The Top 45 Most Diverse U.S. Colleges

College is one of the best times to broaden your horizons, try new things, and meet new people. One of the best ways to do that is to attend a college with a culturally and ethnically diverse student population. Being surrounded by a diverse student population will expose you to new viewpoints, challenge conventional thinking, and expose you to experiences. Because there are so many benefits to attending a diverse college, we compiled this list of the top 50 most diverse U.S. colleges.

students at graduation


To compile this list we took the racial breakdown of each university and combined it with their Equity Index Score, or EIS. The EIS represents the likelihood that any two people chosen at random in a school will be of different races or ethnic groups. An EIS score of one would indicate a 100% probability that two people chosen at random would be of different race or ethnic groups, and a score of 0 would represent a 0% probability. Thus, the more racially diverse a school is, the closer the EIS score will be to one. For more information on how this score was calculated check out this article from U.S. News and World Report.

1. Rutgers University- Newark

EIS: 0.76

The most racially diverse college on our list is the University of Rutgers at Newark. The school is a satellite campus of the larger Rutgers University in New Brunswick, and prides itself on the variety of campus diversity programs and initiatives offered. The University recruits a large number of minority students, and provides numerous culturally diverse majors.

rutgers university ethnicity graph

Tuition Enrollment Acceptance Rate
$13,597- in state

$28,987- out of state

7,408 62.8%



2. University of Houston

EIS: 0.74

Students come to the University of Houston from more than 137 countries around the world. The school boasts an ethnically diverse student population, as well as a robust number of international studies students. The school offers support programs for LGBT and international students as well.

university of houston ethnicity graph


Tuition Enrollment Acceptance Rate
$10,518 in state

$24,378 out of state

32,915 63%


3. Andrews University

EIS: 0.74


Andrews University considers itself a “mini melting pot”, or a “global village” due to the high number of ethnically diverse students. With about 20% of the student population coming from a different country to study there, it is hard to argue with them. The university enhances this diverse student population by offering a variety of cultural groups and organizations to its students.

andrews university ethnicity graph


Tuition Enrollment Acceptance Rate
$27,000 1,805 37.3%


4. St. John’s University

EIS: 0.74
St. John’s was one of the first universities to offer equal opportunity education and enrollment for its students. Today the school puts a particularly strong emphasis on helping minority students attend law school through its school of law diversity program.

st john's university ethnicity graph


Tuition Enrollment Acceptance Rate
$38,680 15,765 62.5%


5. Stanford University

EIS: 0.73


Residing in the heart of San Francisco Bay area helps Stanford to maintain its highly diverse student population, and a reputation for being accepting of a variety of minority lifestyles. Stanford offers eight individual community centers that provide opportunities for learning and networking within a variety of ethnic and cultural groups.

stanford university ethnicity graph


Tuition Enrollment Acceptance Rate
$46,320 7,019 5.1%


6. University of San Francisco

EIS: 0.73


The University of San Francisco uses its diversity to foster what it calls “inclusive excellence.” They strive to help students find common ground with one another, and then use that common ground to move to a higher ground together.

university of san francisco ethnicity graph


Tuition Enrollment Acceptance Rate
$42,634 6,845 60.1%


7. Notre Dame de Namur University

EIS: 0.73


At Notre Dame de Namur, all students are required to take a minimum of 9 credit hours of cultural diversity and community engagement. Due to the diverse student body, the University has begun to sponsor campus organizations for Black, LGBT, Latino, and Muslim students. The University also regularly surveys its student population to assess how well they are doing at addressing minority needs.

notre dame university ethnicity chart


Tuition Enrollment Acceptance Rate
$32,608 1,178 77.7%


8. University of Hawaii at Manoa

EIS: 0.72


With students from over 100 different countries, it is easy to see why the University of Hawaii at Manoa is one of the most diverse schools in the nation. The University prides itself on the spirit of aloha, or mutual regard, that embodies its campus culture, and makes students of all different cultures feel welcomed.


university of hawaii at manoa ethnicity graph

Tuition Enrollment Acceptance Rates
$11,404 in state

$31,516 out of state

14,126 77.9%


9. Dominican University of California

EIS: 0.73


The Dominican University of California has specific diversity requirements for its instructors to follow when creating their curriculum. Nearly a third of the school’s student population are first time college students, and there are a variety of culturally diverse clubs on campus to help students enjoy their college experience.

dominican university of california ethnicity pie chart


Tuition Enrollment Acceptance Rate
$41,730 1,478 80.9%


10. University of California Los Angeles

EIS: 0.72


UCLA actually requires all of its students to take courses on diversity before they are able to graduate. The campus is located near downtown Los Angeles, and the student body reflects the ethnic diversity of the surrounding area.

UCLA ethnicity graph


Tuition Enrollment Acceptance Rate
$12,753 in state

$35,631 out-of-state

29,633 18.6%


11. Mills College

EIS: 0.72


Mills College dedicates an entire web page to social justice and diversity. They offer resources for a variety of minorities including religions, ethnicities, sexual orientations, disabilities, immigrants, and more.

ethnicity graph for mills college


Tuition Enrollment Acceptance Rate
$44,002 917 76.1%


12. California State University Long Beach

EIS: 0.72


Cal State – Long Beach is ranked 9th among all schools, in awarding degrees to minority students, and consistently ranks within the top ten in awarding degrees to hispanic students. The campus multicultural center offers a variety of workshops, trainings, and learning opportunities for students of all different ethnic groups.

cal state long beach ethnicity graph


Tuition Enrollment Acceptance Rate
$6,452 in state

$12,140 out-of-state

31,523 36.1%


13. UC Merced

EIS: 0.71


UC Merced is the newest member of the California school system, and from its inception in 2005 it has put an emphasis on making diversity a priority part of its student body. Its programs help to not only support minority students through school, but also in helping them to find quality employment and careers upon graduation.

UC Merced ethnicity graph


Tuition Enrollment Acceptance Rate
$11,220 in state

$13,262 out-of-state

6,237 64.9%


14. Saint Peter’s University

EIS: 0.71


St. Peter’s has a relatively small student body, but students come from 29 different states, and more than 39 countries around the world. They pride themselves on being “small enough to know your name, and big enough to bring the world to your door.”

saint peter's university ethnicity chart


Tuition Enrollment Acceptance Rate
$34,197 2,506 56.9%


15. Brigham Young University Hawaii

EIS: 0.71


BYU Hawaii is a satellite campus for the larger Brigham Young University campus in Provo, Utah. With students from over 70 countries around the world, BYU Hawaii is the preeminent international center for learning in the pacific. The University also bolsters one of the largest student populations of native hawaiian and pacific islander students in the nation.

brigham young university in hawaii - ethnicity pie chart


Tuition Enrollment Acceptance Rate
$4,940 2,500 36%



School Equity Index Score Tuition Enrollment Admissions
16 Nova Southeastern University 0.71 $27,660 4,699 48.8%
17 Texas Woman’s University 0.71 $8,522 in-state

$20,222 out-of-state

9,679 85.3%
18 University of California Santa Cruz 0.71 $13,481 in-state

$38,189 out-of-state

16,277 57%
19 University of Illinois- Chicago 0.71 $13,670 in-state

$26,526 out-of-state

16,707 72.7%
20 University of Texas- Arlington 0.71 $8,878 in-state

$18,102 out-of-state

29,883 61.4%
21 University of the Pacific 0.71 $42,934 3,810 54.9%
22 Massachusetts Institute of Technology 0.70 $46,704 4,512 7.9%
23 New Jersey Institute of Technology 0.70 $15,648 in-state

$29,288 out-of-state

7,550 63.5%
24 University of California- Davis 0.70 $13,951 in-state

$38,659 out-of-state

27,728 40.6%
25 University of California- Santa Barbara 0.70 $13,865 in-state

$38,573 out-of-state

20,238 36.3%
26 University of Texas- Dallas 0.70 $11,806 in-state

$31,328 out-of-state

14,300 61.9%
27 Barry University 0.69 $28,160 3,996 46.1%
28 Georgia State University 0.69 $10,686 in-state

$28,896 out-of-state

25,315 57.1%
29 Rice University 0.69 $42,253 3,926 15.1%
30 San Diego State University 0.69 $6,976 in-state

$18,136 out-of-state

28,362 34.5%
31 University of California Riverside 0.69 $14,050 in-state

$40,973 out-of-state

18,782 58.3%
32 University of California- Berkeley 0.68 $13,432 in-state

$38,140 out-of-state

27,126 16%
33 University of Southern California 0.68 $50,210 18,740 18%
34 Florida Atlantic University 0.67 $6,039 in-state

$21,595 out-of-state

25,209 66%
35 University of California Irvine 0.67 $14,577 in-state

$37,455 out-of-state

24,489 37.4%
36 George Mason University 0.66 $10,952 in-state

$31,598 out-of-state

22,343 66.7%
37 Harvard University 0.66 $45,278 6,694 6%
38 Stony Brook University 0.66 $8,855 in-state

$23,935 out-of-state

16,480 41.3%
39 University of Maryland- Baltimore County 0.66 $11,006 in-state

$23,770 out-of-state

11,379 59.6%
40 University of Massachusetts- Boston 0.66 $11,966 in-state

$28,390 out-of-state

12,700 70.8%
41 University of Texas- Austin 0.66 $9,830 in-state

$34,836 out-of-state

39,523 39.7%
42 Azusa Pacific University 0.65 $34,754 5,918 81.8%
43 California Institute of Technology 0.65 $45,390 983 8.8%
44 Carnegie Mellon University 0.65 $50,410 6,309 24.6%
45 Emory University 0.65 $46,314 7,829 26.8%