2 Week CNA Classes 2024

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2 Week CNA Classes

What is a Certified Nursing Assistant?

A Certified Nursing Assistant or CNA works directly under a Registered Nurse while proving daily care for patients.  CNAs will bridge the gap between patients and nurses as they care for the daily tasks of the patient.  They provide quality of life care for patients in nursing homes, assisted living centers, hospice facilities, and residential settings.  While they care for patients’ daily needs they gather vital information about the patient’s overall well-being which they relay to nurses and doctors.  Many CNAs will use their knowledge to progress to become an LPN or RN and further their career.

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How does a CNA differ from a Medical Assistant and LPN?

Though may call CNA’s a Nursing Assistant they are not trained to perform the duties of a nurse, a Licensed Practical Nurse or Medical Assistant.  Each profession deals with healthcare and patient assessment; they do differ in responsibilities and education required.  A Medical Assistant works primarily with patient assessment, evaluation, and assisting doctors with patient care and treatment.  Whereas CNA’s are responsible for direct patient care.  A Licensed Nurse Practitioner or LPN takes classes similar to an RN and has more knowledge of the human body.  There are tasks that LPNs can do but CNA’s cannot.

What does a CNA do?

The responsibilities of a CNA help a facility run smoothly, especially when there are multiple patients or residents that are in need of the care of a Registered Nurse.  The following are some of the tasks that CNAs do; obtaining vital signs, gathering supplies for RN’s, dress wounds, bathe patients, clean rooms, document information, and more

Rank School Location
1Heart to Heart Healthcare TrainingEssexville, Michigan and Ypsilanti, Michigan
2American Red Cross Training ServicesWashington, D.C.
3Butler Community CollegeEl Dorado, Kansas
4Healthcare Solutions and Career GroupDetroit, Michigan
5Bismark State CollegeBismark, North Dakota

What does the future of CNA’s look like?

With people living longer and entering advanced memory care facilities or assisted living centers more CNAs are needed than ever before.  The average median salary for CNAs is $29,660 annually.

Becoming a CNA has never been easier.  Most institutions are offering 2 Week CNA classes to train individuals seeking to enter this arm of the healthcare industry.  Some Memory Care facilities will even pay for training and allow students to learn on the job to help them meet the growing need they have for quality CNAs.  We have gathered institutions that are state approved and will train students in 2 week CNA classes as well as 4 week CNA classes across the nation.  Find a program near you to begin a rewarding career in caring for others.


Heart to Heart Healthcare Training

  • Essexville, Michigan and Ypsilanti, Michigan

Heart to Heart Healthcare Training is a state approved and licensed as a proprietary school for training healthcare staff. The 2 week CNA class consists of lecture, lab, and clinical. The lecture portion will include a textbook and powerpoint presentations. Students will learn through hands-on experience and practice in class through repetition to guarantee they are learning the proper procedures. The clinical portion will take place at a local nursing home under the direction of the instructor where students will demonstrate their knowledge of their responsibilities as a CNA.


Location: Essexville, Michigan and Ypsilanti, Michigan
Tuition: $925
Class Duration: 2 Weeks
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American Red Cross Training Services

  • Washington, D.C.

Learning from the American Red Cross Training Services has a number of benefits from the many training facilities they have all over the nation to the quality of instruction students receive. This program is divided into two parts, the first covering theory. Students will learn in a classroom with small class sizes through lectures and textbook discussions. Once students complete the first section they can move to the second part. The second part is clinical experience. Students will work directly with patients ina healthcare facility under the direction of a supervisor as they gain the necessary hands-on experience.


Location: Washington, D.C.
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Butler Community College

  • El Dorado, Kansas

A public Community College, Butler Community College knows that much of the day to day care patients receive in long-term care facilities is given by CNAs and they need the proper training and experience to be caring, professional, and effective. Butlers comprehensive program is approved by the state of Kansas and prepares students to pass the state certification exam upon completing the program. Under the supervision of Registered Nurses, students will gain hands-on experience of the daily tasks they will be required to perform as a CNA.


Location: El Dorado, Kansas
Tuition: $104 Per Credit Hour
Class Duration: 2 Weeks
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Healthcare Solutions and Career Group

  • Detroit, Michigan

The Healthcare Solutions and Career Group provides a 2 week CNA class that prepares students to pass the state exam and be certified to work as a CNA in a number of various settings. Whether students are seeking to be employed at a long term care facility or work directly in residents homes, they will be certified and prepared to do the work of a CNA. Students can either do day time classes full time for two weeks or night classes for two weeks. This class consists of coursework, laboratory training, and clinical training. The clinical training will be under the guidance of a seasoned professional.


Location: Detroit, Michigan
Tuition: $474
Class Duration: 2 Weeks
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Bismark State College

  • Bismark, North Dakota

A public community college, Bismarck State College offers both a traditional in person CNA course and a hybrid CNA course. Both courses require 80 hours to complete and can be completed in two weeks. The traditional class will have 41 hours of lecture and course instruction, 19 hours of classroom practical training, 16 hours of clinical practice, and 4 hours of review and testing. The hybrid course allows students to complete the course instruction online while they attend the clinical practice and practical training on campus. When the program is completed students will be prepared to take the certification exam. Once completing the program students can be employed at a long term healthcare facility or for home healthcare.

Location: Bismark, North Dakota
Tuition: $630
Course Duration: 2 Weeks
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HealthPro CNA Academy

  • Tulsa, Oklahoma

Locally owned and operated, HealthPro CNA Academy has community at the heart of everything they do. Desiring to train CNAs that are compassionate as well as skillful and knowledgeable. As the healthcare field grows the need to fill the gaps between patients and nurses increases, this is where well-trained CNAs come in, to fill that gap and help ensure that patients are well cared for. The two week program will prepare students to be able to pass the state board exams as well as provide compassionate care for patients and knowledgeable assistance to nurses. Students will participate in coursework, practicums, and clinical rotations under the supervision of a Nurse.


Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Tuition: $499
Course Duration: 2 Weeks
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Community College of Philadelphia

  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

A public community college, The Community College of Philadelphia offers an accredited CNA program that students can enroll in and complete in just two weeks. Students are prepared to be employed in long term care facilities or home healthcare settings once they complete the program. The program consists of classroom lecture, lab skills, and a clinical practicum. Students learn the theory, techniques, and procedures of what a CNA does in their profession. They will gain the skill set that is necessary for success through the lab and clinical practicum. Students will complete 124 hours to complete the course.


Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Tuition: $1,495
Course Duration: 2 Weeks
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Blossom Healthcare LLC

  • Tacoma, Washington

Blossom Healthcare LLC focuses primarily on training CNAs. As a professional institution that teaches and provides hands-on experience, students leave prepared to be employed in either a long-term care facility or a home healthcare program. Students will participate in a hybrid model of learning, with the first week being taught online full-time and the rest being taught in person. Both a lab practice and a clinical rotation are required for students to complete the program. Once these are complete, students can take the state certification exam. Students must attend every class and cannot be late. The entire program takes three weeks to complete.


Location: Tacoma, Washington
Tuition: $700
Class Duration: 3 Weeks
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National Healthcare Corporation

  • Murfreesboro, Tennessee

National Healthcare Corporation in Tennessee is focused on training CNAs to fill the gaps in the healthcare system between patients and nurses. Individuals that are wanting to make a difference and are compassionate can make a difference as CNA. They are the ones that perform the daily duties of caring for those who need it most. Students will participate in coursework, labs, and clinical experiences to complete this course. Some qualify to take the course free of charge, to see if you qualify, fill out the application here.


Location: Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Tuition: $1,200 or Free Training
Class Duration: 2 Weeks
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Northeast Medical Institute

  • Stamford and Woodbridge, Connecticut

At Northeast Medical Institute students will learn the skills and gain the knowledge necessary to pass the state certification exam and be employed as a CNA. Students will learn basic nursing skills that revolve around the 22 ADL’s (Activities of Daily Living). CNA’s must be compassionate enough to care for every patient as if they were their own family member. CNAs also need to have excellent communication skills as they are the one that fills in the gap between the patient and head nurse. Students will complete the first two weeks online in a self paced format. The online course teaches theory. The next two weeks will be spent in labs and clinical rotations.


Location: Stamford and Woodbridge, Connecticut
Tuition: $1,200
Class Duration: 4 Weeks
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Wings Healthcare Training

  • Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Wings Healthcare Training focuses on training CNAs and CMAs to pass the state certification exam and become certified. Students will learn the theory and practice of nurse aids. Whether students desire to work in a long term care facility or in teh home health aspect of the medical field they will have the knowledge and skill set to do both. With numerous start dates throughout the year students can enroll every month in a program that works with their schedule. Each program takes two weeks to complete. The state certification exam will be taken once the class is completed.


Location: Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
Tuition: $675
Class Duration: 2 Weeks

Quality Career Pathways

  • Omaha, Nebraska

Quality Career Pathways offers two paths to earning a CNA, either the traditional in person training method or a hybrid model. The hybrid model allows students to take the lecture and coursework online the first week and then complete the practicum in person the second week. To better meet the needs of students there are day, evening and weekend classes available. Students will be prepared to pass the state and national certification exams upon completing the course. The course is offered numerous times throughout the year.


Location: Omaha, Nebraska
Tuition: Cost Calculation Here
Class Duration: 2 Weeks

Serenity Health Training Institute

  • Southfield, Michiga

Serenity Health Training Institute focuses on training those who fill the gap between the patient and nurse, primarily CNAs. Students will learn from dedicated instructors that desire their success and ensure the material is understood. Students are qualified to sit for the national and state certification exams after the course is complete. Students have three paths to choose to earn their CNA. The first is a 2 week course that students attend full time during the day. The second is a 3 week course where students attend evening classes to complete the program. The last option is 6 weeks long where students only attend on saturdays for the course. There is a path for every schedule and ability to anbale every student to succeed.


Location: Southfield, Michiga
Tuition: $495
Class Duration: 2 Week, 3 Week, 6 Week

Neway Directions

  • Madison, Wisconsin

Neway Directions is a regional leader in training CNAs. Students of Neway Directions receive more than just education, students can receive individualized education plans, assistance with hardware and software installation, skills assessment and evaluation, and employment services. With these added benefits students are well prepared for their careers upon course completion. The CNA program requires students to participate for two weeks full time. The first week students will learn theory, how to assist patients with activities of daily living, and more. The second week students will participate in clinical rotations to gain hands-on experience under the direction of a supervisor.


Location: Madison, Wisconsin
Tuition: Contact Neway Directions
Class Duration: 2 Weeks

Lane Community College

  • Eugene, Orego

A public institution, Lane Community College provides a state approved CNA class. The course is broken up into two parts, the first part is the coursework in the classroom by certified instructors that have had years of experience. The second part is the clinical where students learn the ropes of basic nursing care and skills. Students that go on to work in a long term care facility are eligible to be reimbursed for their education and certification for their CNA. Keep receipts! Students will be qualified to take the state and national exam to become a certified CNA.


Location: Eugene, Orego
Tuition: $689 Per Part
Class Duration: 2 Weeks Each
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Florida Training Academy

  • Tallahassee, Florida

Florida Training Academy, formerly Perfect CNA provides excellent hands-on learning to prepare students to pass both the written portion of the state exam as well as the clinical. Students will be taught the theory, current privacy laws, responsibilities of CNAs and more. They will also have the opportunity to learn through hands-on experience though clinicals. This course can be completed in one week if students are able to dedicate a full week. This course is ideal for working individuals or parents that are seeking to enter the medical field. CNAs can continue their career as a CNA or use it as a springboard to become an RN or Physician’s Assistant.


Location: Tallahassee, Florida
Tuition: $200 to $375
Class Duration: 1 Week to 2 Weeks
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Legacy Health Careers

  • Houston, Texas

Legacy Healthcare Careers provides a unique opportunity for students to earn their CNA and Phlebotomy certification at the same time. They provide separate classes for each for students that do not desire to earn both simultaneously. The CNA program lasts 10 days, the joint program takes three weeks. Students will be prepared for both the written and clinical state and national exam upon completing the program. With numerous locations throughout Texas, students have access to quality instruction with flexible day and evening schedules.


Location: Houston, Texas
Tuition: $900
Class Duration: 10 Days
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Kellogg Community College

  • Battle Creek, Michigan

A public community college in Michigan, Kellogg Community College has been offering quality medical career courses for years. The CNA program is approved through the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs. WIth four locations and a few different schedules to choose from, students will be able to choose the program that best works for their personal schedule. There is a traditional semester long course where students attend twice a week for the duration of the semester but there are also accelerated models as well. Students can enroll in a 12 Day day class, 12 day afternoon and evening class, or a 12 day evenings only class. With the growing need for certified CNAs, Kellogg Community College is trying to fill that gap by instructing and training all who desire to be in the medical field as a career.


Location: Battle Creek, Michigan
Tuition: $253 Per Credit
Class Duration: 12 Days
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ABC Training Center

  • Bronx, New York

ABC Training Center is more than just a place to earn your CNA certification it is a place to jump start your career. ABC Training Center offers fast track CNA courses that prepare students to pass the state and national certification exams, but that is not all they offer. Students have access to unlimited state board exam preparation practice for free. They also receive job placement with a hiring agency at no extra cost. It is also the official testing site for Pormetrics and NHA. Students can choose to attend the two week day classes or the weekend classes, whichever one works better for their schedule.


Location: Bronx, New York
Tuition: $1,85
Class Duration: 2 Weeks
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CNA Technical Center

  • Tampa, Florida

As CNAs shave become more needed in the field of home health, CNA Training Center offers an accelerated CNA course that trains home health aids. The program is accelerated and can be completed in two weeks and is dualistic in nature. Students will be learning both the theory and clinical skills of a CNA while also learning the laws and rights of assisting patients of Home Health. Students will certify to be both a CNA and a Home Health Aid in the state of Florida. When the course is completed, students will qualify to take the Florida Certified Nursing Assistant examination.


Location: Tampa, Florida
Tuition: $690
Class Duration: 2 Weeks
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Indian Hills Community College

  • Ottumwa, Iowa

A public community college in Iowa, Indian Hills Community College offers a non-credit CNA course for students that just want to earn their CNA certification and be qualified and prepared to take the state and national exams. Participants will be introduced to scientific knowledge, technical skills, and communication techniques to function as a member of the healthcare team as well as pass the certification exams. Students will participate in laboratory practice and clinical experiences that will better prepare them to care for patients biophysical and spiritual needs.


Location: Ottumwa, Iowa
Tuition: $86
Class Duration: 2 to 4 Weeks


  • Streamwood, Illinois

A CNA school that provides flexible education for anyone desiring to become a certified nursing assistant, AVID CNA School is just that. The coursework and theory part of the class is offered in an entirely online format. Once the class work portion is completed students will participate in labs and clinical experiences where they will gain the necessary skills to practice as a CNA. AVID will also help with job placement for students once they have completed the coursework portion of the class. Most students will be placed in long term care facilities. If they have not already completed the clinical portion they can count their hours from employment as a CNA towards their certification. Once this is completed students qualify to take the state and national certification exam.


Location: Streamwood, Illinois
Tuition: Contact AVID
Class Duration: 3 Weeks, 5 Weeks

Brightside Institute

  • Plano, Texas

Brightside Institute provides a professional accelerated three week CNA course. Students will learn how to assist residents of long term care facilities and how to handle the physical and emotional challenges that come with aging. Students learn how to record and communicate patients’ psychosocial and physical health and wellness with the head nurse. They will learn the skills necessary to properly care for patients in long term care facilities as well as in home health services. Upon completion of the course students qualify to take the state and national exam to become a certified nursing assistant. Brightside will also assist students with job placement upon completion of the program and passing the certification exam.


Location: Plano, Texas
Tuition: $800
Class Duration: 3 Weeks
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  • Columbu, Cincinnati and Newark Ohio

The field of health care continues to grow rapidly and ALIA is there to fill the gaps with 2 week CNA classes that will prepare participants to be certified and qualified to work in both long term care facilities and home health settings. Instructors are carefully chosen to prepare and teach students with the most up to date and in demand healthcare practices and theory. Students learn in updated facilities with hands-on learning in a realistic patient care setting. Students will not only learn what they need to pass the state certification exam but also what they need to be successful in the current marketplace.


Location: Columbu, Cincinnati and Newark Ohio
Tuition: Contact School
Class Duration: 2 Weeks
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Chase Center

  • Logansport, Indiana

Chase Center is a rehabilitation and nursing institution that also instructs students and prepares them to become qualified CNAs. Learning in the house of a long term care facility has benefits such as hands-on experience; clinical experiences are all in the same location as the classes are. Beyond that is the students opportunity to be placed as a CNA at the same care center they started the course in. Job placement can happen immediately upon completing the course. Some students can even begin earning an income while they are still learning. There are multiple start dates for students to choose from.


Location: Logansport, Indiana
Tuition: Contact
Class Duration: 2 Weeks
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Goodwill Industries

  • Knoxville, Tennessee

Goodwill Industries provides an accredited CNA program that prepares students to take the state certification exam and be qualified to be employed as a CNA. Students will participate in both coursework and hands-on experience. With labs and clinical experiences students will learn the skills necessary to properly care for residents of long term care facilities. Some students may qualify for scholarships or other financial aid. To see if you qualify click here.


Location: Knoxville, Tennessee
Tuition: $600
Class Duration: 2 Weeks
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For those wanting to enter the healthcare industry and fill the gaps between nurses and patients, a CNA is a perfect beginning to accomplish both.  For those who want to make a difference and provide compassionate care for the aging population, becoming a CNA allows them to gain reliable employment at both long term care facilities or as a home health aid.  Many programs off 2 week CNA classes that are very affordable and flexible with multiple start dates throughout the year.  If caring for others is a talent of yours enroll in a CNA program near you.

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