Top 9 Accelerated BSN Programs in Texas in 2024

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Accelerated BSN Programs in Texas

If you have a caring heart, a mind for problem-solving, and a friendly personality then nursing might be the right path for you. If you are an excellent student, have some time to dedicate to the program, and are able to work in a fast-paced learning environment and you already have part of your education then an accelerated path may be the right choice. Here are the top accelerated BSN programs in Texas. 

What Is The Job Outlook For Registered Nurses? 

Excellent. Careers in health care have been continuously on the rise and are forecasted to continue to be on the rise for the next decade. Earning your BSN should improve your job outlook and your income potential right away. 

Is It Worth It To Take The Accelerated Path? 

It depends on your past education and your current situation. In most cases choosing an accelerated path will save you time and money because your past education and experience are taken into account instead of starting from the beginning of a nursing program. The program does rely on the idea that the nursing student is a fast learner and responsible student. 

Top 9 Accelerated BSN Programs in Texas


Texas A & M University

  • College Station, Texas

Texas A & M  offers a 15-month accelerated program for nursing students who already have a bachelor’s degree in a non-nursing field of study. There is only one admission and start date per year and the number of slots available is limited so applicants should apply early and be prepared with a backup school or to apply again next year. Texas A & M is the oldest higher ranking educational institute in the state and is positively reviewed by many satisfied graduates.

School Overview

Tuition: $12,153 In-State, $38,602 Non-Resident
Enrollment: 68,726
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The University of Texas

  • Austin, Texas

The University of Texas  offers their accelerated nursing BSN for those with a current bachelor’s and they also have a convenient online program for those with their RN associated but no BSN that can be done entirely online while the person works as an RN. Flexibility and quality educational opportunities including clinicals, hands-on training, and NCLEX prep mean that graduates move on ready for successful careers. This program is offered at several University of Texas Campuses across the state.

School Overview

Tuition: $8,742 In-State, $22,752 Non-Resident
Enrollment: 9,617
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University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston

  • Galveston, Texas

Do you have 16 months to dedicate to a nursing education at one of the leading research hospitals and schools in the district? Consider the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston BSN nursing program. Entry is limited and requirements are high but this fast-paced program will prepare you with a curriculum and hands-on experiences that will not leave you lacking when it is time to test or perform.

School Overview

Tuition: $6,522 In-State, $20,069 Non-Resident
Enrollment: 3,354
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Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

  • Lubbock, Texas

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center offers an accelerated BSN program with an online option. The online nursing program is ranked nationally and allows working nurses to advance in their careers no matter their location. The students report that their experience at Texas Tech Health Sciences Center was both demanding and educational with hands-on training and a challenging curriculum that prepared them for the next stage.

School Overview

Tuition: $6,417 In-State, $19,282 Non-Resident
Enrollment: 5,294
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University of Houston

  • Houston, Texas

University of Houston – Victoria offers an accelerated BSN for current RNs who want to earn their bachelor’s degree. The program is online, rigorous, yet flexible for busy working medical professionals. Applicants must meet the yearly deadline, and fulfill the prereqs listed on the site to apply. Many choose this option when they simply cannot slow down from their current nursing demands but want to increase their credentials and pay.

School Overview

Tuition: $6,781 In-State, $16,909 Non-Resident
Enrollment: 4,506
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University of Texas Health – San Antonio

  • San Antonio, Texas

UT San Antonio offers an on-campus and in area hospital ABSN program for potential students with a degree in a field other than nursing. The program is demanding and rated high among ABSN programs because the goal is to provide the recruitment pool with quality nursing employees that are competent and ready for generalized nursing practice. Students do their labs in one of Texas’ finest cities and their clinical in area hospitals.

School Overview

Tuition: $5,875 In-State, $18,306 Non-Resident
Enrollment: 3,386
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Texas Lutheran University

  • Seguin, Texas

Texas Lutheran University offers an accelerated BSN option for students who have a degree in another field. The paths vary depending on the student’s prior education. Their program is well-reviewed and many students choose this Christian school to earn their BSN. Remember that you do not have to be Lutheran to attend, only to uphold the school’s established values.

School Overview

Tuition: $30,860
Enrollment: 1,476
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Concordia University

  • Austin, Texas

Concordia University in Texas offers an online ABSN program that mixes online coursework with hands-on skill work at campus labs, and clinical rotations at area hospitals to ensure that all graduates are prepared for all situations when they start their careers. A private nursing school education has the same requirements as a state nursing program, with the same results. You may find more personalized advising at Concordia, according to student reviews.

School Overview

Tuition: $32,860
Enrollment: 2,518
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Texas Christian University

  • Fort Worth, Texas

Texas Christian University is known for being rigorous. But they require excellence because the career path is so vital for each patient. They have “exams with a purpose” and that purpose is to make sure each and every student graduates with the highest level of skills and ability so each and every patient is in quality care. As will all Christian schools students much uphold an honor code while attending.

School Overview

Tuition: $49,250
Enrollment: 11,024
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How We Ranked The Schools

The schools on this list were ranked based on information from the school’s webpage, real student reviews, and other credible sources. If you feel like your school is not accurately represented please contact us so we can edit the information and provide accurate data for potential accelerated BSN students.

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