Colleges With Great Intramural Sports Programs 2024

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    Colleges Great Intramural Sports Programs

    Starting college can be a rough experience for some. There are new experiences, feelings, added stress, and hard times. Surprisingly enough something as simple as participating in intramural sports can be a big benefit for all kinds of students.

    • Physical Activity – Participating in sports helps students get the physical activity their bodies crave, and helps balance out things like cafeteria eating, eating out, and stress eating.
    • Mental Wellness – Including physical activity in a daily routine can help reduce the effects of stress, make students feel better about themselves, increase personal worth, and more.
    • Friendship – Playing games with other people opens the doors of opportunity for friendship, and even courtship. With a scheduled time to see each other every day, it is much easier to have a relationship with other people even during the stressful months of school.
    • Sportsmanship & Leadership – Both of these qualities are practiced every day when participating on a team. The interesting fact is how they equate to the real world; both of these traits are magnificently helpful in classes situations, in jobs, at internships, and more.

    Discover a few colleges across the United States that have solid intramural sports programs:

    University of Virginia

    Location: Charlottesville, VA

    virginia basketball and volleyball gym

    The University of Virginia offers state of the art recreation centers, sports teams, equipment, classes, training, and more, to help build and support healthy and active lifestyles.

    • Register for activities, reserve facility space, join exercise groups or programs, and play together on competitive teams.
    • From basketball to badminton, to dodgeball, water polo, and more! Find the sports you want to participate in easily at University of Virginia.

    University of Notre Dame

    Location: Notre Dame, IN

    Notre Dame recreational sports, sailing.

    Any Notre Dame student, faculty member, or staff member may play on an intramural team. There are multiple different types of leagues at Notre Dame; All Campus Men (ACM), All Campus Women (ACW), All Campus Open (ACO), CoRec (CR) – all Notre Dame student, staff, and faculty members allowed, Interhall Men (IHM), Interhall Women (IHW), Grad/Fac/Staff (GFS).

    • Fall, Spring, and Summer sports are available to play.
    • Everything from curling, to floor hockey, to tennis, soccer, softball, and more are all available at Notre Dame.

    Gettysburg College

    Location: Gettysburg, PA

    pool at gettysburg college

    According to the Princeton Review, Gettysburg is a school ranked 3rd in the nation as a school where everyone plays intramurals, and 5th in the nation for the best athletic facilities.

    • Gettysburg offers sports like Innertube water polo, late night volleyball, basketball, tennis, and more!
    • Men’s, Women’s, and Co-Rec leagues are all available.

    Carleton College

    Location: Northfield, MN

    tennis at Carleton college

    The goal for the Carleton College intramural league is to provide a good recreational athletics program for students, faculty, and staff. The program is designed to encourage participation, fun, exercise, a healthy lifestyle, and cooperative agreement.

    • Fall, winter, and spring sports are available.
    • Dodgeball, sand volleyball, racquetball, broomball, and more are all encouraged at Carleton College.

    Carnegie Mellon University

    Location: Pittsburgh, PA

    track and field at Carnegie Mellon School

    At Carnegie Mellon University athletic participation is encouraged all year long. They have even provided a way to earn points toward an “all sports championship” for those that play multiple sports with the same team members.

    • There is everything from billiards, to ping pong, to spike ball, and more available to the students, faculty, and staff at Carnegie Mellon University.

    Gonzaga University

    Location: Spokane, WA

    College students standing on balcony overlooking sports field
    Family and friends join together to watch the newly admitted UW and Gonzaga University joint students receive their white coats on September 2nd, 2016 in the Hemmingson Center Ballroom at Gonzaga University. (Photo by Edward Bell)

    Physical activity and healthy lifestyles are a priority for students on campus at Gonzaga University. The intramural program is one of the most popular attractions, averaging over 12,000 total participants annually. They rank #8 in the nation for intramural participation with over 30 sports and events offered throughout the fall and spring semesters.

    • Traditional sports such as basketball, flag football, soccer, volleyball and softball are offered, along with non-traditional sports that are increasing in popularity, such as, inner tube basketball, pickle ball, and spike ball.
    • 60% of the undergraduate student body participates in intramurals; totaling around 2,700 students on intramural sports teams each year (unique undergraduate participation).
    • Gonzaga intramural participation has great facilities available on campus; Mulligan Field, Rudolf Fitness Center Field house and Pool, and the Stevens Tennis Facility.

    Georgia Southern University

    Location: Statsboro, GA

    georgia southern sports building

    Intramural teams at Georgia Southern University provide students the opportunity to compete in team oriented and individual sports competitions. Leagues, tournaments, and special events are all offered to those that want to expel some adrenaline in a competitive atmosphere.

    • Spring, summer, and fall sports are offered at Georgia Southern University.
    • Some of the more unique opportunities include wheelchair basketball, archery, cornhole, and battleship.
    • Many members of the Greek society participate in intramural sports; so much so that Georgia Southern University has created the “Greek Cup.”

    University of Rochester

    Location: Rochester, NY

    indoor tennis courts at Rochester

    The intramural program at the University of Rochester is important for physical activity, fellowship, wellness, and positive leisure time activities. Participants of all skill levels are welcome and encouraged to join.

    • Intramural champions earn a coveted Intramural Champion T-shirt.
    • Sports available for participation include; basketball, hockey, football, ultimate frisbee, dodgeball, kickball, and more!

    Manchester University

    Location: North Manchester, IN

    Sports fence outdoors on field

    Intramural sports at Manchester promote sports and activities for a healthy lifestyle, recreational play that promotes a sense of community, respect for officials, teammates, and other players, as well as the physical, social, and mental well-being of all participants.

    • There are a number of typical sports available to students; basketball, baseball, soccer, volleyball, and more!
    • More than 10 acres of land on Manchester University’s campus is dedicated to sports and recreation.
    • Manchester has a Sport Management program that allows the students in the major to run the intramurals.

    St John’s College

    Location: Annapolis, MD

    St John's college gym

    At St John’s college it is not only important to exercise the mind, but the body as well. Intramural sports are a mainstay at St John’s College; whether students are discovering them for the first time, or rediscovering their love for exercise and sports, St John’s college has got them covered. Intramural athletes at St John’s college focus on teamwork, exercise, and friendly competition.

    • Alumni, siblings, faculty, staff, and even parents may participate on intramural teams.
    • Everything from flag football, handball, tennis, and more is offered in the intramural program.
    • There are also clubs available for weight training, boxing, pilates, dance, and more!

    University of California – Los Angeles

    Location: Los Angeles, CA

    UCLA track

    Different leagues, tournaments, and special athletic events are offered every quarter. Students have the opportunity to register as an entire team, or as individuals that can be paired up with other individuals to form teams. UCLA promotes an active lifestyle, and friendly competition in a safe environment.

    • There are five different programs offered at UCLA; intramural sports, club sports, extramural sports, martial arts, and unified sports.
    • Most leagues are divided into a number of different classifications and divisions.
    • The intramural program at UCLA sees over 8,000 participants each year.

    Colorado College

    Location: Colorado Springs, CO

    colorado college fitness facility

    The Colorado College intramural program is geared toward providing opportunities for a healthy lifestyle with physical fitness, social interactions, skill development, and teamwork.

    • The Princeton Review has named it one of the places where “Everyone Plays Intramural Sports.”
    • Both fall and spring sports are available to play.
    • Sports include football, soccer, dodgeball, hockey, softball, broomball, etc.

    Texas A&M

    Location: College Station, TX

    Texas A&M swimming pool

    At Texas A&M University, intramural sports are a wildly popular activity. There are, on average, 12,000 students that participate in the program each year, making Texas A&M one of the largest intramural sports programs in the country. At Texas A&M it doesn’t matter if you are a star player or brand new to competition, the program invites everyone to join.

    • Intramural sports are played Sunday through Thursday throughout the fall, spring, and summer semesters.
    • 100% of intramural sports officials are student employees enrolled at Texas A&M.
    • Participants can register for intramural sports online via IM leagues as a free agent or as a team.
    • The program offers a variety of sports including basketball, flag football, soccer, softball, volleyball and much more that include men, women, and co-Ed divisions.

    Fort Lewis College

    Location: Durango, CO

    fort lewis football field

    Intramural sports provide students the opportunity to participate in a number of different types of sports. The program promotes sportsmanship and friendly competition.

    • Both fall and winter sports are available to students.
    • Indoor volleyball, flag football, soccer, ultimate frisbee, and more are all offered through the Fort Lewis College intramural sports program.
    • Participation fees are low to help encourage any and all students to participate in the sports program.

    Florida Southern College

    Location: Lakeland, FL

    florida southern baseball field

    At Florida Southern College you don’t have to be a star athlete to join in on some friendly competition. All FSC students, faculty, and staff are invited to participate in intramural sports for fun, physical activity, and sportsmanship.

    • Games include individual, dual, and team sports.
    • Team sports include basketball, dodgeball, soccer, volleyball, and more.
    • Students are allowed to sign up as a free agent and get assigned a team to participate with.

    Finding the best college for you can be tricky! But hopefully our information has made it easier for you to realize the potential of intramural sports for not only the fun of the game, and experiencing sports throughout college, but the social interaction, teamwork, and sense of well-being they can provide.

    Good luck on your search for the perfect college!

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