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The Top 15 Online Psychology Degree Programs

A degree in Psychology is useful to have in preparation for a variety of interesting and diverse career options. Graduates of qualified psychology degree programs have to opportunity to apply for jobs in both private and public sectors, and in an array of settings. Career options include jobs in education, healthcare & therapy, research, marketing, business, and even human resources. A psychology degree will give you a complete understanding of fundamental psychology, theories, and scientific methods that can prepare you for an immediate career or a further education in graduate school.

With so many schools to choose from online, it can be hard to see which program provides the best education for the greatest value. We did the research instead and provided you with the best 15 online psychology programs for the best prices. We’ve based our rankings on affordability, flexibility, online availability, as well as number of specializations available.


15. Post University

Post University’s online degree programs are ranked as one of the best by US News and World Report. The school offers a full B.A. in Psychology with two applied concentration tracks: human development, education, and health concentration or organizational psychology concentration.

Cost per credit hour is around $570



14. Grand Canyon University

Grand Canyon University offers it’s full 120-credit psychology degree online. It includes 48 core credits that align with objectives set forth by the American Psychological Association and can be completed in 48 months. Online class sizes are small, and full time faculty members are equipped with strong academic backgrounds and practical experience in their field.

Cost per credit hour is $465



13. Kaplan University

Since becoming one of the best prepping and test organizations, Kaplan has moved on to offering excellent associates, bachelors, and masters programs to their students. For psychology, the university offers a full 180-quarter-credit degree online. The program covers the overall concepts, while still allowing students to specialize in specific areas including: addictions, industrial/organizational psychology, applied behavior analysis, or child development.

Cost per credit hour is $371



12. Walden University

Walden University offers a B.S. fully online with emphasis in addictions, applied psychology, child & adolescent development, criminal justice, general psychology, human services, industrial & organizational psychology, or preparation for graduate studies. Their B.S. psychology program offers core classes in 6 week and 11 week formats, giving students the flexibility to accelerate their degree or progress at a slower pace.

Cost per quarter credit hour is ~ $320



11. Liberty University Online

Liberty University’s online B.S. program approaches the subject of psychology from a Christian perspective, providing a firm foundation to help students understand psychological behaviors and developments. There are 7 different specializations available for further study including: addictions & recovery, christian counseling, criminal psychology, crisis counseling, developmental psychology, life coaching, and military resilience. A three credit hour internship is a required part of the 120 credit Psychology program.

Cost per credit hour is $375.



10. St. Leo University

St. Leo University’s online psychology program provides a well-rounded education in the discipline, with the ability to cater the curriculum to meet individual needs. Psychology majors are encouraged  to become involved with research and complete a field practicum or internship. Psychology courses will explore research methods, the psychology of learning, individual differences and social processes, biological basis of behaviors, developmental psychology, diversity, forensic psychology, military psychology, industrial & organizational psychology, interviewing and counseling. The major is 120 credits hours.

Cost per credit is $470 for civilians and $250 for active military.



9. University of Massachusetts

A bachelor of arts in psychology is one of UMass online’s most popular degree programs. The university currently offers three psychology related programs completely available online. Students can earn a B.A. in applied psychology, a B.A. in children’s learning and development, or a B.A in psychology. Tuition varies among the three programs. A B.A. in applied psychology & children’s learning and development is around $385 per credit hour. A B.A. in psychology is about $370 per credit hour. Though prices can get steep, UMass online makes up for it in flexibility, options, and quality faculty.

Cost per credit hour is $370 – $385



8. Southern New Hampshire University

Southern New Hampshire University is a private, nonprofit university that is affordable, convenient, and transfer-friendly. Tuition rates for SNHU’s online programs are among the lowest in the nation. Specializations are offered that include: addiction studies, applied psychology, child and adolescent development, forensic psychology, mental health, and social psychology.  

Cost per credit hour is $320 and $225 for active-duty military and their spouses.



7. Bellevue University

Bellevue University offers both B.S. and B.A. in psychology fully online. The B.S. requires college algebra and a lab science course. The B.A. requires a culture course of Spanish, as well as a nutrition or human genetics class.

Cost per credit hour is $395.



6. Ottawa University

Ottawa University’s online program offers a generous credit transfer policy, flexible online learning options for working adults, military personnel and families, and a supportive learning environment. There are three psychology related Bachelor’s degrees offered fully online. These include: a B.S. in addictions counseling, a B.A. in human services, and a B.A. in Psychology.

Cost per credit hour is $490 and $250 for individuals in the military and their spouses.



5. Washington State University

Washington State University offers a B.S in psychology for online students. Psychology majors are able to select from four minors for in depth study. These include: women’s studies, aging, sociology, and human development. Students are each appointed an academic consultant for guidance throughout their undergraduate education.

Cost per credit hour is $543 for residence and $570 per credit for non-residence.



4. Arizona State University

Courses in the Bachelor of Arts in Psychology degree program are presented in the context of cultural, socio-historical and transnational issues, helping you to understand relationships among psychology and other social and behavioral sciences. Classes are held in the interdisciplinary college, and students learn from experts specializing a variety of different disciplines including: sociology, anthropology, geography, and political science.

Cost per credit hour is $490.



3. Penn State World Campus

Penn State’s bachelor of science in psychology program offers flexibility in designing a curriculum that fits student’s’ goals and career plans. When e in the program students have access to faculty who are active in clinical practice, research, or service related fields. The program offers two different tracks: a life science option that focuses on the life sciences most closely related to psychology; these include anthropology, biology, and bio behavioral health. The other option is a business related track that provides students with ways to enhance their psychology coursework with courses in business, leadership, ethics, and diversity. The psychology degree can be completed completely online and costs around $535-$579 per credit hour depending on the number of credit hours taken.

Cost per credit hour is $535 – $579.

1. Drexel University

Drexel University’s psychology degree is available as an online degree. Online classes are highly interactive and designed to challenge and engage, while remaining convenient for those with busy schedules. Drexel’s Department of Psychology is at the forefront of research in forensic psychology, cognitive neuroscience, neuropsychology, and clinical psychology. Students will gain a strong background in research methods and develop an understanding of the practical applications of psychological science.

Cost per credit hour is $457.