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Blogs For Aspiring Authors:



Blogs For Established Authors:



Improving your Craft:


  • Copy Blogger – This is an ultimate source for anyone looking to increase their traffic and market their content. Brian Clark and his team try to help writers understand that bringing content, SEO, blogging, and email marketing together is the ultimate way to improve conversion rates.
  • Boost Blog Traffic – Are you looking to write articles that actually reach more people than your mom and grandma? Boost Blog Traffic gives great tips on how to write viral posts and how to promote yourself on social media.
  • Mens with Pens – James Chartrand runs Mens with Pens as a business providing website services to client, but anyone can access over 1,000 articles about how to improve writing skills on their site.
  • The Wicked Writing Blog – John Yeoman is an established writer and publisher of over 42 years. From flash fiction to humor, John gives tips for all. He provides honest advice for how to overcome bad feedback from your audience and advice on how to get past lies from big agencies.
  • The Procrastiwriter This blog provides great inspiration for those who love to write but who also don’t have time to dedicate their whole day to the craft. Shanan talks blogs about finding balance between fulfilling other responsibilities and also enjoying your great talents.
  • Writer’s Digest – Writer’s Digest is the mother blog of them all, having provided materials for writers who want to improve their craft for more than 90 years. You can find just about anything on this blog; there are articles depending on your writing goal, your genre preference, and your writing level. Writer’s Digest also brings together several writing communities to swap stories and inspiration.
  • She Writes – She Writes brings together several women who share their insight on what it’s like to be a female writer and publisher. This blog allows women to find a compatible community to share tips on the craft of writing.
  • Aliventures – Ali Luke is a mother who loves to write and bring together other like-minded writers through her blog. Writers can buy into a group called “The Writers’ Huddle;” a place where you can participate in monthly forums and chat with others writers for ideas, support, and inspiration. Ali also shares free content on her blog page with topics like; how to network with other authors when you are shy, and when to give up on your work in progress.
  • Where Writers Win – The Winner’s Circle is a marketing service for writers that includes tips on social media marketing, video book trailers, and how to build an effective author website. The Where Writers Win team is a group of six experienced writers who also send out a free monthly email with a social media cheat sheet, and monthly marketing planner.
  • Writing Happiness – Marya is an expert at helping bloggers and authors gain email subscribers by creating compelling content. She blogs about the effective habits of bloggers and ways to add credibility to your blog to attract viewers.


Digital Marketing:


  • Kikolani – Founder, Kristi Hines, brings together experts in the social and digital marketing world for authors and publishers. They blog about how to improve your SEO, how to create more conversions online, how to fix Google penalties, and how to maximize your content.
  • Jane Friedman – Jane takes gives unique advice specifically in digital and social marketing. She blogs about how to pick the right wordpress theme, how to improve your email newsletter, how to redesign your website to improve traffic, and even how to create kids picture e-books.
  • The Story of Telling – This blog isn’t directly written for authors and publishers, but Bernadette Jiwa gives the finest marketing advice any writer could benefit from. She blogs about the importance of branding and how to create a story around your product, novel or blog.
  • Daily Blog Tips – Daniel Scocco and his team give tips on how to remove broken links from your website, how to monetize a new blog, how to rank in google apps, and how to take your Google Analytics to the next level.
  • Problogger – Darren Rowse is a full time blogger who provides resources on how to get more Facebook likes, how to improve SEO by speeding up a wordpress site, and how to create blog posts that people will remember.


Grammar and Editing:


  • Grammar Girl – Mignon Fogarty provides quick and simple tips for all of your grammar questions. This is a great resource for when you are deep in writing and don’t have time to dwell over when to capitalize and how exactly to use a comma.
  • Grammarly Blog – Kimberly Joki blogs about some of the most confusing grammar rules waiting to trip you up. She teaches in a simple and fun way with clear examples that will help you understand even some of the most complicated rules of the English language.
  • Grammarphobia – Pat and Stewart are both journalists who have worked for the New York Times and are very accomplished writers. Their blog about grammar is unique since they discuss the root meaning of words and old phrases. For example, the phrase “freezing temperatures” is incorrect since temperatures, which are the degree at which something freezes don’t actually freeze.
  • Daily Writing Tips – A team of five editors and writers send out daily writing tips on subjects including grammar, vocabulary, usage, and punctuation. Their explanations on topics like hyphenation, alternative spellings, and comma splices are thorough and clear.
  • Apostrophe Abuse – This is a funny blog all grammar fanatics will get a kick out of. Christ Duval started this blog to collect visuals of one of his biggest pet peeves — the misuse of apostrophes. Now he accepts submissions from people all over to showcase on his blog.


Getting Published:


  • Cuaderno Inedito – Julie Collazo is a bilingual writer and editor (English/Spanish). She lived in Mexico and Puerto Rico for a time. She writes travel guides, and also includes a tip here and there about quality writing.
  • Rachelle Gardner – Rachelle is a literary agent, editor, and publishing coach. She gives step by step instructions on what you need to do to meet specific publishing goals. She will also put you in touch with the best agents!
  • Helping Writers Become Authors – K.M. Weiland gives insightful tips to young writers who want to publish. She teaches how to structure a story and scenes, how to create characters, and where to turn for inspiration.
  • How to For Authors – The Alliance of Independent Writers is a non-profit organization that runs the advice column on this blog. This section is separate from the membership website and includes a blog and information on self-publishing.
  • All Indie Writers – Jennifer Mattern is a professional writer, freelance blogger, and author who gives advice from; setting up your first blog, to connecting with your readers, and professionally publishing your book. All Indie Writers provides other resources too, including a free download for authors called Book Marketing Plan Outline.





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