Top 10 Stunning College Theaters

Performing arts have the ability to move and inspire people. Performers can cause their audience to feel or think about the important things in life. Through the arts, some of the greatest lessons are taught.  College programs across the United States are preparing their students to become the teachers of the future. Here is a list of college theaters that are built to inspire, as well.

10. Marjorie Walter Goodhart Theater

Marjorie Walter Goodhart Theater, Bryn Mawr College

Bryn Mawr College

As the only Gothic-style college theater in the United States, the Marjorie Walter Goodhart Theater is a different way to experience the arts. The ironwork, coupled with the carvings, gables, and friezes is absolutely stunning. It is used for over 100 performances a year, including cultural events and artistic performances.


9. Brigham Young University-Idaho Center


Brigham Young University-Idaho

The BYU-Idaho Center is one of the largest college auditoriums in the world. At 435,000 square feet, it can seat 15,000. The center serves as the location for weekly devotionals meetings, graduation, and several musical performances throughout the year. With the auditorium stage being 106 feet wide, it is capable of holding large choirs and orchestras. On both sides of the stage there are large screens measuring 34 x 19 which are used during the performances.


8. Michael Schimmel Center for the Arts

Michael Schimmel Center for the Arts

Pace University

From 2002 to 2004, the Schimmel Center was home of the National Actors Theater and for good reason. The center itself is very modern, with an glass exterior on the main entrance and a wide seating arrangement that can fit 743 people. The theater serves as the set for the TV show “Inside the Actor’s Studio”. This show has drawn in a few of the top names in the acting industry such as Jeff Goldblum, John Goodman, and Al Pacino.


7. Curtis M. Phillips Center

Curtis M. Phillips Center, University of Florida Theater

University of Florida

From the fountain and the windows on the exterior, to the white-walled theater on the interior, the Phillips Center is a magnificent facility for the performing arts. The facility is used for student performances, as well as international performers in dance, music, and other performances. It seats 1,700 in the proscenium hall, as well as 200 in the smaller Black Box Theater. It hosts over 100 performances in a variety of genres each year.


6. Skirball Center for the Performing Arts

Skirball Center for the Performing Arts, New York University Theater

New York University

This 860 seat theater is as acoustically sound as it is beautiful. The walls were designed to provide improved acoustics, making the Skirball Center an optimal location for musical performances of any variety. The large stage is perfect for comedy and dance performances. The center’s “Big Red Chair” provides a series of family and child friendly performances such as Jim Henson’s Dinosaur Train.


5. Historic Merle Reskin Theater

Historic Merle Reskin Theater, DePaul University

DePaul University

DePaul University is rich in theater history, which includes the Merle Reskin Theater. When the theater first opened in 1910, it was known as the Blackstone Theater. It is a six-story structure that seats 1,325 in the audience. It has a classic chandelier and a beautiful interior with extensive attention to detail.


4. Hylton Performing Arts Center

Hylton Performing Arts Center, George Mason University Theater, Merchant Hall

George Mason University

The Hylton Center houses a variety of venues for a wide variety of performances. With it’s 100 foot long stage and orchestra pit, the Merchant Hall serves as an opera house for symphonies, opera, theater, and dance performances. It seats 1,100 in a beautiful room with windows near the ceiling towards the back of the hall. The multi-level seating provides an excellent view of the performance no matter where someone is sitting.


3. The Philip Chosky Theater

The Philip Chosky Theater, Carnegie Mellon University Theater

Carnegie Mellon University

The architecture of the Philip Chosky Theater combines a modern feel with classic proscenium arches. The proscenium is flexible and can be arranged to meet the changing needs of the theater, including turning into a thrust stage, or setting up for a pit orchestra. The Carnegie Mellon School of Drama is one of the oldest and most prestigious college production programs in America. Because the theater boasts some of the latest technology, the Drama program is capable of performing professional level performances to the 450 audience members that can fit in the theater.


2. Cutler Majestic Theater

Cutler Majestic Theater, Emerson College Theater

Emerson College

The Majestic Theater truly lives up to its name. This Beaux arts masterpiece has been around since 1903 and serves as a historic landmark in the Boston community. The architecture is a perfect blend of many styles. The exterior features Roman ionic columns, however the columns inside are swirled with rich, red marble and decorated with gold-leafed maks, leaves, and cherubs. There is golden latticing on the ceiling, garnished with grape clusters and open sky peeking through.


1. Sosnoff Theater

Richard B. Fisher Theater, Bard College Theater

Bard College

Both the interior and exterior of the Richard B. Fisher Center for the Performing Arts are  absolutely stunning. The curved space design by Frank Gehry provides a unique feeling to a performing arts center that is unlike any other. The interior is eloquent and clean, with seating on three different levels. When it opened in 2003, it was named the “best small concert hall in the United States” by the New Yorker and still is the central attraction in New York’s Hudson Valley.