest Accounting Degrees

Rank School Location
1Old Dominion UniversityNorfolk, Virginia
2UMass DartmouthDartmouth, Massachusetts
3The University of New HavenWest Haven, Connecticut
4Indiana TechFort Wayne, Indiana
5Thomas Jefferson UniversityPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania

Below, our team identifies the top fastest accounting degree programs.  These programs are completed quickly, respected by employers and worth every penny.  Hasten the completion of your college education with the fastest accounting degree program and you will make a quick and easy transition into the workforce without any unnecessary delay.  Without further ado, let’s take a look at the best and fastest accounting degree programs.

11 Fastest Accounting Degrees


Old Dominion University

  • Norfolk, Virginia

When it comes to accelerated accounting degrees, few compared to that provided by Old Dominion University. This school’s BSBA in accounting allows students to transfer upwards of 90 credits to hasten completion of the program. In fact, it is possible to take as few as 30 credits through Old Dominion University’s accounting program to earn your BSBA accounting degree. Old Dominion University accounting graduates are in demand as the school’s accelerated accounting degree zeroes in on the specific skills students need to lead others at accounting firms, businesses and other jobs related to accounting. Old Dominion University gives students the opportunity to earn an accounting degree both online from the comfort of home and offline at the school’s campus. In fact, the school’s online accounting program is regularly ranked in the top 10-15. Earn your accounting degree through Old Dominion University and you will find it arms you with the communication skills, accounting knowledge and business acumen necessary to succeed as an accounting professional.

Tuition: In-state $11,520 Out-of-state $31,680
Total Enrollment: 23,675
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UMass Dartmouth

  • Dartmouth, Massachusetts

The UMass Dartmouth accelerated accounting degree makes it quite easy to complete an accounting degree is as little time as possible. UMass Dartmouth students can transfer upwards of 75 credits to the school’s accelerated accounting degree program to enter the workforce without delay. Furthermore, the school’s online program empowers students to work at their preferred pace, setting the stage to complete a degree in accordance with their own unique schedule. The school’s flexible transfer process permits students to transfer upwards of 75 credits, allowing for the completion of an accounting degree in remarkably little time. However, the quality of education is not sacrificed in an attempt to expedite the earning of the degree. UMass Dartmouth’s accelerated accounting program is centered on empowering students to apply their accounting skills to real world problems in a truly practical manner. Furthermore, the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business has accredited UMass Dartmouth.

Tuition: In-state $14,408 Out-of-state $30,153
Total Enrollment: 8,154
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The University of New Haven

  • West Haven, Connecticut

Take advantage of the University of New Haven’s fast track option to earn your accounting degree and you will expedite your transition into the workforce. If you have earned 12 college credits in the form of Advanced Placement (AP) classes or other college level work, you can transfer them into the University of New Haven’s accounting degree program. However, after transferring these credits, you will be required to embrace the challenge of completing intense academic course loads in the semesters ahead to graduate in a timely manner. Examples of University of New Haven accounting courses include Accounting Information Systems, Forensic and Investigative Accounting, Auditing and Assurance Services and International Accounting and Taxation.

Tuition: $41,654
Total Enrollment: 6,793
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Indiana Tech

  • Fort Wayne, Indiana

Indiana Tech provides a B.S. Accounting degree that can be finished in as few as three years. The academic work necessary to complete the degree includes both online and offline learning at home and on campus. This approach ensures graduates of the program enjoy a truly well-rounded learning experience. Indiana Tech’s instructors are technology aficionados, meaning they have the knowledge and skills necessary to teach students how to make the most of the tech tools that will be at their disposal in the workforce. Furthermore, the program provides industry internships that empower students to develop essential career skills. These internship opportunities also provide students with a chance to network with professionals and establish professional contacts that have the potential to lead to job placement. If you finish the Indiana Tech accelerated degree online, you can transition to completing an accounting MBA in one year’s time. In short, Indiana Tech will prepare you to become a true leader in the accounting industry and enjoy a lucrative career.

Tuition: $28,000
Total Enrollment: 2,136
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Thomas Jefferson University

  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Take advantage of the Thomas Jefferson University B.S. in Accounting and you will be able to graduate in as little as two to three years. In fact, the university even offers the option of completing the entirety of the coursework on the web. The Thomas Jefferson University accounting degree program zeroes in on the fundamentals of accounting, providing students with the opportunity to learn about the industry’s technology, government regulations pertaining to accounting and other essentials. Add in the fact that the school’s accelerated accounting program is designed to prepare students to continue their education at the graduate level and you have all the more reason to enroll.

A large part of the appeal of Thomas Jefferson University is its comparably small size. This Philadelphia-based private university has fewer than 3,000 undergraduate students. However, the standards for admission are fairly high. If you are admitted to the school and earn an accounting degree, you should have no trouble finding employment soon after graduation.

Tuition: $41,715
Total Enrollment: 8,105
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Colorado Christian College

  • Lakewood, Colorado

This college offers a B.S. degree in accounting that can be completed in surprisingly little time. The expedited program is possible thanks to the school’s lenient policy toward transfer credits. You can transfer upward of 90 credits toward your Colorado Christian College Accounting degree. Study accounting here and you will learn about economics, business, tax accounting, corporate accounting and more. Nestled in beautiful Lakewood, Colorado, Colorado Christian College is a private learning institution with slightly more than 1,800 undergraduate students. The school’s comparably low 15:1 ratio of faculty members to students is a large part of its appeal, ensuring each learner is provided with individualized attention.

Tuition: $34,750
Total Enrollment: 7,587
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Sullivan University

  • Louisville, Kentucky

Earn your B.S. in accounting from Sullivan University and you will be on the fast track to entering the workforce. The Sullivan University accounting program is centered on a stairstep style model for progression, providing students with the opportunity to learn at their preferred pace. This means you can complete classes and move forward at the speed you desire rather than waiting until another semester starts to resume learning. A large part of what separates Sullivan University’s accounting program from others is the focus on the application of knowledge and skills in real world settings. This program teaches students the exact methods they will employ when working in corporate settings. You can take your accounting courses either online or in-person on campus. All in all, the Sullivan University accounting bachelor’s degree can be completed in as few as 18 months.

Tuition: $13,500
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Wilmington University

  • New Castle, Delaware

Enroll in Wilmington University’s accelerated accounting degree program and you can learn either on campus or online. The program is flexible enough to permit you to study in accordance with the nuances of your unique schedule and obligations to family, an employer, etc. Part of what separates Wilmington University’s accounting degree program from others is it provides both accounting and finance courses. This integrated learning approach sets the stage for students to transition into the workforce and make a meaningful difference for their employer. Wilmington University accounting degree program participants can transfer upwards of 90 credits, hastening the track to graduation that much more.

Tuition: $11,480
Total Enrollment: 14,573
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West Virginia State University

  • Institute, West Virginia

West Virginia State University’s bachelor of business administration with a specialty in accounting is revered by students and employers alike. This accelerated program can be completed in as few as two years. The specific timeline for your graduation hinges on the number of credits you transfer into the program and the number of classes you take. The school provides students with the opportunity to transfer upwards of 72 credits toward their degree. If you want to graduate as quickly as possible, transfer credits from AP classes or community college and complete your degree online. The school’s online program empowers students to work at their preferred pace, completing classes as quickly as desired. The bottom line is if you are willing to work fast and hard, you can complete this degree in a surprisingly short period of time. Add in the fact that the Higher Learning Commission along with the ACBSP have accredited West Virginia State University for its accounting degree and you have all the more reason to obtain your B.S. in accounting from the school.

Tuition: In-state $8,237 Out-of-state $17,691
Total Enrollment: N/A
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Southern Illinois University in Carbondale

  • Carbondale, Illinois

Are you looking to enter the workforce in as little time as possible? Your path to employment in the accounting industry might be through Southern Illinois University in Carbondale. This school’s bachelor’s degree in accounting makes it easy for students to complete their academic requirements as quickly as possible and immediately transition to the workforce. The Southern Illinois University accounting degree program’s classes are eight weeks in length, empowering students to work toward the completion of their degree in a timely manner. Furthermore, students can transfer upwards of 60 college level credits prior to starting the accounting degree program to minimize the time before graduation. It might take as few as 18 months to complete your accounting bachelor’s degree through the program provided by Southern Illinois University in Carbondale.

Tuition: $14,904
Total Enrollment: 11,695
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ECPI University

  • Virginia Beach, Virginia

Enroll at ECPI University for your accounting degree and you will have the opportunity to graduate in merely two and a half years. This is accomplished through the university’s year-round classes, empowering you to learn throughout each of the four seasons. The best part is ECPI adheres to the same standards as other 4-year universities, meaning employers really do respect the school’s reputation and merit.

Tuition: $17,479
Total Enrollment: 12,466
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