Top 20 Schools to Offer an Associates in Fire Science in 2022

    March 30, 2022 | bestvalue

    Associate in Fire Science
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    Earning an Associates in Fire Science can lead to a number of exciting careers. With schools all over the country offering programs, it’s important to know what your options are. 20 schools have a lot to offer, with courses offered online and face-to-face.

    Career Options Focusing on Fire Science

    A variety of careers are available when you get an Associate in Fire Science. You may decide to go into firefighting, fire investigations, or even emergency management. In the event that you want to climb the ranks as a firefighter, such as to become a captain, you may need not only an Associate’s degree but also a Bachelor’s degree.

    In many instances, the AS in Fire Science is a great way to get into entry-level jobs. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay for a firefighter is $50,850. Should you wish to get into fire investigation with an AS or higher, you could see an increase in pay with a median salary of $60,230.

    Plenty of schools offer an AS in Fire Science. We’ve ranked the schools based on tuition and enrollment. Schools with lower tuition can make it easier to attend without racking up student loans. Further, schools with higher enrollments can show popular programs with higher acceptance rates and more campus activities. The top 20 schools to offer Fire Science degrees are listed below.

    Top 20 Schools to Offer an Associates in Fire Science

    1. Lone Star College

    Attending Lone Star College in The Woodlands, Texas, can earn students an AAS degree in Fire Science Technology. The two-year program is offered at campuses all across the area. Additionally, students can choose to earn the Basic Structural Firefighter Certificate, making it easy to enter the workforce quickly following graduation. Throughout the program, students will take liberal arts courses as well as those focused on fire science.

    • Tuition Cost per Year: $2160
    • Enrollment Total: 90,000

    2. Central New Mexico Community College

    Students at Central New Mexico Community College can earn an Associate of Applied Science in Fire Science. The program teaches about fire science and makes it possible to earn promotions for those already employed by a Fire Department. The curriculum follows the national model developed by the National Fire Academy. Students can choose to take the degree part-time or full-time. Additionally, the course is offered online, at the main campus, and at the Advanced Technology Center.

    • Tuition Cost per Year: $1650
    • Enrollment Total: 20,263

    3. Hillsborough Community College

    At Hillsborough Community College in Florida, students can take a 60-credit hour program in order to earn a Fire Science Technology AS. Students can find courses online and at one of the many campuses around Tampa Bay. The program prepares students to work as a firefighter, a building inspector, or a hazardous materials technician. Students who complete the AS are also eligible to transfer their courses to a four-year university to pursue a BS.

    • Tuition Cost per Year: $2506
    • Enrollment Total: 27,955

    4. Johnson County Community College

    The Fire Science program at Johnson County Community College offers flexibility for students to earn an Associate in Applied Science degree. The program works closely with the Johnson County Fire Chiefs Association. Students learn general education requirements while also receiving the technical education needed to excel in the industry of fire science. Courses include Firefighting Tactics, Fire Science Law, and Fire Investigation.

    • Tuition Cost per Year: $3360
    • Enrollment Total: 19,091

    5. West Georgia Technical College

    There are a few programs offered at West Georgia Technical College. Students can choose to earn a one-year Fire Science Technology Diploma or a two-year AAS degree. Students learn the science behind putting out fires and how to operate in high-stress situations. Courses include anti-arson techniques, disaster preparedness, and more. Across four semesters, students will get to choose many of the courses they take.

    • Tuition Cost per Year: $2192
    • Enrollment Total: 7331

    6. Kansas City Kansas Community College

    Academic degrees and certificates are available in Fire Science from Kansas City Kansas Community College. The program is designed to help with job placement following graduation. Students will be able to follow a curriculum that has been accredited by the International Fire Service Accreditation Congress. Throughout the program, students will participate in a progressive, modern educational experience in both fire protection and safety.

    • Tuition Cost per Year: $3300
    • Enrollment Total: 3555

    7. American Military University

    American Military University offers an AS in Fire Science with a 100% online degree program. Working professionals will find the flexibility to take the courses necessary to earn a degree. Students will learn about search and rescue, fire safety, and more. Additionally, students will adhere to a program that meets the requirements of the U.S. Fire Administration’s Executive Fire Officer Program.

    • Tuition Cost per Year: $7324
    • Enrollment Total: 46,420

    8. Lake Tahoe Community College

    Students can learn a significant amount within the Lake Tahoe Community College Fire Science program. Students will learn about tactics and strategies involved with firefighting, management techniques, and aspects of fire service operations and organization. Students will complete a 60-credit hour program in order to earn an Associate of Art in Fire Science. After one year of study, students can earn a “Certificate of Achievement.”

    • Tuition Cost per Year: $1224
    • Enrollment Total: 2404

    9. Columbia Southern University

    There are several degree options at Columbia Southern University for Fire Science. Students can choose to earn an AS, a BS, or a certificate. Students will embark on a comprehensive journey to learn about fire prevention and fire protection. The program will help those who are already a firefighter as well as those who want to explore an array of career paths. The program requires 60 credits, 45 of which can be transferred in from another school.

    • Tuition Cost per Year: $5655
    • Enrollment Total: 17,459

    10. Lakeland Community College

    Lakeland Community College provides options to students who want to study Fire Science. The two-year degree program will earn students an AS. All of the courses are taught by trained firefighters. Additionally, those who earn the degree may also receive bonus points on some of the various entry examinations offered by fire departments. Day and night courses are available so that students can enjoy flexibility in their school schedules.

    • Tuition Cost per Year: $4217
    • Enrollment Total: 9831

    11. Hutchinson Community College

    Students at Hutchinson Community College can earn an AS in Fire Science. Courses are offered on-site as well as online to provide flexibility to students. Students who enroll in the AAS program will teach students how to be a firefighter as well as how to work in a variety of settings. Students can also choose to transfer their credits to a four-year school, though they will be deficient in some academic areas since the focus is on fire science and emergency services.

    • Tuition Cost per Year: $3420
    • Enrollment Total: 5774

    12. Albany Technical College

    Albany Technical College offers a 62-credit hour program in order to earn a Fire Science Technology degree. Students will take general education courses and move into courses such as Fire Behavior & Combustion, Fire Protection Systems, and Fire and Arson Investigation.

    • Tuition Cost per Year: $2996
    • Enrollment Total: 4628

    13. Volunteer State Community College

    The Fire Science Program at Volunteer State Community College in Tennessee is a 100% online program. It is found within the Health Sciences curriculum and is FESHE certified. Students have the flexibility to complete courses part-time or full-time, ideal for those who are already working as a firefighter. Throughout the program, students learn about Fire Prevention, Fire Behavior, and more while also taking the general education courses needed to earn an AAS. Many of the professors are professional firefighters. Upon graduation, many students are able to begin working in the field immediately.

    • Tuition Cost per Year: $4332
    • Enrollment Total: 9156

    14. Bucks County Community College

    There are various fire and emergency degree programs offered at Bucks County Community College in Newtown, PA. Students can choose to earn a Fire Science Associate Degree, which follows the standards of the FESHE. Courses include Building and Fire Code Enforcement, Fire Behavior, Fire Safety Education, and more. Students will also take an array of general education courses to complete the AS. The program will consist of between 61 and 63 courses depending on the specific courses that are taken.

    • Tuition Cost per Year: $9098
    • Enrollment Total: 10,252

    15. Casper College

    Students at Casper College can earn a degree in Fire Science online as well as on-campus in Casper, Wyoming. There are hands-on opportunities to work a 24-hour shift at the Casper Fire Department. Students will take an array of courses that include strategy and tactics, fire investigation, fire prevention, and basic emergency care. Courses tend to be more practical than what is offered at other schools because of the donation of equipment from various companies.

    • Tuition Cost per Year: $3834
    • Enrollment Total: 4648

    16. Keiser University

    Students who attend Keiser University can earn an AS in Fire Science from the Sarasota, FL campus or by participating in the online program. Students will learn about fire prevention, fire codes, hazardous materials, and various other topics. Upon completing the program, students will be able to work as a firefighter as well as get involved in an array of other careers. At least 60 credit hours must be earned in order to receive the AS and some credits can be transferred from other institutions.

    • Tuition Cost per Year: $21,008
    • Enrollment Total: 16,379

    17. Lanier Technical College

    At Lanier Technical College in Georgia, students will be able to engage in a number of learning opportunities. Students can choose to obtain a Firefighter Certificate (level I or II) or earn a Fire Science Technology Degree. The degree program will consist of a total of six semesters. Students will engage in general education courses as well as specific courses that include Firefighting Strategy, Fire Behavior, Fire Service Instructor, and more. Flexibility is offered, too, allowing students to work on their degree at a pace that works for them.

    • Tuition Cost per Year: $3666
    • Enrollment Total: 4054

    18. Mount Wachusett Community College

    A Fire Science degree at Mount Wachusett Community College is based in Gardner, MA. Students will learn about the study of fires and earn an associate degree entirely online. Many students are already working as firefighters and want to work their way toward new and exciting career opportunities. Students will take an array of courses to study concepts involving Fire Hydraulics and Water Supply, Building Construction, Fire Prevention, and more.

    • Tuition Cost per Year: $5668
    • Enrollment Total: 4755

    19. Southern Arkansas University Tech

    At Southern Arkansas University Tech, there are degrees available in Fire Science and Fire and Emergency Response. Both are an Associate in Applied Science (AAS) and require a total of 60 credit hours to complete. Most students can complete the program in a year and a half if they take a summer semester. Courses will include general education as well as courses in Fire Prevention, Fire Arson Investigation, and more.

    • Tuition Cost per Year: $4977
    • Enrollment Total: 1082

    20. Lake Superior State University

    Students who attend Lake Superior State University for Fire Science will get hands-on training in emergency scenarios. Students will be able to earn an associate degree in two years. 95% of the students who earn the degree will go o to pass the OFFT Michigan Fire Fighters Training Council FF/II examination. Additionally, students can choose to stay at the school in order to work toward a Bachelor of Science in Fire Science Generalist.

    • Tuition Cost per Year: $12,255
    • Enrollment Total: 2229

    Our Ranking Methodology

    We rank the schools by giving them scores for two factors. First, scores are given for tuition, where the more affordable tuition costs are given a higher score. Then, scores are given for enrollment, where the schools that have the larger populations are given a higher score. We add the two scores up to establish how the schools will be ranked.

    The tuition costs are established based on the most updated information on the schools’ websites. In-state rates are used when applicable and only include tuition and fees. Students may have additional expenses, including books, room, and board.

    Notice an Error?

    If you work for a school listed and notice an error, please let us know. Our goal is to work with the most accurate information possible.

    If you’re searching for a program for fire science, let us help. We can show you the various online and on-campus programs available.

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