86 Easiest Colleges to Get Into in 2024

    January 26, 2024 | Admin

    Some students desiring higher education might find that their high school GPA or standardized tests might not be where they need to be to gain acceptance to some more competitive institutions.  There are still many colleges that will accept students with less than great grades.  The easiest colleges to get into are the institutions that have very high acceptance rates.  For those with great grades and higher standardized test scores it is still wise to apply to a college with high acceptance rates.

    If a school has a high acceptance rate that does not diminish the quality of education students receive there, it simply means that the institution is set up to provide opportunities for the masses to receive higher education despite what their previous educational experience may have been..  They are still high quality institutions that are accredited and grant in-demand degrees.  

    Another important thing to note, just because an institution has a high acceptance rate does not mean they can accept every applicant. Many institutions have a percentage they can accept for enrollment every year.  Typically those that applied and were accepted on a first come first serve basis will be accepted until the institution reaches its enrollment cap.   

    Even students with good grades and good standardized test scores would find it beneficial to apply to a “safety school,” meaning an institution that knows they will be accepted to due to their high acceptance rate.  It is always good to have a back up plan just in case they do not get accepted to their desired institution.

    We have gathered the top 85 easiest colleges to get into in the United States based on acceptance rates.  They are ranked according to the acceptance rate, the higher the acceptance rate the higher the ranking. 

    1. Academy of Art University

    The Academy of Art University was founded in 1929 and is a privately owned for-profit institution that is a top institute for art in the heart of San Francisco.  Courses are even available online!

    • Location: San Francisco, California 
    • Acceptance Rate: 100%

    2. Bismarck State College

    Bismarck State College is a public accredited institution that offers a wide array of in-demand degree programs.  Established over 80 years ago, Bismarck State College is dedicated to student success.  

    • Location: Bismarck North Dakota
    • Acceptance Rate: 100%

    3. Boston Architectural College

    Boston Architectural College, also known as the BAC, is a private institution for spacial design.  Students can pursue architecture, interior architecture, landscape architecture, and non-professional design.  

    • Location: Boston, Massachusetts
    • Acceptance Rate: 100%

    4. City Universe of Seattle

    City Universe of Seattle is a nonprofit private institution based out of Seattle with students worldwide.  With a robust online program, students will have opportunities for flexible schedules form this accredited institution.  

    • Location: Seattle, Washington
    • Acceptance Rate: 100%

    5. College of Staten Island CUNY

    College of Staten Island is a member of the City University of New York system that offers affordable education in the liberal arts and sciences.  Students can attend in person or online.  

    • Location: Staten Island, New York
    • Acceptance Rate: 100%

    6. Covenant College

    Covenant College is a private liberal arts Christian college that seeks to explore and express the preeminence of Jesus Christ in all things.  With a 13 to 1 faculty to student ratio students receive personal attention in their higher education years.  

    • Location: Lookout Mountain, Georgia
    • Acceptance Rate: 100%

    7. Dixie State University

    A public institution in St. George Utah, Dixie State University provides rigorous coursework and degrees at the associate, bachelor’s and master’s levels as well as certificates and minors.   

    • Location: St. George, Utah
    • Acceptance Rate: 100%

    8. Granite State College

    A public college in Concord, Granite State College is a member of the University system of New Hampshire.  Offering quality degree programs both in person and online, students have access to education for a brighter future.  

    • Location: Concord, New Hampshire
    • Acceptance Rate: 100%

    9. Indian River State College

    A public institution, Indian River State College operates five campuses and is accredited to award associate and bachelor degrees.  Students have access to over 70 clubs and organizations on campus for a rich student experience.  

    • Location: For Pierce, Florida
    • Acceptance Rate: 100%

    10. Metropolitan State University

    A public institution for higher learning, Metropolitan State University operates four campuses to better meet the needs of students across Minnesota. Many programs are affordable and customizable for students.   

    • Location: St. Paul, Minnesota
    • Acceptance Rate: 100%

    11. Montana State University-Northern

    A public institution, Montana State University-Northern, is a member of the Montana University system.  Students can pursue a degree at the associate, bachelor’s, and master’s levels in a ide array of fields. 

    • Location: Havre, Montana
    • Acceptance Rate: 100%

    12. New Mexico Highlands University

    A public university in Las Vegas, New Mexico, New Mexico Highlands University is an accredited institution with a low faculty to student ratio.  With social mobility as a top ranking feature, students are prepared to meet their career goals upon graduation.  

    • Location: Las Vegas, New Mexico
    • Acceptance Rate: 100%

    13. Saint Mary of the Woods College

    A once women’s only college, Saint Mary of the Woods College is now a coeducational institution that is privately owned and affiliated with the Roman Catholic church.  It is a liberal arts college and is the oldest Catholic institution in Indiana.  

    • Location: Saint Mary of the Woods, Indiana
    • Acceptance Rate: 100%

    14. University of Maryland Global Campus

    Formerly known as University of Maryland University College, University of Maryland Global Campus has opened education up to anyone with an internet connection through innovatively designed online degree programs.  Students can earn a degree at every level online through University of Maryland Global Campus.  

    • Location: Adelphi, Maryland
    • Acceptance Rate: 100%

    15. University of Pikeville

    A private, liberal arts institution, The University of Pikeville is affiliated with the Presbyterian Church.  Founded in 1889, UPike remains steadfast in preparing students for higher education and career pursuits.  

    • Location: Pikeville, Kentucky
    • Acceptance Rate: 100%

    16. Wayne State College

    Established in 1910, Wayne State College is a public institution and is a member of the NEbraska State College system.  Nationally ranked for excellence and affordability, students will find quality education and opportunities at Wayne State.  

    • Location: Wayne, Nebraska
    • Acceptance Rate: 100%

    17. Weber State University 

    Weber State University desires to provide access to affordable and accessible education.  Students can earn degrees at every level from a community centered institution.  

    • Location: Ogden, Utah
    • Acceptance Rate: 100%

    18. New England College

    A small college with an expansive influence is what students get at New England College.  A private institution that provides both undergraduate and graduate degrees, students will learn directly form experts in their fields.  

    • Location:Location: Henniker, New Hampshire
    • Acceptance Rate: 100%

    19. Utah Valley University

    A public institution for higher learning, Utah Valley University awards degrees at the associate, bachelor’s, and master’s levels.  With both on campus and online degree program options students will find affordable degree paths for them.  

    • Location: Orem, Utah
    • Acceptance Rate: 99.9%

    20. Wilmington University

    Established in 1968, Wilmington University is an accredited private institution.  To meet the needs of students, there are multiple campuses as well as innovative online degrees.  Programs are career-focuses and award degrees at various levels.  

    • Location: New Castle, Delaware
    • Acceptance Rate: 99.9%

    21. Montana State University-Billings

    A member of the Montana State University system, Montana State University-Billings is a public institution that awards degrees at all levels.  As an integral part of the Billings community, students will learn as they serve and network within the community.  

    • Location: Billing, Montana
    • Acceptance Rate: 99.7%

    22. Brigham Young University-Idaho

    Established in 1888, Brigham Young University-Idaho is a private institution owned and operated by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. As an accredited institution that awards degrees at the associate and bachelor’s level,  students can also attend online.  

    • Location: Rexburg, Idaho
    • Acceptance Rate: 99.6%

    23. Cameron University

    A public institution, Cameron University awards degrees at the associate, bachelor’s, and master’s levels.  With affordable and accessible education, student throughout Ohio attend to pursue higher education.  

    • Location: Lawton, Ohio
    • Acceptance Rate: 99.6%

    24. Nyack College

    Nyack College is a private Christian institution affiliated with the Christian Missionary Alliance.  Nyack College is also recognized as the most diverse Christian institution for higher learning in New York. 

    • Location: Nyack, New York
    • Acceptance Rate: 99.4%

    25. Edinboro University of Pennsylvania

    A public institution for higher learning, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania offers affordable, accredited education for all who desire to learn. It is a member of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education.   

    • Location: Edinboro, Pennsylvania
    • Acceptance Rate: 99.3%

    26. Northern Vermont University-Lyndon

    Formerly known as Lyndon State College, upon merging with Johnson State College Northern Vermont University-Lyndon is now the newest institution in the Vermont University system.  As an accredited institution students can earn degrees in various level and in a wide array of fields.  

    • Location: Lyndon, Vermont
    • Acceptance Rate: 99.3%

    27. Harding University

    Established in 1924, Harding University is a private Christian institution for higher learning and is the largest private institution in Arkansas.  Students can pursue undergraduate, graduate and pre-professional programs.  

    • Location: Searcy, Arkansas
    • Acceptance Rate: 99.1%

    28. Lewis-Clark State College

    Established in 1893, Lewis-Clark State College is a public institution that enrolls 3,600 students each year.  Students can earn undergraduate degrees in various fields.  Some of the most sought after degrees include social work, nursing, criminal justice, and technical degrees.  

    • Location: Lewiston, Idaho
    • Acceptance Rate: 99.1%

    29. La Roche College

    Established in 1963, La Roche College is a private institution affiliated with the Roman Catholic church.  Students receive a career focused education Undergraduate students can choose from 50 majors, while graduate students can as well as a handful of master;s degrees. 

    • Location: Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
    • Acceptance Rate: 99%

    30. Sul Ross State University

    A public institution, Sul Ross University was established in 1920 as a small liberal arts college that educated and prepared teachers.  Sul Ross University has grown to award undergraduate degrees in a number of different fields where students get hands-on training and real life skills for the marketplace.  

    • Location: Alpine, Texas
    • Acceptance Rate: 99%

    31. Evergreen State College

    Established in 1967, Evergreen State College offers undergraduate degrees in liberal arts as well as the sciences.  Students enjoy a non-traditional curriculum of study where students design their own degree path.  

    • Location: Olympia, Washington
    • Acceptance Rate: 98.9%

    32. Grand View University

    Established in 1896, Grand View University is a private liberal arts university that is affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.  Students are empowered with innovative hands-on learning experiences throughout their education.  

    • Location: Des Moines, Iowa
    • Acceptance Rate: 98.7%

    33. Missouri Western State University

    A public institution, Missouri Western State University offers a student centered education.  Accredited by the HIgher LEarning Commission, students can earn degrees at the associate, bachelor’s and master’s degree levels.  

    • Location: St. Joseph, Missouri
    • Acceptance Rate: 98.5%

    34. Shepherd University

    Established in 1871, Shepherd University is a liberal arts institution with a convenient location just an hour from Washington D.C.  With its location comes many internship opportunities and networking opportunities unique to Shepherd University.  

    • Location: Shepherdstown, West Virginia
    • Acceptance Rate: 98.3%

    35. Washburn University

    Established in 1865, Washburn University is a public institution that offers undergraduate, graduate, and professional studies degrees.  Students from Colorado, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Texas will all pay Kansas resident tuition, making it a very affordable institution.  

    • Location: Topeka, Kansas
    • Acceptance Rate: 98.2%

    36. East Central University

    As a member of Oklahoma’s Regional University system, East Central University operates four campuses as well as a robust online program.  As a student-centered institution, students receive personalized education at various degree levels.  

    • Location: Ada, Oklahoma
    • Acceptance Rate: 98.1%

    37. Mississippi University for Women

    Mississippi University for Women is a coeducational institution that offers liberal arts degrees.  MUW welcomes all students who desire to learn and earn a degree from one of their many undergraduate programs.  

    • Location: Columbus, Mississippi
    • Acceptance Rate: 98%

    38. Walden University

    Walden University is a product of the 21st century as a completely online institution for higher learning.  Walden University is accredited and offers quality and innovative programs ranging from associate degrees to graduate degrees to doctoral degrees.  

    • Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
    • Acceptance Rate: 98%

    39. Wayland Baptist University

    Established in 1908 as a private Baptist institution for higher learning, Wayland Baptist University operates multiple campuses while maintaining a low faculty to student ratio.  Students receive a personalized education affiliated with the Baptist church.   

    • Location: Plainview, Texas
    • Acceptance Rate: 98%

    40. Berkeley College

    Berkeley College serves over 4,900 students either online or compass or in a hybrid model.  Berkeley College operates four campuses and offers four specialized schools for students to earn degrees from.  

    • Location: Woodland Park, New Jersey
    • Acceptance Rate: 97.5%

    41. Western State Colorado University

    Established in 1928, Western State Colorado University has grown to offer over 100 areas of study.  Known for the amazing opportunities present for those in the field of biology, WEstern State has also grown to include vibrant cultural activities as well.  

    • Location: Gunnison, Colorado
    • ACceptance Rate: 97.4%

    42. Westminster College

    A private liberal arts college, Westminster College provides personal education and mentoring through small classes in fields of nursing, the arts, economics, and more.  Courses and degree programs are available both in person and online.  

    • Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
    • Acceptance Rate: 97.4%

    43. University of Maine-Augusta

    A public institution in Augusta Maine, the University of Maine awards degrees at the undergraduate and graduate level.  Students can also enroll in courses online or a hybrid delivery method.  

    • Location: Augusta, Maine
    • Acceptance Rate: 97%

    44. Western Kentucky University

    Established in 1906 as an official institution for higher learning, Western Kentucky University has grown to operate three campuses in Kentucky.  Students receive applied learning opportunities as they earn their undergraduate and graduate degrees.  

    • Location: Bowling Green, Kentucky
    • Acceptance Rate: 97%

    45. University of St. Francis

    Established in 1920, the University of St. Francis is a welcoming community of learners both in person and online.  Students can pursue degrees at the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels.  

    • Location: Fort Wayne, Indiana
    • Acceptance Rate: 96.9%

    46. University of Wyoming

    Established in 1886, The University of Wyoming is a public land grant institution that welcomes over 14,000 students each year.  Offering more than 200 areas of study, students will find a field of their interest.   

    • Location: Laramie, Wyoming
    • Acceptance Rate: 96%

    47. Wichita State University

    A public research institution, Wichita State University provides hands-on learning and work experience with every degree program they offer.  Students can pursue degrees in over 60 programs with over 200 courses of study.  

    • Location: Wichita, Kansas
    • Acceptance Rate: 96%

    48. Saint Ambrose University

    A private Roman Catholic institution, Saint Ambrose University offers accredited degree programs in a variety of fields.  Students can pursue one of over 60 undergraduate degree programs, one of the 16 graduate degrees or even a fully online degree.  

    • Location: Davenport, Iowa
    • Acceptance Rate: 96%

    49. Missouri Southern State University

    Established in 1937 as a junior college, Missouri Southern State University has grown to become an accredited university offering degrees at the undergraduate and graduate levels.  

    • Location: Joplin, Missouri
    • Acceptance Rate: 96%

    50. University of Akron

    A public research university that focuses on STEM, the University of Akron offers specialized degree programs in areas of polymers, advanced materials, and engineering.  Students can pursue one of over 200 degree programs.  

    • Location: Akron, Ohio
    • Acceptance Rate: 95.6%

    51. Indiana Wesleyan University

    A private Evangelical Christian institution, Indiana Wesleyan University provides over 120 liberal arts degree programs as well as a robust online program with a wide array of degree options.  Indiana Wesleyan University is a military friendly institution that is regionally accredited.  

    • Location: Marion, Indiana
    • Acceptance Rate: 95.6%

    52. Bethel University

    Established in 1871, Bethel University is a private Evangelical Christian institution that enrolls students in undergraduate, graduate, and seminary programs.  As one of America’s premiere Chirstian universities, students practice what they learn through research, internships and service opportunities.  

    • Location: St. Paul, Minnesota
    • Acceptance Rate: 95.3%

    53. San Francisco Art Institute

    Established in 1871 the San Francisco Art Institute is a college of contemporary art and is the oldest institution west of the Mississippi.  It is the oldest and only institution dedicated solely to contemporary art.  

    • Location: San Francisco, California
    • Acceptance Rate: 95.1%

    54. Wright State University

    Named after the Wright brothers, Wright State University is a public institution that welcomes 12,000 students to its campus each year.  Students can choose from over 270 degree programs. Students also benefit significantly from smaller class sizes.   

    • Location:Dayton, Ohio
    • Acceptance Rate: 95%

    55. Houghton College

     A private Christian College, Houghton College is affiliated with the Wesleyan Church.  As a high ranking Christian college, Houghton College is also among the most affordable in the nation.  Students can pursue undergraduate degrees on campus and graduate degrees online or on campus.  

    • Location: Houghton, New York
    • Acceptance Rate: 95%

    56. Palm Beach Atlantic University

    A private Christian institution, Palm Beach Atlantic University focuses on the liberal arts with nine colleges that students can earn undergraduate and graduate degrees from.  With a faculty to student ratio of 12 to 1, faculty can and does mentor every student.  

    • Location: West Palm Beach, Florida
    • Acceptance Rate: 95%

    57. Bluefield College

    A private liberal arts college, Bluefield College is affiliated with the Baptist church and is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.  Both on campus and online degree programs are available for students seeking higher education.  

    • Location:  Bluefield, Virginia 
    • Acceptance Rate: 95%

    58. Kansas State University

    Established in 1863, Kansas State University is a public research institution that was the first one to be established in Kansas.  K-State has been ranked among the top institutions for improving students’ critical thinking skills, unmanned aerial systems and more.  

    • Location: Manhattan, Kansas
    • Acceptance Rate: 94.9%

    59. Wiley College

    Established in 1873 WIley College was founded by the Methodist Episcopla Church as a historically black liberal arts college.  Students can pursue degrees at the undergraduate and graduate levels.  

    • Location: Marshall, Texas
    • Acceptance Rate: 94.4%

    60. Lubbock Christian University

    Established in 1954 as a junior college, Lubbock Christian University has expanded to become a four year bachelor granting institution.  LCU now ranks among the top colleges in Texas. 

    • Location: Lubbock, Texas
    • Acceptance Rate: 94.3%

    61. University of Toledo

    A public research institution, the University of Toledo has remained student centered despite operating a Health Science Campus and a Medical Center.  Welcoming over 20,000 students each year in the metropolis of Toledo generates a wide array of student organizations and clubs.  

    • Location: Toledo, Ohio
    • Acceptance Rate: 94%

    62. Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania

    A member of the Pennsylvania State System for Higher Education, Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania is a public institution that offers 69 undergraduate programs and a handful of graduate programs.  

    • Location: Lock Haven, Pennsylvania
    • Acceptance Rate: 94%

    63. Southern Wesleyan University

    Established in 1906 by the Wesleyan Church, Southern Wesleyan University provides a Christian education both on campus and online.  Students can pursue undergraduate and graduate degrees in person or online.  

    • Location: Central, South Carolina
    • Acceptance Rate: 93.7%

    64. Benedictine College

    Established in 1971, Benedictine College is a private liberal arts college affiliated with the Catholic BEnedictine church.  Students can pursue degrees in the bachelor’s master’s, and pre professional levels. 

    • Location: Atchison, Kansas
    • Acceptance Rate: 93%

    65. Truett McConnel University

    A private institution for higher learning, Truett McConnell University is affiliated with the Baptist church and is operated under the Georgia Baptist Convention. Truett has ranked among the top in social mobility as well as having some of the most affordable online degree programs in the nation.     

    • Location: Cleveland, Georgia
    • Acceptance Rate: 93%

    66. Indiana University of Pennsylvania

    A public research institution, Indiana University of Pennsylvania welcomes over 10,000 students each year to earn undergraduate and graduate degrees. Growing from when it first opened its doors in 1875, programs have evolved to educate students in the most current subjects and skills to be marketable in todays world.   

    • Location: Indiana, Pennsylvania
    • Acceptance Rate: 93%

    67. Loras College

    A private Catholic institution, Loras College awards both undergraduate and graduate degrees through their numerous programs.  100% of enrolled students receive financial aid when they attend Loras College.  

    • Location: Dubuque, Iowa
    • Acceptance Rate: 93%

    68. University of the District of Columbia

    Established in 1851, the University of the District of Columbia is the only institution for higher learning in D.C.  It is also a member of the Thurgood Marshall College Fund.  Students can pursue degrees at the associate, bachelor’s and master’s levels.   

    • Location: Washington, DC
    • Acceptance Rate: 93.2%

    69. Freed-Hardeman University

    A private liberal arts college, Freed-Hardeman University provides undergraduate degree programs to students on campus.  Most students enrolled are traditional college age and they live on campus in residential housing.  

    • Location: Henderson, Tennessee
    • Acceptance Rate: 93%

    70. University of Sioux Falls

    Established in 1883, The University of Sioux Falls is a private Christian institution for higher learning.  Dedicated faculty integrate faith and learning into every student’s experience in earning undergraduate and graduate degrees.  

    • Location: Sioux Falls, South Dakota
    • Acceptance Rate: 91%

    71. University of Central Arkansas

    Established in 1907, the University of Central Arkansas was founded to educate teachers and has expanded to offer undergraduate and graduate degrees in a variety of fields.  Students can alsos pursue degree programs online.  

    • Location: Conway, Arkansas
    • Acceptance Rate: 91%

    72. Thomas More College

    Established in 1921, Thomas More College is a private Catholic liberal arts institution that welcomes approximately 2,200 students each year.  Students can choose from over 40 majors as well as a number of graduate programs.  

    • Location: Crest View Hills, Kentucky
    • Acceptance Rate: 90%

    73. Utah State University

    Established in 1888 Utah State University is the only land grant institution in Utah. With the largest public residential campus in the state approximately 28,000 students attend each year.  USU awards degrees at every level.   

    • Location: Logan, Utah
    • Acceptance Rate: 89%

    74. Martin Luther College

    Established in 1995, Martin Luther College is a private liberal arts college operated by the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod.  Students can pursue undergraduate, graduate, and ministry certificates at Martin Luther College.  Students benefit greatly from the low faculty to student ratio of 11 to 1.    

    • Location: New Ulm, Minnesota
    • Acceptance Rate: 89%

    75. Davenport University

    Davenport University is a private institution that provides career focused education to ensure the students are adequately prepared to enter the workforce upon graduation.  Davenport operated numerous campuses throughout Michigan as well as online.    

    • Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan
    • Acceptance Rate: 89%

    76. Northern Kentucky University

    A public institution, Northern Kentucky University is primarily an undergraduate institution, though it does award some graduate degrees as well.  Students have over 70 majors to choose from as well as 22 master’s degree programs.  

    • Location: Highland Heights, Kentucky
    • Acceptance Rate: 89%

    78. University of Montana

    A public research institution in Missoula, the University of Montana welcomes over 10,000 students to campus each year.  UM has strong STEM programs as well as Business school to serve those in Montana. 

    • Location: Missoula, Montana
    • Acceptance Rate: 88%

    79. University of the Incarnate Word

    Established in 1881 as a private Catholic institution for higher learning, the University of the Incarnate Word is the largest Cahtolic institution in Texas.  Students can pursue undergraduate and graduate degrees on campus and online.  

    • Location: San Antonio, Texas
    • Acceptance Rate: 88%

    80. Carlow University

    A private Cahtolic institution with Irish roots and heritage, Carlow University was founded by the Sisters of Mercy.  Carlow University is a military friendly institution and a top ranking regional university.  

    • Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    • Acceptance Rate: 87%

    82. Huntington University 

    A private Christian institution in Indiana, Huntington University offers over 90 fields of study and boasts a high job placement upon graduation.  Students also enjoy an average class size of only 15 students.  

    • Location: Huntington, Texas
    • Acceptance Rate: 83%

    82. Linfield College 

    Linfield College has expanded to operate three campuses and an online program to meet the needs of students throughout the state of Oregon.  Students experience a personalized and enriching education with expert faculty who care about their success beyond the classroom.  

    • Location: McMinnville, Oregon
    • Acceptance Rate: 81%

    83. Fontbonne University

    A premier small university, Fontbonne University is a private Roman Cathloic institution that enrolls close to 1,200 students per year.  With both undergraduate and graduate programs available, students can reach their potential with the individualized learning offered at Fontbonne.  

    • Location: St. Louis, Missouri
    • Acceptance Rate: 81%

    84. Hodges University

    Established in 1990 as an international institution, Hodges University has earned many rankings as a top online college.  Students desiring the flexibility of determining their schedule will have that ability at Hodge University while they pursue a degree at any level.  

    • Location: Naples, Florida
    • Acceptance Rate: 77%

    85. Trinity International University

    A private Evangelical Christian institution, Trinity International University offers degree programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels.  Students can also attend courses online across the globe.  The outreach of Trinity’s alumni span over 100 countries.  

    • Location: Deerfield, Illinois
    • Acceptance Rate: 73%

    86. Regis University 

    A private institution that was established in 1877 by the Society of Jesus, Regis University offers a Jesuit education at every degree level.  Students can pursue one of over 130 degree programs knowing that they will receive a personalized education.  

    • Location: Denver, Colorado
    • Acceptance Rate: 60%

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