The 15 Most Affordable Online MBA Programs No GMAT in 2023

December 22, 2022 | bestvalue

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Getting your master’s in business can be tough when you have to pass the GMAT, but the GMAT is now being replaced by undergraduate transcripts, professional experience and other recommendations from professors and the like. Many schools are now waiving the GMAT and focusing on other indicators of high performance such as work experience, letters of recommendation, undergraduate GPA, and even interviews.

Why Choose the Most Affordable Online MBA No GMAT Needed?

It’s a good idea to save money on school, and not needing a GMAT means you can make a move in your education without having to spend time on studying for a test that is unnecessary. If you’re returning to school after a break of five, ten or even more years, then having to take the GMAT may not make sense. The real-world work experience that you have built up over that time will allow you to bring an additional perspective to the classroom that will only benefit the entire program as a whole.

Why are MBA Programs Waving the GMAT?

More and more programs are starting to waive the GMAT, which used to be the gold standard for getting accepted into an MBA program. Now, though, a lot of schools are seeing that a cheap online MBA no GMAT option is helping them bring in students who have all the skills they need to succeed. Why? Because standardized testing is not the only way to see what students can do, or even predict their success in a program like the MBA.

Undergraduate level success and grade point averages, management professionals with work experience, and a previous graduate degree are often big considerations for waiving the GMAT. When students look for affordable online MBA programs no GMAT options are becoming more abundant. That doesn’t mean every student can get into these programs without the GMAT, though. They generally need to meet other requirements before they will see the GMAT waived.

For students meeting alternative conditions or waiver requirements, providing some documentation may be all they need to do when they sign up for an online MBA. Keep in mind that every school is a little bit different in what they require and how they handle their online MBA program. If you’re considering getting your MBA, and you’re not sure what school to choose, a little research into the options offered can help you pick the right one. Also consider the cost, as in-state tuition may be much less expensive for you.

MBA Accreditation

When you’re getting something as important as an MBA, you want to make sure you’re attending an accredited school. This can get confusing when trying to find a cheap online MBA no GMAT option, because there are two different kinds of accreditation to consider. The first is whether the school itself is accredited as an institution of higher learning in its state. The second is whether the program is Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) accredited.

Overall school accreditation is vital when pursuing an MBA. If the school you attend isn’t accredited your degree may not have the value you need for future employment. AACSB accreditation, on the other hand, is a nice thing to have but not a requirement for having a valid MBA degree that employers will accept. Still, when it comes to finding the right MBA program for your needs, it’s generally better to choose one that has more accreditation and has been established longer, over one that doesn’t meet those guidelines.

MBA Scholarship and Grants

Scholarships and grants are worth exploring for an MBA. There are some programs that can help students with lower incomes, those who meet specific criteria, and those who have high GPAs from past degrees. Some scholarships are need-based, while others can go to anyone who applies and is chosen. Grants are the same way, and you can apply to any opportunities where you meet the requirements. However, keep in mind that there are generally more options for lower-level degrees than for graduate degrees.

This could limit the options you have to get help with your educational costs. However, if you seek out affordable online MBA programs no GMAT required, you’ll be more likely to find a program that is affordable for you even if you don’t get additional help. Choosing a school where you can receive in-state tuition is extremely valuable for cost savings, as well, because in-state tuition rates are typically much lower than anything you would pay by choosing an out-of-state school.

You may also have opportunities for scholarships and grants available to residents of that state if you choose a school in your area. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider other school options, but taking a look at the surrounding ones that offer a cheap online MBA no GMAT option could be well worth the time and effort. You might find that a great school is practically in your backyard, and that could mean a lower tuition cost, along with a higher potential for grants and scholarships.

Budgeting Tips While Earning an MBA

One of the most important things to consider while earning an MBA is your budget. While your grades and classwork absolutely matter, it’s not always easy to balance the work you’ll need to do for your degree with a full-time or part-time job, family, hobbies, housework, and all the other things that can go into creating a life. If you budget well (both your money and your time) you can be more comfortable all throughout the process of earning your MBA.

Once you’ve discovered affordable online MBA programs no GMAT scores are required for, the next step is to sit down and figure out how the budget for the program you choose will work. You don’t have to have everything figured out down to the penny, but the closer you can get to all the details the easier and less stressful the entire experience will be. After all, getting an MBA is a big commitment. You want to make sure you are as prepared as possible going into it, so you can be successful.

Here are a few of the most important things to consider when budgeting for your GMAT experience.

  • Have a plan for your income while you study: That could mean balancing work and school, using savings, allowing your spouse or partner to cover bills (with their agreement, of course), taking out loans, applying for grants, and more.
  • Budget your time as well as your money: You may have a great idea for how you’ll get everything done, but making sure that’s realistic, and you have a back-up plan, can bring more peace of mind.
  • Set money aside for school supplies: Even with a cheap online MBA no GMAT required, you still may need some supplies, books, and other materials, so putting a little money aside can help you fund those additional expenses.
  • Remember to check in with yourself: How you’re doing matters, and if your MBA program is taking too much of a toll on you mentally or emotionally, you may want to slow down and take longer to complete it.

Being ready for the schooling and all that comes with it is one of the biggest things to think about when deciding whether the affordable online MBA programs no GMAT required you’ve been reading about are right for your needs. Finding the right school and program matters, but so does making sure you’re ready. Whether you already work in management, or you’re focused on completing your education before finding a job in your field, an MBA program takes time and effort.

However, budgeting for an MBA program can be an excellent way to advance your career and do more in your field, making it one of the best choices for an overarching degree. With concentrations and specializations offered by many schools, you can also consider whether increasing your school budget to attend a university that meets your specific future career goals may be the right choice in the end. A higher budget can be well worth it if there is a specific need.

Getting an Online MBA with No GMAT

There are over 100 schools that do not require the GMAT for you to go back for your Business Administration degree. With this degree, you may be able to be a consultant, work in online merchandising, senior manager or part of a board of directors. In 2019, the average salary for someone with an MBA was $106,757.

Rank School Location
1Tarleton State UniversityStephenville, Texas
2Ashland UniversityAshland, Ohio
3Eastern New Mexico UniversityPortales, New Mexico
4Kansas State UniversityManhattan, Kansas
5Anderson UniversityAnderson, South Carolina

Top 15 Schools for the Most Affordable Online MBA No GMAT

We have selected 15 of the best schools for the most affordable online MBA no GMAT needed. These online MBA programs are ranked by the best having the lowest tuition and enrollment (when both scores are considered).


Tarleton State University

  • Stephenville, Texas
  • Graduation Rate: 43%

The MBA at Tarleton State University is made up of 30 credit hours and is available with a fast-track to be completed in just 12 months. The school states that 76% of its graduates are employed full-time at the time of graduation.

Tuition (in-state): $6,360
Total credit hours: 30
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Ashland University

  • Ashland, Ohio
  • Graduation Rate: 61%

In just a year, the online MBA at Ashland University can be completed with 30 credit hours. It prepares students to receive the Project Management Professional certification. The cost of the exam is included in the program’s fees.

Tuition (in-state): $6,450
Total credit hours: 30
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Eastern New Mexico University

  • Portales, New Mexico
  • Graduation Rate: 36%

The MBA program featured at Eastern New Mexico University is fast and flexible, with students completing the program in as little as 12 months. This program has been available for over 60 years, which makes this one to consider.

Tuition (in-state): $7,044
Total credit hours: 30
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Kansas State University

  • Manhattan, Kansas
  • Graduation Rate: 63%

Kansas State University offers an MBA program consisting of between 30 and 36 credit hours. Books and materials are included in the tuition, which equates to around $2,500 per course. Classes are each eight weeks long, encouraging students to take one at a time.

Tuition (in-state): $11,227
Total credit hours: 30
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Anderson University

  • Anderson, South Carolina
  • Graduation Rate: 52%

Anderson University’s MBA is a 36-hour program that gives students the opportunity to specialize in human resources, supply chain management, marketing and healthcare leadership. The classes are fast-paced, each lasting only six weeks.

Tuition (in-state): $10,751
Total credit hours: 36
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Alvernia University

  • Reading, Pennsylvania
  • Graduation Rate: 52%

The MBA program at Alvernia University costs $645 per credit hours and is accredited by the ACBSP. The program is estimated to last a year, and the credit hours range from 30 to 39.

Tuition (in-state): $14,963
Total credit hours: 30
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Missouri Baptist University

  • St. Louis, Missouri
  • Graduation Rate: 61%

The online Master of Business Administration available at Missouri Baptist University has two concentrations available. Accountancy and project management are other available, the first which prepares students to sit for the CPA exam and the second that prepares them for the Professional Project Management certification exam.

Tuition (in-state): $10,197
Total credit hours: 39
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Fontbonne University

  • St. Louis, Missouri
  • Graduation Rate: 63%

Fontbonne University offers a 36-credit-hour MBA that is set up in eight-week courses. Students can select from concentration in accounting, management and leadership, supply chain management, project management and administration.

Tuition (in-state): $14,440
Total credit hours: 36
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Murray State University

  • Murray, Kentucky
  • Graduation Rate: 77%

The Master of Business Administration with a concentration in business analytics takes as few as 12 months at Murray State University. Tuition is set at $15,990 for the 30-hour program. Other MBA programs are also available in health administration, marketing, global communications, cybersecurity and others. While they do give exceptions to the GMAT, they don’t necessarily have a waive-all rule to the GRE or GMAT.

Tuition (in-state): $15,990
Total credit hours: 30
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Bay Path University

  • Longmeadow, Massachusetts
  • Graduation Rate: 70%

Bay Path University offers an MBA in Entrepreneurial Thinking & Innovative Practices. This is a completely online program that begins each February, June and October for incoming students.

Tuition (in-state): $14,670
otal credit hours: 36
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National Louis University

  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Graduation Rate: 59%

At National Louis University, students complete 39 hours of classwork to obtain their Master of Business Administration. The MBA can be completed in just 20 months and offers flexible classwork and schedules.

Tuition (in-state): $12,096
Total credit hours: 39
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Maryville University

  • St. Louis, Missouri
  • Graduation Rate: 40%

Maryville University offers an online Master of Business Administration that is completed with 36 credit hours. The program teaches skills in various concentrations, such as emerging and digital media concentration, financial services, health administration, business data, cybersecurity and others.

Tuition (in-state): $15,646
Total credit hours: 36
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Xavier University

  • Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Graduation Rate: 72%

Xavier University offers an MBA course that takes 1.5 to 3 years to complete. It can be finished in as few as 39 hours or as many as 45. The program is AACSB accredited.

Tuition (in-state): $33,540
otal credit hours: 39
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George Mason University

  • Fairfax, Virginia
  • Graduation Rate: 69%

George Mason University offers an AACSB-accredited MBA program. They have a global residency option as a well as an additional certificate in Business Analytics available at the completion of the program. The part-time online MBA is 48 credit hours and can be completed in less than 3 years. Complete in 2 years with accelerated option.

Tuition (in-state): $50,484
Total credit hours: 48
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Drexel University

  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Graduation Rate: 71%

The Drexel LeBow Online MBA is a highly customizable degree designed to equip you with problem-solving and leadership skills that can be applied across a variety of different industries. The flexible curriculum allows you to master the fundamentals of business, identify leadership strengths, and think strategically using quantitative data, all while maintaining your busy schedule and earning your degree on your own time. Drexel University’s world-renowned faculty will help you develop and utilize these skills immediately in the workplace. The program can be completed in as little as 18 months or up to five years.

Tuition (per credit): $1,306
Total credit hours: 49
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Affordable Online MBA No GMAT Ranking Methodology

Each of the schools in this article is ranked according to the program hours needed to complete an MBA as well as the overall tuition rate. Though efforts have been made to represent these programs and costs accurately, please be aware that these results are not guaranteed and are subject to change. Interested in Discussing Your School’s Ranking? If you work at one of the schools above and are concerned about a mistake or misrepresented information, please reach out so that we can correct this article. If you would like to have your school ranked, we would also be interested in speaking with you.

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