Best Creative Writing Blogs 2024

    January 26, 2024 | Admin

    Best Creative Writing Blogs

    There are many great blogs on the internet, but we have found the best blogs for creative writers. Ranging from promoting creativity, to offering tips on how to get published, check out these great creative blogs!


    1. Romance University

    Romance University logo

    This blog was started in 2009 by a team of professional writers. It has been consistently offering advice to help people improve their writing. The posts on this blog will inspire anyone to become a better writer in any genre, not just fiction.

    2. Writers Helping Writers

    This blog used to be known as the Bookshelf Muse. It is designed to help fiction writers in their creative process. It provides tools for plot development, editing, and book promotion. They also offer a number of other resources, like a Thesaurus.

    3. Write to Done

    This blog believes that anyone can be a great writer. They offer tips and tricks for even the beginner to hone in on their writing skills. It provides great advice on publishing as well, and is well-written and professional.

    4. The Write Practice

    This blog offers training and exercises to help writers become the best they can be. It was founded by Joe Bunting. The Write Practice offers daily prompts and writing advice to help inspire writers in the creative process.

    5. Aliventures

    This is a great blog for creative writers. It is written by Ali Luke who shares advice on writing and blogging. She offers realistic insights on the life of a writer, and sends out an email newsletter each week to keep writers in the loop.  

    6. Procrastiwriter

    Stop procrastinating and read this blog! Shanan Haislip, the author of the blog, will help motivate any writer to become their best. This blog also offers a ton of useful and practical tips on how to become a better writer.

    7.  WordSwimmer  

    WordSwimmer is a blog that has a ton of great advice on how to improve writing skills. It is written by Bruce Black, who loves reading books. So dive in and discover how to make your writing better.

    8. Time to Write

    Having trouble finding the time to write? Try reading this blog. It is written by Jurgen Wolff who posts advice on a variety of topics, but the overall goal is to help fuel the creative fire and give motivation to any writer.

    9. Six Sentences

    What can you write in just six sentences? Writers who are looking for a challenge should attempt writing a short story and posting it to this blog. It is a great exercise to get creative and to push the limits of what you can do.

    10. Flogging the Quill

    This is a great blog to get better at creative writing. It has tips on editing, design, and content. It will help any writer improve storytelling skills. Writers can also subscribe to their newsletter to get even more advice.

    Grammar & Editing

    1. Grammar Girl

    Illustration of Grammar Girl

    For writers who have questions on grammar, this is the blog to read. Grammar Girl writes articles on common grammar mistakes and pitfalls that writers should avoid. They also have an entertaining podcast for writers to listen to on-the-go.

    2. Daily Writing Tips

    This blog offers daily advice on writing, editing, punctuation, spelling, etc. It is a great resource for writers to get tips on how to clean up their writing and get back to the basics. Writers can even take quizzes to determine if they really know their stuff or not.

    3. Evil Editor

    While this site isn’t actually mean, it is a great resource for writers to get tips on editing. Writers can get feedback on a sample of their writing with detailed explanations on grammar principles and common errors.

    4. Grammarphobia

    Grammarphobia is a blog devoted to helping writers avoid common grammatical errors. They have a Q&A to provide direct feedback to common questions. It is written and maintained by Patricia T. O’Conner and Stewart Kellerman.

    5. Sterling Editing

    Sterling Editing is a great resource for writers who want to brush up their editing skills. They offer specific editing services and writing coaching in addition to providing tips on their blog. They often post to other online resources so that writers can use them to improve their editing.


    1. Scratch

    This digital magazine was created by Jane Friedman and Manjula Martin. It features interviews and personal stories from writers on how they made it big. Writers also talk about freelancing careers and offer advice to help other aspiring writers.

    2. The Creative Penn

    This blog is written by Joanna Penn. She offers advice on book writing and publishing. She shares her own story of making a living as an author. In addition to her blog, Joanna also has a popular podcast.

    3. Making a Living Writing

    Making a Living Writing helps freelance writers earn more money, both writing for publications and for businesses. It is written by Carol Tice, who is a freelance writer herself; she shares her experiences and passes on her tips and tricks to readers.

    4. Alexis Grant

    Alexis Grant’s blog is great for writers who are looking to turn their work into a professional career. He has great advice for freelance writers. Grant is also the author of online books and classes to help writers become their own boss.

    5. The Renegade Writer

    The Renegade Writer is a great blog for freelance writers. Made by Linda Formichelli, a freelance writer, the blog focuses on how to take a leap of faith and become a successful freelance writer.

    6. About Freelance Writing

    This blog is a great tool to learn all about freelance writing. It provides resources for writers who are looking to venture into freelance work. It has a number of posts about writing, and about marketing your skills.

    7. Funds for Writers

    Funds for Writers is a blog by C. Hope Clark. She offers resources for writers who are looking to make it as freelance writers. This site features upcoming job fairs, writing jobs, publishing connections, and more.

    8. Freelancers Union

    The Freelancers Union is a great place for freelance writers to collaborate and share ideas. It is made of real business owners sharing personal experiences as writers. It is a great source for resources and feedback.

    9. Leaving Work Behind

    For writers who are considering leaving behind their full-time jobs to pursue a writing career, this blog is a great tool. It is written by Tom Ewer and helps writers gain the courage to follow their dreams.

    10. My Freelance Life

    This site by Williesha Morris provides a more personal perspective on freelance writing. She shares her own story of becoming a freelance writer and encourages other writers in their pursuits. She offers unique and practical advice to writers.

    11. The International Freelancer

    Sometimes freelance work will take writers around the world. This blog is about the life of Mridu Khullar Relph, a freelance writer outside the United States. Her career has taken her from London to New Delhi.

    12. Writers in Charge

    Writers in charge helps writers to take control of their careers. It was created by Bamidele Onibalusi, and has grown into a network of freelance writers. This site has resources and tips for writers to make more money doing freelance work.  

    13. Angela Booth’s Writing Blog

    This blog by none other than Angela Booth is a great blog for freelance writers in any genre. It gives advice on writing short stories, how to market your book, self-publishing, and more. Check it out for tips on how to be a better freelance writer.

    14. Men with Pens

    This site has been up since 2006; it was started by James Chartrand and helps freelance writers, and even bloggers, market their work. They have exercises for writers to evaluate their writing skills and earn more money in the process.

    15. The Middle Finger Project

    The Middle Finger Project offers a more unconventional approach to freelancing. It was created by Ash Ambirge. The site offers advice on how to deal with businesses and clients, how to make more money, and how to have a good attitude.


    1. Terribleminds

    This is a blog by Chuck Wendig, who is a novelist and screenwriter. His blog is full of humor and writes about the reality of being a writer. He has experience in book publishing, and shares his insights on publishing trends.

    2. Novel Publicity

    Novel Publicity offers advice on how to tell a story. The blog offers advice on marketing and publishing, as well as a step by step process. They are consistently adding to the tips and insight on how to find success as a writer.

    3. The Passive Voice

    This blog is written by lawyer David Vandagriff and offers advice on self-publishing and traditional publishing. This blog provides useful information for writers looking to publish, while also giving creative writing prompts to start the writing process.

    4. Goins, Writer

    This great writing blog was started by Jeff Goins, a published author. He writes to help writers improve their skills to get published. He helps answer questions about the publishing process, while giving a realistic look into what it is like to be a full-time author.

    5. Helping Writers Become Authors

    This blog by K.M. Wiland offers free writing guides and other tools to help writers get published. There are posts about writing, publishing, and even marketing for fiction books. It is a great site to get tips on the writing process from start to publish.

    6. Rachelle Gardner (literary agent)

    Rachelle Garner is a book agent with Books and Such literary agency. She offers insights on the publishing process, and how to find an agent. She is genuine about helping writers become better, and gives tips on how to write a book proposal, query letter, and more.  

    7. Live Write Thrive

    This blog is written by C.S. Lakin. She gives advice on successful editing for fiction books. She also offers tips on how to get published and develop marketing strategies. Her site even has online courses that writers can take to further improve their skills.

    8. Nathan Bransford

    This blog is maintained by Nathan Bransford, a published author. He writes about the role of literary agents, and how writers can find a great one for them. He gives advice on how to write query letters, too. 

    9. Writer’s Digest: Questions and Quandaries

    The Writer’s Digest blog has answers to a number of questions raised by writers. Questions are all about getting published; including topics from how many sample chapters to include when looking for an agent.

    10. The Book Designer

    Looking for advice on how to design a book from the inside text to the outside cover? Check out this blog for tips on design and self-publishing. Joel Friedlander shares his insights on writing, marketing, and design for writers looking to publish themselves.

    11. How to Plan, Write, and Develop a Book

    This blog will help writers through the publishing process, offering tips for each part of the writing process. There are articles and resources about how to improve writing technique, and on creating a great first draft.

    12. Indies Unlimited

    This website offers a ton of resources for writers. It is truly an unlimited site, full of useful information and insight. Indies Unlimited was created by successful authors and publishers and offers professional and practical advice.  

    13. The Pub Crawl

    This site is maintained by a group of authors and publishers that helps writers looking to self-publish. They offer advice on content, craft, publishing, and marketing. Their posts also include interviews with well-known authors and agents.

    14. The Book Deal

    The Book Deal is posted by Alan Rinzler, who’s worked as an acquisitions and developmental editor for the past 56 years. He offers practical advice to writers on how to write better and get published.


    1. Harriet

    The Poetry Foundation has a blog that features everything going on in the poetry world. There are fictional poems uploaded by writers available to read. Plus, the site also contains the most recent news and trends in poetry.

    2. Coffee House Junkie

    This blog was originally named 1000 Black Lines. It features the writing of Matthew Mulder, who is a graphic designer for Orison Books. He was a short-fiction writer, but enjoys writing poetry on his blog.

    3. The Best American Poetry

    This blog was created to share the best poetry each year. The blog was created in 2008, and is filled with great poems from a number of different writers. It is a great place to post your own poetry, and enjoy the work of other writers.

    4. Poets.org

    This is a site maintained by The American Academy of Poets. There are author highlights and news on what’s going on in poetry. Writers can also search by categories like poetry about for teens or poems about aliens.

    5. Silliman’s Blog

    If you are a writer interested in the news and politics of today’s poets, check out this blog. This blog is focused on news and what’s happening now rather than sharing poems. But there are also some great suggestions on poems to read.


    1. Writing Fiction

    This blog is a great tool for writers who want to write fiction. There are always discussions going on about writing and publishing fiction novels. It is written by Crawford Kilian, who has written a number of different books in various genres.

    2. Fiction Writing

    This blog, not to be confused with Writing Fiction, is a great source for finding out what’s new in fiction writing today. There are a number of contests to be involved in, along with many articles on how to improve fiction writing.

    3. Beyond the Beyond

    This site falls into the science fiction category. The author Bruce Sterling shares his ideas on technology and scientific advancements. For science fiction writers looking to stay current, this is a great place to go.

    4. Advanced Fiction Writing

    Advanced Fiction Writing blog provides great tools on how to improve fiction writing. There is information available to optimize writing, create better plots, and market books. Don’t be afraid, you don’t have to be an advanced writer to read this blog.

    5. Fiction Writers Review

    Fiction Writers Review is a great place to read reviews on the latest fiction novels. Writers can read about current discussions and opinions of fiction books to determine what to incorporate or avoid in their next piece.

    6. Gibberish

    This blog is written by Jayme Lynn Blaschke, who is a science fiction and fantasy writer. This site gives great insight into the real life of a writer. This blog features a little bit of everything including tips on how to improve writing.

    7. Rick Riordan

    If you love this novelist, you should check out his site. Rick Riordan is an author and contributor of the New York Times. This site features everything about his latest works, and what he has been doing.

    8. Fantasy Author’s Handbook

    This site was made by science fiction author and editor Philip Athans. His posts often make writers think. He offers a fresh perspective. In his posts, he analyzes everything from legal print to diction choice.

    9. Kill Zone

    This is a blog that focuses on writing and publishing fiction. Posts are created from thriller and mystery writers to help inspire fiction writers. Writers who are looking for entertaining, yet insightful advice should read this blog.

    10. Type M for Murder

    This is a blog for writers who are interested in murder mysteries. The blog is written by a number of different writers, offering different points of view to give a more holistic view of the murder mystery genre.

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