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Twenty Helpful Tips for a Tweeting Teacher

In this twenty first century, technology in a classroom is a necessity. Students are constantly connected to some form of screen or social media, getting their information immediately, this now means that many teachers are trying to incorporate these platforms into lessons in order to embrace the newer generation’s lifestyle. Twitter is one of the most popular and useful media forms out there, and can be used by teachers everywhere to update a classroom, and hold students’ attention.


Apps to Download

  1. HootSuite: This app lets teachers post to all social media platforms from one place. It is even possible to set it up to post on a schedule.
  2. Twtpoll: This app lets teachers create polls and surveys using Twitter.
  3. Group Tweet: Teachers can create a sort of group chat with their students, all through their Twitter accounts.
  4. Nuzzel: This app shows teachers what is trending with the people their followers follow. This way they know what is interesting to their niche (aka their students).
  5. Buffer: Not just for Twitter, this app lets teachers schedule posts in advance to make sure they never miss an important announcement.


Accounts to Follow

  1. Vicki Davis (@coolcatteacher): Vicki is a well known blogging teacher who co founded a classroom project that helps create a connection between teacher and student. She constantly posts articles about how to engage in a classroom.
  2. Lyn Hilt (@lynhilt): She has been an elementary school teacher and a college professor. She often posts her opinions on how to bring technology into a classroom.
  3. Dr. Raul Pacheco-Vega (@raulpacheco): Dr. Pacheco-Vega is a professor interested in public and environmental policies. He posts his own tips and ideas for classrooms and teaching, to help the teachers that follow him.
  4. Will Richardson (@willrich45): Will is an author who spends his time coming up with new ways to innovate classrooms with technology. He is trying to rethink the education system for this generation, so his feed includes TED Talks and relevant articles.
  5. Jerry Blumengarten (@cybraryman1): This account is the perfect place to go for anything education. Jerry has taken articles and videos from all over about education, and has posted them to his account for an easy access centers for teachers.
  6. Arne Duncan (@arneduncan): This former U.S. Secretary of Education is still very connected to posting about education improvements. He often shares ways to bring up test scores, and even highlights academic accomplishments happening around the country.
  7. Dorie Turner Nolt (@EdPressSec): Dorie is the current Press Secretary of Education. She uploads news articles about what the government is doing for education, as well as shares research about specific schools.
  8. TimesHigherEducation (@timeshighered): This account constantly posts about global higher education issues and topics. They provide opinions and research in their articles to promote discussions.
  9. AIR Education (@Education_AIR): The American Institutes for Research conducts research on numerous educational topics. They share reliable articles and data about education, testing, and assessments.
  10. Higher Education (@GdnHigherEd): This account is open to anyone who works in higher education. They share ideas, views, article,s and accomplishments that they see; they make a great collection of information for those in higher education.
  11. US Dept of Education (@usedgov): The Us Department of Education shares how public schools in the US are performing. In addition, they post updates on events and issues within schools as well as ideas for teachers.
  12. Nat’l Math + Science (@NMSI): NMSI has dedicated itself to helping students prepare for college, especially through math and science. They post updates about the cool things that students are doing with organizations like NASA.
  13. EdTechTeacher (@EdTechTeacher21): EdTechTeacher posts articles and information on innovative ways that technology is coming into classrooms, and how to successfully use them in your own classroom.
  14. GlobalChronicle (@GlobalChronicle): This account focuses on higher education news stories about students and their accomplishments. The articles come from all over the world and show the differences in education according to region.
  15. TED Talks (@TEDTalks): This is the official account for TED Talks, a newer popular way to share ideas. There are hundreds of videos from experts and enthusiast on every topic, a great tool for any classroom.