Culinary Arts Degree Programs 2024 [Top 15 Schools]

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    Culinary Arts Degree

    If you have always enjoyed helping out in the kitchen if you enjoy working with fresh ingredients, and if you can handle the pressure of a deadline you may be right for culinary school. Here is a list of the top ones across the United States.

    Is Culinary School The Right Choice?

    The restaurant business is evolving and changing before our eyes but one thing will never change: the demand for creative and skilled chefs to work in and run the kitchens. From the hole in the wall diners to Michelin star restaurants quality chefs are needed and guests can tell when their food is prepared with care, expertise, and passion compared to when it is generically thrown together. If you have a passion for bringing the best flavors out in each dish, and if you think you have what it takes to handle the heat of a fast-paced kitchen consider attending one of the best culinary programs in the nation. It may be the right choice for you if you know you want to make a career out of your interest or current job path.

    Skilled Chefs Are Always In Demand.

    The job outlook for chefs and kitchen work in the United States is promising according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Head chefs make a median income of $51,530 a year and the job growth predictions for the next decade are at 6%.

    Rank School Location
    1Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary ArtsBoulder, Colorado
    2Culinary Institute of AmericaHyde Park, New York
    3Kendall CollegeChicago, Illinois
    4Institute of Culinary Education (ICE) New YorkNew York City, New York
    5Louisiana Culinary InstituteBaton Rouge, Louisiana

    Top 15 Culinary Arts Degree Programs in The United States


    Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts

    • Boulder, Colorado

    Auguste Escoffier was a French chef born in 1846 who popularized French cooking methods at the time. This school makes the top of the list because of the small class sizes and personalized high standards culinary education students are able to receive. Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts has two campuses and brings the same level of quality to each class. High French standards and restaurant management/ownership preparation are key to the curriculum. In addition to having a campus in Boulder, they also have a campus in Austin, TX.

    Tuition: $17,725 for Diploma in Culinary Arts and Operations and $27,025 for Associates
    Enrollment: 506
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    Culinary Institute of America

    • Hyde Park, New York

    The Culinary Institute of America is the place for leaders in hospitality to train rigorously to ensure the highest of standards in each graduate. The CIA will prep students in all aspects of food preparation and skills and “front of house” management as well. There are several locations across the nation, all with the same high standards. Due to COVID-19 they now even offer some classes online.

    Tuition: $33,690
    Enrollment: 3,007
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    Kendall College

    • Chicago, Illinois

    Kendall College is considered number one in Chicago. The enrollment is high, but the reviews are in and the students feel that they receive plenty of one on one instruction. Graduates find employment easily when they earn their diploma from the culinary art program.

    Tuition: $35,744
    Enrollment: 4,000
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    Institute of Culinary Education (ICE) New York

    • New York City, New York

    The Institute of Culinary Education advertises no more than 18 students per professor. The graduates have made names for themselves across the globe, and the ICE instruction methods have been proven effective and are repeated in schools across the nation. They produce quality chefs because their motto is “find your culinary voice” and they teach culinary skills in a truly artful manner.

    Tuition: $38,169
    Enrollment: 528
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    Louisiana Culinary Institute

    • Baton Rouge, Louisiana

    Louisiana Culinary Institute refers to itself as the premier culinary school of the south. Their recent grad reviews and comprehensive job prep backs this claim. If you live in the south and want education to prep you for the best kitchens or for running your own set up consider this college next term.

    Tuition: $24,000
    Enrollment: 208
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    Johnson & Wales University

    • Providence, Rhode Island

    Founded in 1914, Johnson & Wales University is a private, nonprofit, accredited institution with more than 10,000 graduate, undergraduate and online students at its four campuses in Providence, Rhode Island; North Miami, Florida; Denver, Colorado; and Charlotte, North Carolina. An innovative educational leader, the university offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs in arts and sciences, business, engineering, food innovation, hospitality, nutrition, health and wellness. It also offers undergraduate programs in culinary arts, dietetics and design. JWU’s unique model provide students with the personalized attention, academic expertise and industry connections that inspire professional success and personal growth. The time students spend at JWU is nothing short of transformative, as demonstrated by career outcomes, expected earnings and economic mobility rankings. The university’s impact is global, with alumni in 125 countries pursuing careers worldwide.

    Tuition: $33,054
    Enrollment: 12,215
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    Walnut Hill College – The Restaurant School

    • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    The Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College offers a quality education in culinary technique and creativity. The area is has had a growing food scene in the past decade and the school is a hot spot for diners to try what concoctions the students have created. A recent grad was on the Shark Tank with a food related invention!

    Tuition: $23,550
    Enrollment: 600
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    Northwestern Michigan College

    • Traverse City, Michigan

    Northwestern Michigan College offers many degrees and trade certifications but it makes the list for top culinary schools in the United States because of the reviews from graduates from the culinary program and for their fair tuition. If you want to keep warm this winter enroll in a school that will have you ready to run your own kitchen within two years.

    Tuition: $9,078
    Enrollment: 880
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    The Culinary Institute of New York at Monroe College

    • New Rochelle, New York
    The Culinary Institute of New York at Monroe College logo

    The Culinary Institute of New York at Monroe College is on the outskirts of New York City for big city experience and personal amenities alike. It is a large college but the culinary division is to be noted for the quality chefs that find employment in some of the best NYC restaurants.

    Tuition: $15,000
    Enrollment: 400
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    The Art Institute of Atlanta

    • Atlanta, Georgia

    The Art Institute of Atlanta is all about preparing chefs to work in the industry. Each teacher has a passion for food preparation and technique. The students report feeling confident in their ability and eager to create in their own kitchens based on the inspiration at the AIA.

    Tuition: $33,114
    Enrollment: 1,246
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    Lincoln Tech-Lincoln Culinary Institute

    • Columbia, MD and Shelton, CT
    Culinary student standing in the kitchen

    Offered at campuses in Columbia, MD and Shelton, CT, Lincoln’s training programs for Culinary industry careers include both the technical and creative aspects needed for success. Lincoln Culinary Institute instructors are experienced chefs, bakers and pastry chefs who bring years of expertise to fully-stocked kitchens and classrooms. Our campuses also partner with the Walt Disney company to provide internship opportunities and incredible field experiences for Lincoln Culinary Institute students who are accepted into the program.

    Programs are available in Culinary Arts and Food Services, and in International Baking and Pastry. From French, Asian, Mediterranean, Latin and American cuisine to SousVide and thermal immersion, students in the Culinary Arts program learn a full range of food preparation techniques that help them start careers across a broad range of dining establishment. Studies in nutrition, as well as food and beverage pairings, are also included. International Baking & Pastry students learn to create croissants, eclairs, artisan breads, Viennoiserie and more.

    Graduates are in demand in dining establishments of all types. Lincoln has regional hiring partners around the area that include restaurants, resorts, hotels, and catering facilities. Graduates can also pursue careers as personal and private chefs.

    Tuition: $27,401
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    Sullivan University

    • Louisville, Kentucky

    Sullivan University is led by a chef with a passion for providing students a quality education with student-centric methods of teaching. Many of the area’s finest chefs graduate from Sullivan ready to take on the culinary world with the experience to handle the heat.

    Tuition: $37,000
    Enrollment: 2,618
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    The Art Institute Of Virginia Beach

    • Virginia Beach, Virginia
    • Graduation Rate: 42%

    The Art Institute of Virginia Beach is a branch of the AI Atlanta with the same high standards and passion for the culinary arts. But the location is a scenic beach town and the vibe is a little different. Students report that they enjoyed their time At AIV and they feel prepared for their careers upon graduation.

    Tuition: $22,000
    Enrollment: 307
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    An education in culinary arts can take graduates across the globe for work if they find they have a passion and provide them with life skills no matter where their career takes them. Many schools offer online programs or flexible learning options due to the changes in the past year. If you are ready to advance your skills and your employability contact the school on this list that best suits your needs.

    This list of top culinary schools in the United States was compiled using tuition and enrollment data from each school’s webpage and real student reviews. If you feel that your school was not accurately portrayed contact us so we can correct any errors so future students know what your specific school has to offer.

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