Top 20 Schools for an Associate in Art and Art History in 2022

January 3, 2022 | bestvalue

Associate in Art and History

Studying art and art history can give you a better appreciation of the art in today’s society. You can learn how to create art as well as to study past art periods when you obtain an Associate in Art and Art History. Top colleges and universities across the country offer programs for you to consider.

Career Options in an Associate in Art and Art History

The Bureau of Labor Statistics will identify that there are many careers within Art and Art History. You may decide to become a multimedia artist, an art teacher, or even a museum curator.

Depending on your career and where you wish to pursue your career, an associate degree may be sufficient. In some instances, it can serve as a stepping stone for you to work toward a bachelor’s degree – which will also increase your earning potential.

The top 20 schools to obtain an associate in art have been identified based on tuition and enrollment numbers. When you want to get a two-year degree, it’s important to see what the different schools have to offer.

Top 20 Schools for an Associate in Art and Art History

1. Miami-Dade College

Students who attend Miami-Dade College can choose to obtain an AA in Art or Art Education. The program takes two years to complete, which incorporates a total of 60 credits. Hands-on instruction is offered to include a number of media, ranging from ceramics to painting to sculpture to jewelry making. Design, education, and art history classes are offered, too, allowing students to explore various career opportunities.

  • Tuition Cost per Year: $2838
  • Enrollment Total: 92,085

2. Fresno City College

An AA in Fine Art is available at Fresno City College. Students will have the ability to learn about drawing, sculpture, ceramics, printmaking, digital art, and more. The diverse population on campus provides opportunities for exhibition, mentoring, and various community opportunities. Students can pursue a variety of programs in conjunction with fine art, including music studies and theater arts.

  • Tuition Cost per Year: $1304
  • Enrollment Total: 24,563

3. Foothill College

Foothill College, located in Los Altos Hills, CA, offers an associate degree in Art History. Students can choose to take the entire program virtually, offering flexibility. The program is a minimum of 90 units, spread out across core courses, support courses, and additional elective coursework. Upon completing the program, students will have career opportunities that range from college professors to museum conservators to art critics and tour guides.

  • Tuition Cost per Year: $1563
  • Enrollment Total: 13,630

4. College of San Mateo

The College of San Mateo offers an Associate in Arts Degree in Art History. The emphasis in art history allows students to learn about the way various cultures and civilizations have express themselves through art. Students will take core courses that focus on art throughout different periods of history and be able to choose from relatives such as life drawing, two-dimensional design, oil painting, visual perception, and more.

  • Tuition Cost per Year: $1434
  • Enrollment Total: 10,000

5. Arizona State University

Students at Arizona State University can choose both AA and BA programs in Art History. Students will learn about the history of art through various contacts including political, social, and economic. Students will also complete interdisciplinary coursework beyond art history courses in order to develop a comprehensive education that can translate to a plethora of career opportunities upon graduation.

  • Tuition Cost per Year: $11,338
  • Enrollment Total: 71,946

6. University of Texas at Austin

The Department of Art and Art History at the University of Texas at Austin offers an array of programs. Students can earn a BA or work toward an AA in only two years. The Art History Program at UT Austin is considered one of the largest in the nation. Students are given access to the Blanton Museum of Art as well as the cultural archives at the Harry Ransom Center. Interdisciplinary study is also another vital aspect of the program.

  • Tuition Cost per Year: $10,824
  • Enrollment Total: 50,950

7. Front Range Community College

Art and Art History are offered at Front Range Community College. Students can choose to take the courses online or at one of three physical campuses: Boulder, Larimer, or Westminster. Career paths available to students who graduate from the program include such things as a fine artist, photographer, art teacher, and illustrator. The average class size is 17:1 to offer plenty of hands-on learning from faculty. The tuition is also set to be affordable in comparison to what’s charged at a four-year university.

  • Tuition Cost per Year: $3986
  • Enrollment Total: 20,568

8. University of Massachusetts

The University of Massachusetts offers degrees in the History of Art and Architecture. The program is available at the Amherst campus. While the BA is the most common degree provided, students can complete an AA in only two years. The unique Graduate Diversity Fellowship is also available to students who already have a bachelor’s degree, providing a comprehensive history of art and architecture.

  • Tuition Cost per Year: $16,389
  • Enrollment Total: 28,635

9. Essex County College

Essex County College, located in Newark, New Jersey, offers an AA in Arts. The degree program provides students with a foundation in technical and artistic skills. The two-year program can also be transferred to a four-year college or university in order to pursue a bachelor’s degree. The average course load is 15 credits per semester, though students can shorten the time it takes to complete the program by taking summer sessions.

  • Tuition Cost per Year: $8790
  • Enrollment Total: 18,087

10. Richmond Community College

An Associate in Arts can be earned at Richmond Community College. Students will take basic liberal art classes while also taking courses in art. Students can also take specific courses that prepare them for being an art teacher. Many of the courses are offered online to offer flexibility. Additionally, counselors are available to help students who may wish to transfer to a four-year institution. Personal enrichment courses can be added for diversity, including sewing basics and digital photography.

  • Tuition Cost per Year: $2516
  • Enrollment Total: 2555

11. Colorado Mountain College

Students at Colorado Mountain College can earn an AA in Arts. The Art History degree allows students to learn about art as it pertains to various cultures. Additionally, students will complete their general education requirements. A 13:1 student to teacher ratio provides plenty of learning opportunities. The low-cost tuition is also flexible enough for students to avoid high student debts. Upon completing the program, it’s easy to transfer to a four-year university.

  • Tuition Cost per Year: $4620
  • Enrollment Total: 5823

12. New York University

The Department of Art History at New York University offers an array of degree programs. Students can obtain an AA or a BA in art history, urban design, and architecture studies. Students will have access to studio art at the Steinhardt School. Additionally, a student journal, Ink & Image, allows students to get involved in publishing. Art history students at NYU are able to secure a wide array of positions around the city and beyond, working in auction houses, museums, nonprofit organizations, commercial galleries, and more.

  • Tuition Cost per Year: $53,308
  • Enrollment Total: 50,027

13. Allen County Community College

Students at Allen County Community College can earn an Associate in Art in Visual Art. A solid foundation is provided in not only art appreciation but also design and studio work. The degree track consists of general education courses and recommended art courses. Students will earn an AA, which can be transferred to private universities and art institutes, if desired. Some of the courses students have access to include Design, Drawing, Digital Photography, Life Drawing, and more.

  • Tuition Cost per Year: $3080
  • Enrollment Total: 2540

14. Roxbury Community College

Various art opportunities exist at Roxbury Community College. Located in Roxbury Crossing, MA, the school allows students to choose from Theatre Arts, Musical Arts, and Visual Arts. Students will earn an AA over the course of two years. It is possible to speed up the degree by taking summer courses, some of which may be offered online. Many of the courses can also be transferred to other universities throughout Massachusetts and beyond.

  • Tuition Cost per Year: $5224
  • Enrollment Total: 2672

15. Syracuse University

At Syracuse University, students can embrace an Art History program that focuses on art history and visual culture. There will be classes on ancient art, art within the Italian Renaissance, and more. Traditional programs offer a BA, though it is possible to earn an AA in only two years. Students who wish to continue their education can stay at Syracuse for the duration of their art education. On campus, students can also explore art museums and galleries while also volunteering at the Special Collections Research Center.

  • Tuition Cost per Year: $53,849
  • Enrollment Total: 22,484

16. Eastern West Virginia Community and Technical College

It’s possible to earn an Associate in Arts at Eastern West Virginia Community and Technical College. Students can focus on their interdisciplinary courses such as math, science, and writing while at the community college. There are ways to learn about art, humanities, and religion courses. The school offers a large number of humanities & art courses to explore. Students can also transfer to a four-year college after obtaining a liberal arts degree to focus more heavily on studio art.

  • Tuition Cost per Year: $3552
  • Enrollment Total: 483

17. Lindenwood University

Lindenwood University, located in St. Charles, Missouri, offers academic programs in Art History and Visual Culture. Students will study an array of visual materials including digital art, photography, sculpture, and painting. Online courses make it possible to study from anywhere, while on-campus courses make it possible to work collaboratively. Students can choose to obtain an AA or work for a three-year fast track to obtain a BA.

  • Tuition Cost per Year: $18,100
  • Enrollment Total: 8697

18. UNC School of the Arts

The UNC School of the Arts is part of the University of North Carolina on the Chapel Hill campus. Students can choose to earn an AA or a BA in Art and Art History, learning about the history and practice of art. Students will have access to visiting artist lectures and more. Many of the courses are offered online as well as on the NC campus, offering convenience. Students can choose courses that focus more on Studio Art or Art History. Faculty is comprised of leading scholars, many of whom take an interdisciplinary approach to also take of architecture and other concepts.

  • Tuition Cost per Year: $9358
  • Enrollment Total: 1144

19. Rollins College

Rollins College offers an array of undergraduate programs, including one in Art History. Students are taught about visual art from the Paleolithic Period all the way to the contemporary. The college, located in Orlando, FL, teaches students to examine and analyze works of art. Additionally, a fully interdisciplinary approach is taken, allowing students to learn about science, economics, religion, anthropology, and more. Students will focus on critical and creative thinking, research, global history, and more throughout the AA or BA program.

  • Tuition Cost per Year: $51,700
  • Enrollment Total: 3272

20. Prescott College

Prescott College gives students access to an education in Arts & Letters. While the most common program is a Bachelor of Fine Arts, it is possible to work first toward an associate degree. The 60-credit hour program offers interdisciplinary courses as well as electives in visual arts and Letters. Students will learn about producing art, teaching it, curating it, and designing it. Courses range from photography to drawing to environmental art.

  • Tuition Cost per Year: $32,553
  • Enrollment Total: 840

Our Ranking Methodology

We rank the schools using two important factors: enrollment and tuition. The schools with the highest enrollment numbers are given the highest scores. The schools are also given scores based on tuition, with the most affordable rates being given the higher scores. Both scores are added up to determine how the schools will rank.

We use the most updated information available from the individual schools’ websites. Tuition is based on a one-year (two semesters) cost using in-state rates when applicable. The tuition and fees do not include added expenses such as books and room/board.

Notice an Error?

We’re committed to ranking schools using the most accurate information. If you’re employed by one of the schools listed and notice an error, please let us know. We’ll correct the information so that it’s available to all potential students.

If you’re interested in obtaining an associate in art or art history, let us help you find the school that offers the best program for you.

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