Top 14 Accelerated BSN Programs in Florida in 2021

March 30, 2021 | Staff Writers

Accelerated BSN Programs in Florida
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When you’re in the field of nursing or thinking about making a career change to become a nurse, your education matters. Accelerated BSN programs in Florida can provide you with a bachelor’s degree. It’s a chance to prove that you have a strong education in healthcare. Plus, accelerated programs can ensure that you get your degree quickly so that you can get started in your nursing career. Should you decide to get a master’s degree, there are various programs that can help you get into an MSN program, too.

What is a BSN Program?

A BSN program provides you with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. A typical program will take four years to complete. However, if you already have a bachelor’s degree in another field or you have some kind of nursing certification, there are accelerated programs available to you. Many of these programs will take two years or less – and some are designed so that you can work full-time in your nursing career while getting your degree.

What is the Earning Possibilities for a BSN?

There are quite a few differences between being an RN and a BSN. Essentially, those with a BSN degree have a higher education and, therefore, can earn more. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, registered nurses with a bachelor’s degree can earn a median pay of $73,300. Considering that the field is growing considerably with a faster than average job outlook, it’s important to set yourself apart with your education.

You’ll find a variety of accelerated BSN programs in Florida, offered across public and private universities. Below are the top 15 programs, all ranked by tuition and enrollment numbers.

Top 15 Accelerated BSN Programs in Florida

1. University of South Florida College of Nursing

The College of Nursing at the University of South Florida in Tampa offers a number of undergraduate programs. Students who have already earned a bachelor’s degree can pursue a second degree through the accelerated program that is designed to be completed in four semesters. Students will take courses and learn what it takes to be a registered nurse, including strong clinical skills. Additionally, many students will have the ability to explore unique opportunities that exist in the state of Florida and beyond, including the Peace Corps.

  • Annual Tuition Cost: $3152
  • Enrollment Total: 49,591

2. University of Florida College of Nursing

At the University of Florida in Gainesville, the College of Nursing offers an accelerated BSN program. Anyone with a bachelor’s degree in any area can choose to pursue a BSN while also exploring nursing research and science. The program is completed in four consecutive semesters in an accelerated track. The curriculum and coursework happen in the classroom as well as within laboratories. Students will learn about the research process and focus on clinical reasoning. Additionally, there will be access to a clinical setting so that students learn how to manage patients from a variety of cultures and backgrounds.

  • Annual Tuition Cost: $6381
  • Enrollment Total: 52,367

3. Florida Atlantic University

The Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing at Florida Atlantic University offers an Accelerated BSN program to any student who holds a bachelor’s degree (or higher). The program is limited access and is designed to be an intensive way to complete the academic study in only four semesters. The track is considered intense and, therefore, the school recommends that students do not work during the duration. In order to be accepted into the program, applicants must have a bachelor’s degree with a minimum of a 3.0 GPA and undergo a personal interview with the admissions department. Once accepted, students will be able to take a variety of nursing courses that focus on science, care, and research.

  • Annual Tuition Cost: $4879
  • Enrollment Total: 30,377

4. Florida State University

Various programs are offered within the College of Nursing at Florida State University. The program is highly competitive to get into and requires students to have a bachelor’s degree or higher in order to qualify for the ABSN (accelerated Bachelor of Science Nursing) program. The two-year program acceptance involves a personal essay, letters of recommendation, and transcripts. Upon getting accepted, students will take courses on the campus along with various clinical labs in order to receive hands-on experience with the skills as well as working with patients. Courses are not available online – all of the courses are offered at the main Tallahassee campus.

  • Annual Tuition Cost: $5656
  • Enrollment Total: 32,812

5. South University

While South University has campuses all throughout the Southern United States, there’s a location conveniently located in West Palm Beach, Florida. The accelerated BSN program is highly competitive, ensuring that only the best students are able to get accepted. Students will need to have a bachelor’s degree or higher in order to get into the program. Students will be taught by experienced nurses and learn about critical thinking and decision-making as it applies to what the patients need. Students will have the ability to apply for licensure through national certifying bodies upon graduating from the program.

  • Annual Tuition Cost: $13,594
  • Enrollment Total: 32,681

6. Florida A&M University

Florida A&M University offers a variety of fast-track programs within their School of Nursing. There are programs for students who are currently an RN as well as for those who hold a bachelor’s degree in another field of study. Students will be able to obtain an education that focuses on the changing health environment found in the United States. At least 30 credit hours must be obtained from FAMU in order to qualify for the BSN. Students will take the courses across four consecutive semesters, taking such courses as Pathophysiology for Nursing and Promoting the Health of Populations. Upon graduating, it is possible for students to sit for the various licensure exams.

  • Annual Tuition Cost: $5785
  • Enrollment Total: 9614

7. Jersey College Nursing School

Jersey College is a private school with campuses found not only in New Jersey but also Florida. Campus locations include Fort Lauderdale, Largo, Tampa, Jacksonville, and Port Charlotte. A variety of nursing programs are offered to ensure that students can get the education they want. A BSN program is designed to be completed in four semesters or two years. Financial aid is offered extensively, too, making it easier for students to pay for their tuition and lab expenses. Day and evening courses are available so that students can choose the times that are convenient.

  • Annual Tuition Cost: $10,650
  • Enrollment Total: 2000

8. ECPI University

ECPI University is located in the Lake Mary area of Orlando. The accelerated BSN program is designed to take 2.5 years for those who hold a non-nursing degree. Online and on-campus courses are available to offer convenience. Additionally, the school boasts a proactive career center to make it easier for students to find a career upon graduation. The consolidated program teaches students with a core of 80 credit hours. Students will take courses such as Nutrition, Dosage Calculations, Mental Health Nursing, Medical Surgical Nursing, and more. It ensures that students are exposed to the various specialties of nursing, too, in order to be prepared for any potential career opportunity that exists upon completing the program.

  • Annual Tuition Cost: $16,639
  • Enrollment Total: 10,762

9. Nova Southeastern University

The Accelerated BSN program at Nova Southeastern University occurs within the Ron and Kathy Assaf College of Nursing. The program is typically completed in two years and is done on a full-time basis. The admissions requirements include holding a non-nursing bachelor’s degree with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0. The majority of the courses are offered in the classroom, ensuring that students get hands-on experience. Further, it allows students to gain the necessary experience to explore various career opportunities beyond those that only have an associate degree.

  • Annual Tuition Cost: $32,110
  • Enrollment Total: 25,670

10. Barry University

Located in Miami, Barry University is a private school that offers an accelerated BSN program. The rapid-paced program is designed to be completed across four consecutive semesters. The school prides itself on small class sizes to make it possible for students to obtain more interaction with professors. Clinical experiences occur in some of the top medical centers and healthcare systems in Florida. Additionally, students are given access to some incredible career opportunities upon graduating and passing their licensure exams. Students will also have access to various privately funded scholarships in order to offset the cost of tuition.

  • Annual Tuition Cost: $15,007
  • Enrollment Total: 8905

11. Galen College of Nursing

Those who wish to pursue nursing as a second career can explore the Galen College of Nursing program. The program is completed in three years as opposed to the standard four years for a BSN. The prelicensure program takes 36 months (or less) depending on how many courses are taken at a time. Previous credits earned at other institutions can be transferred. Campuses are located in Miami and Tampa Bay, allowing students to get the hands-on training needed. Extensive time is needed outside of the classroom for reading and studying, so it is recommended that students work minimal hours if at all while in the program.

  • Annual Tuition Cost: $12,900
  • Enrollment Total: 734

12. University of Miami

The accelerated BSN program at University of Miami can be fast-tracked so that students can sit for licensure in just 12 months. Clinical and classroom education are blended together to provide a thorough learning experience. The University of Miami is regarded as one of the most innovative private research universities in the world. While the cost of tuition is higher than many other programs, there are various scholarships available. Additionally, the university works hard to offer students career placement opportunities upon graduation.

  • Annual Tuition Cost: $51.930
  • Enrollment Total: 17,003

13. Lincoln Memorial University

Although Lincoln Memorial University’s main campus is in Tennessee, there is a campus located in Tampa, Florida. The Caylor School of Nursing offers an accelerated BSN program so that students can get their Bachelor of Science in nursing in only two years. The program is approved by the Florida Board of Nursing and the foundation makes it possible to sit for the exam to become licensed as an RN. Students with a bachelor’s degree in any non-nursing field can apply, though science courses cannot be more than eight years old.

  • Annual Tuition Cost: $22,740
  • Enrollment Total: 1975

14. Florida College of Health Science

An accelerated BSN program is available from Florida College. Although a traditional BSN program takes four years to complete, students can take the fast-track in approximately two years. Students will meet the requirements to take the NCLEX-RN exam to be licensed as an RN upon graduation. Located in Temple Terrace, the school offers on-campus courses for a hands-on learning experience. Students will also need to take courses in Biblical Literature while enrolled at the private university. Additionally, off-campus internships are available to help students explore various opportunities.

  • Annual Tuition Cost: $17,300
  • Enrollment Total: 478

Our Ranking Methodology

Schools were ranked first by the cost of tuition with the more affordable schools receiving a higher rank. The schools were ranked again by the enrollment numbers with the more populated schools receiving a higher rank. The ranks were added together in order to identify which schools are placed at the top of the list.

The tuition is calculated based on one year or two semesters (15 credit hours per semester). In-state tuition costs are used when applicable and only include tuition and fees. Lab hours, room and board, books, and other fees are not considered when ranking the schools.

If you work for a school and notice that there’s an error in any of the data we’ve used, please let us know. We’ll edit the information to ensure that everyone gets accurate and updated information about the schools.

When you’re exploring online programs for nursing, let us help you to find the school that’s right for you.

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