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    Deciding what to pursue in college is a stressful experience, and a lot of young high school students might be overwhelmed with the idea of trying to determine what they’re going to do with the rest of their lives. Going to college, especially when living away from home for the first time, is a lot. If you only have an average GPA and are torn between in-person schooling or an online bachelor’s degree program, there are even more things to think about.

    Will college life be like the movies, with hijinx and lots of partying, or will there be a lot of cramming and stress from attending college classes? Well, the truth is that it’s a little bit of column A, a little bit of column B, but the school and major you choose will determine the balance of fun and work. Some students might have a good idea of where they want to go and what degree they want to pursue, but this isn’t always the case. There are a lot of decisions to be made, like whether to pursue an online degree program or what your career options will be once you’re a bachelor’s degree holder.

    But what happens if a student doesn’t know what they want to do? What if their only criteria for going to college is that they eventually come out with a bachelor’s degree or they want to take online courses? A bachelor’s degree can be a powerful tool in any business, and it shows interviewers you have the motivation to attend a four-year college. So, for those students out there who aren’t sure what they may want to do with the rest of their lives but still want a higher education, one real question remains: what is the easiest bachelor’s degree to obtain? 

    If you want to go to college but are looking for a major that isn’t going to cause you too much stress while still improving your job prospects, there are some bachelor’s degrees that are much easier to complete than others. We’re going to look at the benefits and disadvantages of choosing an easy bachelor’s degree, and take a closer look at the options a student has after completing an easy Bachelor’s degree. 

    We should note that no bachelor’s degree is a walk in the park. Any time you go back to school, it’s  takes time, work, and dedication, and whether or not it is easy depends on the student. For example, some people are very good at math and might find some of these majors more difficult than a math degree. Others have may have an associate’s degree in health science and be completely uninterested in these options. The point is that there are so many things to consider and that everyone is different. But there is something for everyone, and one of these majors may be for you if you’re looking to complete an undergraduate degree.

    Choosing an Easy Major in College

    There are many easy routes to go to achieve a bachelor’s degree. There isn’t just one easy way out that is suitable for everyone. Students are still going to have to have a strength somewhere. But worry not, there are a lot of useful majors, and there is an option for every student out there to find one that would benefit them, even those who want to avoid the hardest college major or a dual degree.


    Psychology may be the college major for a student who enjoys helping their friends out with their problems. Someone who is considered by their friend group to be the mom friend or the person who provides emotional support and makes sure the whole group stays on the straight and narrow. When pursuing a psychology degree, students will learn all about the human psyche, what makes a person’s mind tick and the ins and outs of a person’s being. Psychology majors have a lot of transferable skills and can end up working in a highly social setting. For those students who are social butterflies, this is a great major to choose! However, keep in mind that those who choose a bachelor’s degree in psychology may find themselves doing a lot of numbers related homework- tons of research and statistical analysis. Also, if a student wishes to be a psychologist later in life, a bachelor’s degree alone is going to cut it. They may have to get a master’s degree or choose to go one to get a doctorate in graduate school.

    Criminal Justice

    The student who finds themself not only on the right side of the law but wants to uphold that right side may want to get a bachelor’s degree in the field of criminal justice. With this college degree, students will not just be upholding the law, but they may even have a hand in determining it. They could work with their communities or in the private sector. Or, they could even work with the government of the whole nation! This field is also a great degree option for the student who isn’t all that into reading and writing, as they tend not to be too intensive on the reading and writing portion of the whole schooling aspect. However, keep in mind that some of these bachelor’s degrees are incredibly stressful. Most people who take these courses report an immense amount of stress during their time in college classes, even if they choose an online degree, so if you’re the kind of student who can’t handle the heat while they’re in the kitchen, this degree may not be for you. 


    This liberal arts major is for the student who always finds themselves reading. Maybe not reading for school since textbooks tend to be a little dry, but reading for pleasure. These are the students who are always asked, “What are you reading?”, or, “What should I read next?” An English major spends a lot of their time focusing on literary works and the intricacies behind them, including what specific characters were thinking, themes of novels, the implications behind them, the times when they were published. English majors spend their time reading and writing about what they’ve read, so this isn’t a good choice for someone who prefers numbers or who doesn’t like to read or write. Also, keep in mind English majors don’t have a specific career they can enter into and often find themselves doing something unrelated, like business administration or computer science. That lack of focus may make it hard for people to prepare for a job. However, that can also be an upside- the career options are pretty endless with an English Bachelor’s degree! Those who move on to graduate school after a bachelor’s degree program may even choose to teach college classes.

    Education Major

    There is an old saying that those who can’t do, teach. But this cannot be further from the truth. Teachers might be the biggest doers in the entire world. Not only do they have to build lesson plans, keep the peace amongst the students in their classrooms, and even act as social workers, but they are also responsible for educating our children. An education major will spend a lot of time learning education theory, which is a much different type of learning than high-level math or engineering. Also, this is a great job for the student who doesn’t like to do desk work alone– teachers will spend a lot of time educating and interacting with students. However, there are a couple of glaring cons. For starters, students who aren’t fans of kids should avoid this major like the plague. Also, teaching tends to be a full-time commitment, and a lot of the world teachers do will be for no pay. However, they do get summers off!

    Religious Studies Major

    For those students who are into a specific religion, this may be the degree for them. If they are devout and wish to take their devotion into a career, then this is the major for them. Religious Studies Majors can expect to study, what else, their religion. The tenets of that religion, how it is practiced, and how those things can transfer into a career that revolves around the specific religion in question. They also may learn about all sorts of other religions to broaden their understanding of the world.

    Benefits of choosing an easy bachelor’s degree

    The obvious benefit to choosing an easy bachelor’s degree is that, well, it’s easy. While the doctors and the lawyers of the world will be toiling around for years and years in school, those who choose the easy bachelor’s degree will fly on through with relative ease. Getting an easy bachelor’s degree will also mean that students have more access to high paying jobs in the world a lot quicker than most others. A lot of well-paying jobs require a bachelor’s degree, and if you can get one quickly and easily, it would mean that students can get to the job market quicker. The quicker they are on the job market, the quicker they move up the corporate ladder, the quicker they make even more money. 

    Disadvantages of Choosing an Easy Bachelor’s Degree

    There are, however, some disadvantages to an easy bachelor’s degree. For starters, picking something easy often means that it won’t make as much money as something that’s more difficult and takes more skill. Sure, a student can expect to make some decent money after choosing one of the above easy bachelor’s degrees, but people majoring in engineering, law, or medicine are likely to graduate making a lot more money than someone with one of these easier degrees. 

    Also, choosing something because it’s easy may not mean it’s the right thing for you. To be a teacher, you have to want to teach. To be a counselor, you have to care about people and want to help them. Students may go into their new major realizing that they hate it or graduate knowing that they aren’t interested in any of their career prospects. Also, keep in mind that while these bachelor’s degrees are great and easy, not every job is going to be impressed with the fact that you have a bachelor’s degree. Some may recognize the easiness of a student’s degree and may not hire that student. 

    Options After Completing a Bachelor’s Degree

    When someone goes to school to get an easy bachelor’s degree, it’s easy to wonder about what kind of job they can get after graduation. If these degrees are easy to get, how do they transfer into the real world? 

    As we mentioned, it’s unlikely that someone with a bachelor’s in education or psychology will start out making as much money as someone with an engineering or law degree. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have prospects. Here are some of the potential careers people can expect to get the choose one of these easy degrees.



    As a counselor, graduates use the interpersonal skills they developed while getting their degree and their desire to help people. They work with all walks of life, whether it be individual people with issues or support groups for people experiencing similar issues. Counselors help people identify roadblocks and develop strategies to work through the things stopping them from achieving a goal. Some counselors may even work within entire communities to fix big issues that affect everyone! As a counselor, you try to get to the root of issues, looking for the emotions and experiences, and getting your clients to discuss them with you to find a solution. These problems could include things like drug abuse, familial traumas, stress, and even suicidal thoughts. However, keep in mind that, as a counselor, you are not a registered psychologist per se, so you may have to refer some people to doctors should they need medical help. 

    Social Worker

    Social work is a career where students find themselves helping people. Social workers are on the front line when it comes to discovering which communities or people need help, and they travel everywhere to see people who need them. Social workers may be the people who tell local governments their communities need things like food stamps or other welfare programs. The most well-known type of social worker is the one who works with families, the child services people that some may have heard of in movies or TV. They often go into the homes of kids who are having potential issues, like various forms of child abuse, and determine whether or not the parents are fit to raise that child. However, they’re not just there to take children away from parents; they will also often help families find welfare services like food stamps. They’re also in charge of adoptions a lot of the time and finding homes for children who don’t have one. A lot of people in social work choose to go on to graduate school to get a master’s degree.

    Criminal Justice

    Police and Detectives

    These are the kinds of jobs that kids grow up wanting to do. They are the stars of action movies, crime thrillers, and comedies alike. They are the front line of our communities against crime. And that’s what a student who gets a criminal justice bachelor’s degree can expect, being on the forefront of stopping crime. Students investigate everything from murders to jaywalking, from drug crimes to unpaid parking tickets. While trying to solve these crimes, graduates will collect evidence and figure out the case. There is a lot of working with people as well. Not only will students be trying to make a connection with the community they police, but they will also be doing a lot of interviewing as well. Suspects, victims, and witnesses will all be on your schedule. There is also, reportedly, a lot of paperwork associated with being a police officer, the less glamorous part of the job most people don’t see on TV. This job is for someone who likes to solve puzzles and has strength mentally and physically but isn’t above doing some paperwork now and again.

    Security Manager

    This job for the graduate who wants to uphold the law but prefers to. work in a setting other than a city or municipality. This position involves upholding the law in a specific place or business. When something goes wrong or things get out of hand in a private business, the security manager steps in to deal with it. They make sure the people inside the business are abiding by the rules of that business. Most of the time, security managers deal with shoplifters, detaining them and handing them over to the police if need be. They often watch over security cameras or patrol the area given to them by the business owners. Security managers are also in charge of the security forces in the building. This role entails making sure their staff is holding the line as well as typical managerial things, like creating their schedules, dealing with disciplinary actions, and perhaps even working with human resources on occasion. 


    Marketing Managers

    Graduates who see ads on TV and think, I could do better than this, might make great marketing managers. The only way a product can become known by the general population is if it’s advertised, and that’s exactly what marketing managers do. They build awareness for a product through the use of advertising campaigns. They make sure that not only is the product visible to the general public, but they also make sure that people want to buy it. The best part about marketing is that every business in the world needs its product advertised. Restaurants, movies, and private sectors, like the army and politicians, need marketing managers to ensure the success of their advertising. Sometimes these managers will work alone, but most of the time, they manage a team of marketers to come up with the best way to sell a product. 

    Office Manager

    Graduates who wish to be office managers don’t just want to work in an office. They want to make sure that everything in that office runs smoothly. The manager controls the daily business that happens in an office. They have meetings with their staff to discuss anything and everything going on in the business. They deal with complaints that clients may have with the company and work out differences between people in the office themselves. They may create presentations for the higher-ups of the business or the employees of the office. On the other hand, they may do none of that and delegate the work to someone else within the office. It depends on the kind of office manager an individual decides to be and where they work.


    High School Teacher

    High school is just one of the many places an education major can find themselves teaching. There are elementary school teachers, private school teachers, special education teachers, language teachers, so many places that need teachers. Each of these is a little different, but there are a lot of overlaps. For our purposes, we’re going to focus on the high school teacher. High school teachers put together lesson plans to determine what they want to teach their students and how they plan to go about doing it. They have to gear each lesson plan to their class and their teaching, although there are typically education standards set forth by federal and local guidelines and even the school district itself. There is some leeway as to how some teachers wish to teach certain classes. Lesson plans don’t include only the lessons themselves. They also include tests, quizzes, and exams to assess their teaching and the students’ learning. High school teachers have to grade the examinations, which for some may have to be done after school. Finally, teachers often have to interact with every aspect of a student’s life. They may have to discipline some of the more rowdy students and take time after work to meet with a student’s parents or find a way to encourage certain students down the right path. It is a job that requires a lot of work and a lot of patience. 

    Elementary School Principal

    These are the head honchos of the schools they supervise. Every type of school, from elementary to high school, needs a principal. Again, there there is a lot of overlap, so we’re going to focus on elementary. Principals are in charge of everyone at the school – the teachers, the janitors, the lunch ladies. But most of all, they are in charge of the students. Some students may be aware that a fairly significant part of a principal’s job is discipline. Most of the naughtier students have found themselves in the principal’s office one time or another, and the well-behaved students might have dreaded being called to see the principal. However, the principal is mainly in charge of making sure that everyone working at the school does their job and does it well. They create a general routine for the school, and all the little activities that go on day to day are their job, too. They also participate in selecting new staff, mostly when it comes to acquiring new teachers. In general, principals are not just in charge of running the school, but they are also in charge of making sure that it improves in areas where improvement may need to be. Yes, this is the job for the student who wants to be the head of the show. Note that some school districts may require a graduate degree to be a principal or a few years of experience within the district before taking on the role.

    Religious Studies


    A pastor is the spiritual leader of their church. As a pastor, graduates have to prepare weekly sermons for their congregation. Sermons are the featured part of many church services and often center on a spiritual lesson that the pastor hopes to impart to their congregation. Church services may also include reading Bible verses, singing hymns, and talking about how specific Bible passages apply to the lives of the congregation.  Pastors are also widely needed for ceremonies, like weddings, baptisms, confirmations, and funerals. They may be at the center of communities when it comes to a person who can give advice or help the people through a crisis. They also tend to help the church financially and perhaps even do repairs themselves. 

    As you can see, there are many options for people looking for easy bachelor’s degree and a lot of ways to pursue one, even if you’re looking for an online program. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that even the easiest bachelor’s degree takes some work. While it’s understandable why you might want to choose an easy bachelor’s degree, you should also make sure to pick something that you can see yourself doing. After all, the point of getting a degree is to use it to get a job after graduation. If you don’t like kids, you shouldn’t get a degree in education just because it’s easy. 

    There are pros and cons to earning an easy bachelor’s degree, and reviewing them should help students figure out which is the right path. Remember, choose something you can see yourself doing for a career. After completing a bachelor’s degree, you have a lot more job options than you do than if you were applying for jobs with only a high school diploma or associate’s degree. 

    If you’ve decided to pursue a bachelor’s degree, you’ve already taken an important first step. Next, it’s time to start looking for schools that offer these degrees. The great thing is that most of these degrees are pretty popular, and a lot of colleges and universities offer them. Some even offer these. programs in online college courses. That means that you’ll have many options when selecting a school, which is something that makes the whole process just a little bit easier, especially if you’re an international student. College graduates tend to have more career prospects, whether they major in social science, business administration, or computer science. Whether you choose the hardest college major or the easiest, you’ve made a good decision.

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