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    Colleges Studying Bibles
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    Dating back to the fourth century, the study of the bible and religious beliefs have always been an important part of Christian education. Even in modern times, the establishment of prestigious Christian schools such as Yale, William and Mary, and Princeton set the standard in early American education. Though many of these traditional colleges have long since moved away from their Christian roots, Bible schools and other universities dedicated to Christian education are as prominent as ever in the 21st century.

    Today, there are over 1000 such schools in North America. With so many options, it’s important that you make a decision based on your interests. For those wanting to study the Bible as their primary focus, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best Bible colleges out there. We may not be able to tell you the best bible for college students or the best bible version for college students, but we can help guide you to the best bible college programs in the nation.

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    Rank School Location
    1Biola University – Los Angeles, CALa Mirada, California
    2Moody Bible Institute Chicago, Illinois
    3Liberty University Lynchburg, Virginia
    4Houston Baptist University Houston, Texas
    5Bryan College Dayton, Tennessee

    Here are the Best Colleges for Studying the Bible


    Biola University – Los Angeles, CA

    • La Mirada, California
    • Graduation Rate: 72%
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    Situated in the heart of the west coast, Biola is often recognized as the standard of excellence in Christian academia in the western United States. Though the university boasts high rankings across the board, they are best known for their Apologetics training and Bible study programs. Two specific areas that they are well known for regarding biblical integration are the science and business fields. Their apologetics department offers the MA in Science and Religion and Biola’s School of Science, Technology and Health offers state of the art science training with deep biblical integration. Biola’s Crowell School of Business is committed to redemptive entrepreneurship—using the economic engines of businesses for the glory of God—and also provides Biblically centered training in business acumen.

    The school has an incredibly qualified faculty as well, and many professors have traveled the world to give biblical seminars and presentations on a regular basis. In all, Biola offers 51 courses coded as Biblical and Theological Studies (BBST), including several masters and doctorate degrees, as well as over 30 Integration seminars—400 level courses with the singular purpose of discussing the intersection of scripture and the student’s chosen discipline. Tuition at Biola is higher than other similarly designed schools, with the yearly cost at about $36,700. It is also a larger university than most Bible schools (6,000 students), but the demand is likely due to Biola’s exceptional curriculums. If looking for a truly authentic Christian education, you won’t find much better than Biola.

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    Moody Bible Institute

    • Chicago, Illinois
    • Graduation Rate: 50%
    moody bible institute in chicago illinois

    More than any other school on this list, the Moody Bible Institute is a “Bible school” in its purest form. Founded in 1886, the institute was originally established to prepare aspiring priests and teachers for the ministry. Staying true to its roots, Moody maintains the same agenda today: prepare students to become ministers. Upon admittance, students are asked to sign a letter of intent to “enter the ministry,” and offer more than 20 unique degrees in religious education. As one of the best online bible colleges in the country, it offers three online degrees. Financially, Moody is also one of the cheapest schools we found. Tuition is free (yes, free!), while other costs such as books, room and board, etc. cost roughly $14,000 per year. If looking to enter a ministry, look no further than Moody.

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    Liberty University

    • Lynchburg, Virginia
    • Graduation Rate: 34%
    Liberty University logo

    Considering that Liberty was founded just over 40 years ago, the Virginia-based school’s formidable size and influence is very impressive. The university is home to over 100,000 students, more than 85,000 students enrolled online throughout the country, and more than 15,000 residential students. A school this big deals with more than just religion. Combining both residential and online options, Liberty offers more than 500 unique programs, including the nation’s most marketable degrees such as IT, engineering, economics, and nursing. While it is big, don’t let that cause you to overlook their bible studies programs. Over the years, Liberty has earned the reputation of being very denominational in classroom culture, and they provide a morally sound education. Liberty differs from their big-school peers by maintaining a 19:1 student-professor ratio. They also try to keep tuition low with costs around $23,800 despite teaching a wide variety of subjects. Because the school has roots in Protestant, Evangelical, and Baptist beliefs, there is a narrow focus on sola scriptura, the sole authority of scripture. When you consider the school’s flexibility, accessibility, and dedication to the scriptures, Liberty is a great option for students who want to study the Bible.

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    Houston Baptist University

    • Houston, Texas
    • Graduation Rate: 44%
    houston baptist university in houston texas

    Though it’s been around since the 60s, HBU has put itself on the map of Christian schools during the past decade. In a renewed vision to overhaul their curriculum and return to the essentials of Baptist theology, much of their progress is due to the diligence and inspiration of current president, Robert Sloan. Since 2006, they have brought on several great Christian scholars like John Mark Reynolds who was a former associate at Biola. They also added a new Apologetics department Apologetics and applied Sloan’s “10 Pillars” initiative. Today, Houston Baptist offers four Bible-oriented degrees: Biblical Studies (BA), Christianity (BA), Master of Arts in Biblical Languages (MABL), and a Master of Arts in Theological Studies (MATS). The school looks like it will continue to grow, but even as they are, HBU has become a powerhouse in the fields of Bible study and Christianity. For now, the school’s tuition is about $28,000 and they have 2,200 enrolled students.

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    Bryan College

    • Dayton, Tennessee
    • Graduation Rate: 52%
    bryan college logo

    Another school who has stayed true to its founders’ vision, Bryan College emphasizes teaching not only the Bible and offers a more holistic, worldview approach to Christianity. They offer a plethora of different religious majors, ranging from Biblical Studies and Pastoral Ministry to Christian Leadership and Christian Thought. For those looking for a more “small-town” atmosphere, Bryan is just the place. They boast one of the best student-to-professor ratios at 14:1 and only have 1,400 enrolled students. Their tuition costs are based upon credit hour, so at $272 per hour, going to school at Bryan is a very economical option. Bryan is one of the best accredited online bible colleges in the country. Like any good Bible school, Bryan is accredited by several theological organizations including the ACSI, SACS, and CCCU, and they even offer online classes for adult or non-traditional students.

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    Grove City College

    • Grove City, Pennsylvania
    • Graduation Rate: 80%
    Grove City College logo

    Grove City is not only dedicated to having a strong Bible study program, they also try to maintain biblical consistence throughout other programs as well, such as Humanities. Their excellent curriculum has earned them national recognition from the likes of Forbes, The Princeton Review, and the U.S. News & World Report. They have high standards and expectations for their students; they must attend 16 chapels per semester and complete a three-year humanities program by the time they graduate. GCC is a traditional “Bible college,” offering only undergraduate degrees, albeit prestigious ones in Law, Economics, and Politics. Perhaps the best thing about Grove City, though, is their independence. Refusing any federal funding has helped GCC keep their tuition prices around $16,000. Their enrollment is around 2,500 students.

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    Gordon College

    • Wenham, Massachusetts
    • Graduation Rate: 70%
    gordon college logo

    From its humble beginnings in the basement of a Boston church, Gordon College has since grown into a true Christian powerhouse, achieving an academic status that many colleges can only dream about. Gordon has recognized programs in Biblical studies, Christian Ministries, and Philosophy. It even has an independently-operated seminary, Gordon-Conwell Theological.

    Gordon is a strong advocate for the practice of faith. Students are required to sign a confessional statement of Christian faith upon admittance, and the college holds chapel services twice a week. Gordon boasts a strong international influence with study abroad programs throughout Europe. They also have a 13:1 student-faculty ratio. The great education comes at a price, though, as the annual total cost of attendance can be upwards of $43,000.

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    Cedarville University – Cedarville, OH

    • Cedarville, Ohio
    • Graduation Rate: 73%
    Outdoor view of college campus and lake

    Located in southwest Ohio, Cedarville University is an accredited, Christ-centered, Baptist institution with an enrollment of 4,715 undergraduate, graduate, and online students in more than 150 areas of study. Founded in 1887, Cedarville is one of the largest private universities in Ohio, recognized nationally for its authentic Christian community, rigorous academic programs, including the Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, strong graduation and retention rates, accredited professional and health science offerings, and high student engagement ranking. For more information about the University, visit cedarville.edu.

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    Oral Roberts University – Tulsa, OK

    • Tulsa, Oklahoma
    • Graduation Rate: 54%
    ORU logo

    Much like the Moody Institute, Oral Roberts is a ministry-focused university and has received past recognition from national critics such as the Princeton Review and U.S. News. ORU was founded in 1963 by the evangelist Oral Roberts himself. But unlike its controversial founder, the university has grown to become one of the most unanimously respected charismatic universities in the world. One-fourth of the majors majors offered here include Ministry-based degrees, and these 15 programs are available as both majors and minors. Their Christian curriculum specializes in teaching Old and New Testament scripture, as well as some unique courses such as “Whole Person Assessment” and “Spirit-Powered Living.” Their undergraduate tuition per year is $30,070 and the school is military friendly. Overall, this a great place to receive a Christian education.

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    Trinity International University – Deerfield, IL

    • Deerfield, Illinois
    • Graduation Rate: 56%
    trinity international university logo

    Less than an hour from the Moody Institute, the TIU campus in Deerfield is perhaps the best among its 12 sites worldwide, especially in regards to Bible study. With about 3,000 students, Trinity International is unique because it emphasizes global diversity and advocates for international missions. In addition, the Illinois campus has a Divinity School and a time-intensive Bible Studies major. With a 72-hour course program before including core classes, Bible students are sure to leave TIU with a top-notch education. They also have a highly qualified faculty to give students the best instruction.

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