The Best Colleges in Alaska 2024

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Best Online Colleges in Alaska

In order to provide prospective students with the best chance at having a great education, we have compiled this list of the top universities and colleges in Alaska. Some schools may excel at online programs while others may focus exclusively on the traditional, on-campus aspect of higher education. Regardless of the delivery format, these schools excel at providing a quality education for their students.

Residents of Alaska know that elements can work against you. Whether that means fierce wind storms and frozen tundra, unpredictable wildlife, or even working a full-time job and trying to go back to school, Alaskans know about overcoming obstacles. And when it comes to furthering your education, online colleges in Alaska have you covered. Alaskan higher education adapts to unusual circumstances, from the unique hiring and employment needs of the state to the individual and personal needs of its students. Regardless of your circumstance, we know that an online degree from “The Last Frontier” will be perfect for you.

To help you choose the school for you we have put together a list of the best colleges in Alaska. Every school on the list embraces strong values, amazing education, and exceptional experiences, and for any non-traditional student wishing to study in Alaska, one of them is sure to be the perfect fit.   

Rank School Location
1University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF)Fairbanks, Alaska
2University of Alaska Southeast (UAS)Juneau, Alaska
3University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA)Anchorage, Alaska
4Alaska Pacific University (APU)Anchorage, Alaska
5Charter CollegeAnchorage, Alaska

Here are the Best Colleges in Alaska


University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF)

  • Fairbanks, Alaska
  • Graduation Rate: 29%

Founded in 1917, UAF is one of the few land, sea and space grant colleges in the United States.The school has branded itself as “Alaska’s research and arctic university,” and emphasizes research and study unique to Alaska. UAF offers over 25 online degrees in Alaska to students in the form of associate, bachelor’s and master’s degrees and some certificates and occupational endorsements. Online students have not only an affordable education but also strong support for an online library, writing center, math lab, tutoring, and academic advisors. Students also benefit from a low 11:1 student to faculty ratio. While the majority of the online programs are available completely online, a few programs do have residency requirements.

School Overview

Cost Per Credit Hour: $202
Most Popular Major: Engineering
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University of Alaska Southeast (UAS)

  • Juneau, Alaska
  • Graduation Rate: 25%

Founded in 1987 from the combination of the University of Alaska Juneau, Islands Community College, and Ketchikan Community College, UAS offers 36 online options in Alaska to students in the form of associate, bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Alaska Southeast stands apart in their unique degree offerings, providing students the chance to pursue degrees such as fisheries technology, or reading specialist. Nearly 60% of students at the University of Alaska Southeast qualify as distance learners. Because of this, nontraditional students benefit from strong academic help and resources such as advisors, tutoring and an online library.

School Overview

Cost Per Credit Hour: $192
Most Popular Major: Special Education
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University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA)

  • Anchorage, Alaska
  • Graduation Rate: 29%

Founded in 1954, UAA offers 20 online degree programs from associate to master’s degrees, as well as certificate programs. While these programs are primarily done online, some do contain a few face-to-face elements. Online students benefit from online academic advising, tutoring, an online library and article database, and an online disability service. The school also has a low student to faculty ratio of 12:1, guaranteeing individual attention to each student.

UAA prides itself on-campus experience and diversity with over 2,000 Native American, American Indian and Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander students calling the university home. UAA is also known for innovation and exploration, and with nearly a third of students enrolled in online courses, UAA knows the need for not only ever adapting tech but also out of the box and original thinking. While UAA primarily serves Alaskan residents, potential students from other states may enroll in online work with a few special requirements.

School Overview

Cost Per Credit Hour: $202
Popular Major: Marketing
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Alaska Pacific University (APU)

  • Anchorage, Alaska
  • Graduation Rate: 20%

APU, a small university with fewer than 800 students, was founded in 1978 and emphasizes experiential and hands-on instruction. Alaska Pacific offers bachelor’s degrees online and one unique combined bachelor’s and MBA in business. Students have the ability to attend classes online or at night, depending on their preference and present situation. With an astoundingly low student to faculty ratio of 8:1, students are constantly in contact and in the individual consideration of their professors. The school has been ranked 52nd best in the region according to US News and World Report and is particularly well known for their environmental studies and psychology programs.

School Overview

Cost Per Credit Hour: $848
Popular Major: Marine Biology
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Charter College

  • Anchorage, Alaska
  • Graduation Rate: 49%

Charter College provides hybrid and fully online degree programs at the associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degree level, as well as an assortment of certificates. Charter specifically designs its programs to fit the needs of Alaskan employees and focuses on preparing students to succeed and excel in an Alaskan environment. Charter College is also a Military friendly institution, providing benefit and aid to veterans and their dependents.

School Overview

Cost Per Credit Hour: $493
Most Popular Major: Health Services
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Kenai Peninsula College

  • Soldotna, Alaska

Kenai Peninsula College prides itself on providing quality education in an understanding and friendly atmosphere. While the school primarily focuses on online associate degrees, one bachelor degree program is available and over 150 courses are available online, making degree completion very approachable. The school also offers non-credit community education classes online in an effort to encourage community involvement and lifelong learning. To help students as much as possible, Kenai provides an online assessment quiz to help individuals determine if online learning is right for them. Students also have available to them a host of online resources such as enrollment and academic advising, tech support, an online writing lab, online tutoring, an online library, and more.

School Overview

Cost Per Credit Hour: $202
Most Popular Major: Psychology
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Prince William Sound College (PWSC)

  • Valdez, Alaska

PWSC offers students an online general studies bachelor’s degree and a variety of associate degrees and occupational certificates. The school boasts several degrees unavailable at other colleges or universities in Alaska such as Outdoor Leadership and the Millwright Occupational Endorsement Certificate (OEC) program. Prince William also has a remarkably low tuition, available to both resident and non-resident students.

School Overview

Cost Per Credit Hour: $185
Most Popular Major: Outdoor Studies


We know that finding the best school to fit your unique needs is a huge challenge. For that reason, we work hard to develop lists of the best schools based on the characteristics most important for you. Whether that be the cost of attendance, student success, resources available, flexibility of schedule, or any other number of important factors, we’ve got you covered. For more information about our ranking process and to find lists of schools based on specific characteristics, check out our methodology page.

If you’re looking for a great college in Alaska, each of these schools included on our list is a phenomenal option. Do you know a school not featured here that deserves to be included? Reach out to us today!

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