Top 15 Online Accounting Programs

Online schooling programs are becoming more and more accessible, providing students great flexibility in earning a degree. The ability to access school work and classes online whenever schedules permit, allows students to earn an income or to juggle a family while still going to school.  

Although online programs demand great self-discipline, they can also provide a very rewarding experience. Many top programs certified by highly esteemed accreditations offer associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s degrees which will prepare students to succeed in a career as an accountant, auditor, budget analyst, CFO, and more.

Here is a brief overview of our top fifteen ranked online accounting programs listed in no particular order:


1. Penn State World Campus

Penn State World Campus is the official online program offered in connection to the University of Penn State. The University offers a Bachelor in Science Business Administration with an 18 credit emphasis in Accounting for a deeper understanding of financial and managerial accounting, taxation, auditing, and systems and controls. Penn State’s same renowned professors who teach on-campus classes will teach the courses offered online. Students are required to earn 120 credits to graduate. Tuition per credit averages about $580 per credit. Penn State offers extensive financial aid options. The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business recognizes this as a top accounting program.



2. The University of Memphis


The Fogelman College of Business and Economics offers a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with an emphasis in accounting. Students can complete this degree entirely online, or through a combination of taking online and on-campus classes. The school will also accept a limited number of transfer credits from other universities, online orientation/training classes, and other resources are offered online to prepare students. Online tuition is estimated at $6,000 for about 15 credits per semester, or $400 per credit hour. The University of Memphis is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges.



3. American InterContinental University-Online


American InterContinental offers both a bachelor’s and master’s of accounting program and is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. Upon graduation, 98% of students are considered prepared for a career by AIU’s employers. AIU campus is located in Illinois, but all programs are offered via distance education at $302 per credit hour. This is a 4-year private for-profit institution with a teacher to student ration of 41:1. Distance education opportunities are offered for both undergraduate and graduate programs. Academic and career counseling is offered for all students and career placement services are available to students who graduate.


4. The University of Alabama at Birmingham

The University of Alabama offers a bachelor’s degree in accounting. The university accepts up to 90 transfer credits. Students can complete their accounting degree in as few as 73 credit hours. The accounting diploma does not differentiate online students from on-campus students and students are invited to attend graduation on-campus. After completion students should be prepared to take the CPA, CISA, CIA, CFE, and CMA exams. The university also offers a master’s program for those who want to further their education. Tuition averages between $340 and $360 per credit hour depending on undergraduate or graduate classes taken.



5. Northeastern University


Northeastern, located in Boston Massachusetts, offers a Bachelor in Finance and Accounting Management. The university requires 163 quarter hours for graduation and anticipates that full-time students will complete the degree in four years. Tuition averages about $378 per credit hour. This unique program allows student to customize their education according to preference by taking elective courses in taxation, finance strategy, international finance, and accounting information systems. Northeastern is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.



6. Regis University


Regis offers a unique program to students who want to accelerate their education. Students can complete both their undergraduate and graduate degrees together at an accelerated and more affordable rate. Undergraduate students require 128 credits to graduate, while students who choose to combine their undergraduate and master’s degree require 152 credits to earn a both degrees. Tuition for each credit hour is $469. The Higher Learning Commission and the North Central Association both accredit Regis University.



7. Colorado State University Global Campus


Colorado State offers a bachelor’s degree in accounting after completing 120 credits and is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. Colorado’s program is unique because students can focus their education by taking five upper-division courses under 1 of 15 specializations such as computer programming, criminal forensics, and emergency management. Tuition for each credit hour is $350. CSU offers monthly term starts and accelerated 8-week courses to accommodate the student schedules.



8. University of North Carolina at Pembroke


The Association for Advancement of Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) recognizes the university as one of the top programs. Students are required to take 24 credit hours of accounting specific classes.  The program is designed to prepare students to take the CPA exam in North Carolina upon graduation. Students will also be prepared to start at an entry level in public, private, or governmental accounting or to further their education in a graduate program.



9. Florida Tech Online


Florida Tech offers a bachelor’s degree in accounting. Students can specialize their education in various concentrations including cost accounting, auditing, compensation and benefits and more. The program also helps students tailor their education according to their interest by allowing students to choose 15 credit hours from various elective courses. The institution is recognized by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges.



10. California Baptist University


Students are required to take 63 units at $530 per unit in order to graduate. CBU’s bachelor program prepares students to go on to take the CPA and CMA and to start entry level work in public, private, governmental, managerial, and non-profit accounting. The university is accredited by the Commission for Senior Colleges and Universities of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.



11. Northwestern Oklahoma State University


Northwestern offers a Bachelor of Science in Accounting or Business Administration. The university offers an online orientation preparation class to all online students introducing them to the basics of being an online student. The online classes are designed to allow students flexibility in pacing their own assignments and learning. Some classes are offered during a 16-week course, while others are offered on an accelerated 8-week program. The university requires students to take some exams on the NOSU campus in a proctored environment. Most general education classes are not offered online, so NOSU online is designed best for students who want to finish an accounting degree. The university does not cap the number of transfer credits it accepts from other accredited secondary schools. Online tuition for in-state undergraduate students is about $250 per credit hour and $288 per credit hour for in-state graduate students



12. Southern Oregon University


Southern Oregon University offers two tracks in their accounting program including public accounting (36 credit hours) and management accounting (24 credit hours). The public accounting track is best for students who would like to be a private, public, or governmental CPA. Students are given the flexibility of completing their program only online, or through a combination of online and on-campus classes. South Oregon offers elective courses in corporate law, nonprofit accounting and financial management, and taxation of corporations. Students are required to earn 225 credits to receive their CPA license. The university also offers a postbaccalaureate certificate in accounting program for students with a bachelor’s degree, but does not require students to have completed their graduate studies prior to starting the program. Online tuition for undergraduate students is $212 per credit and $462 per credit for graduate students.


13. Walden University


Walden’s accounting program offers two concentrations so students can specialize their studies according to their professional interests. The program is designed for students to finish in four years.  Tuition is $325 per credit hour and a total of 181 credit hours are required for graduation. Walden accommodates financial aid through grants, scholarships, and loans. The MS in accounting offers 30 credits hours and the MBA specialization in accounting offers 9 credit hours. These graduate programs offer classes in financial and managerial accounting, and legal and ethical practices.  Walden’s program is designed to be consistent with the the guidelines the American Institute of CPAs.



14. Colorado Christian University


CCU offers a Bachelor in Accounting and MBA in Advanced Accounting. Students can complete their undergraduate degree in 120 credit hours.  The University allows students to transfer 31 previously earned credit hours from a prior secondary school. The Higher Learning Commission and the North Central Association recognize Colorado Christian University. Students who choose to complete both a BS in accounting and an MBA with a specialization in Advanced Accounting will complete 150 credit hours, and will be prepared for Colorado CPA licensing. Tuition for each general education and major specific credit hour is $523.



15. Culver-Stockton College


Culver-Stockton offers a bachelor’s degree in accounting and an MBA in Accounting. Classes at Culver-Stockton are offered on an accelerated 8-week program. Most students at Culver-Stockton complete 150 credit hours so they are prepared to receive their CPA licensing. All Culver students also complete an internship that the on-campus Career Service Center helps to arrange. Online tuition for the undergraduate program is $395 per credit hour, while the graduate program is $500 per credit hour. Culver is accredited by the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE).