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January 5, 2022 | bestvalue

Online Masters in Mechanical Engineering

BestValueSchools.org is pleased to present our guide on choosing an online Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. Many of our viewers looking to earn a Master’s degree are already in the workforce and don’t have the time to do an on-campus program. Additionally, in our Covid-19 era, in-person learning is not always an option. To avoid lost time due to school closures, we recommend an online program.

A mechanical engineer is responsible for everything from design to production of any mechanically operated equipment, large or small. If you are a mechanical engineer looking to increase your salary by obtaining a Master’s degree, your future is bright. Of course, compensation will be dependent on years of experience, industry, geographical location, and specialties. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor, the median pay for a mechanical engineer with a bachelor’s degree is $88,430 as of 2019. A Master’s degree could boost that salary by at least 20%.

The job growth outlook for mechanical engineers is good at a 4% increase. The most increase will be in the areas of computational design and automotive manufacturing. For computational design, students should concentrate on virtual simulations and using various software tools. If interested in the automotive manufacturing industry, focus on improving the performance of hybrid or electric cars.

Top Online Masters in Mechanical Engineering Programs


The University of New Mexico – 9 points

  • Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • Graduation Rate: 44%

UNM was rated the #1 most affordable college of 2020. Its Master’s program features a specialty in Space Engineering. This program was created in partnership with the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) Space Vehicles Directorate to educate aerospace industry students.

School Overview

Tuition rate: $393.52 per credit hour
Student enrollment: 22,244
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Iowa State University – 9 points

  • Ames, Iowa
  • Graduation Rate: 75%

Iowa State University is the state’s largest public college. It is a land-grant research institute, but academics is not all they offer. The college is the 3rd largest in the Big 12 Athletic Conference with the name the Cyclones.

School Overview

Tuition rate: $382.00 per credit hour
Student enrollment: 31,825
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Missouri S&T – 13 points

  • Rolla, Missouri
  • Graduation Rate: 64%

A smaller college, Missouri S&T offers an exciting research-based Mechanical Engineering program. Mentored by world-class faculty, students will learn and grow through the many laboratories and centers on the campus, including various mechanical engineering-based research facilities.

School Overview

Tuition rate: $594.00 per credit hour
Student enrollment: 8,838
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The University of Alabama – 16 points

  • Tuscaloosa, Alabama
  • Graduation Rate: 68%

Offering an online non-thesis version of the Masters in Mechanical Engineering, The University of Alabama is a great choice. Students can choose from various specialties after completing the basic courses, including additive repair, heat transfer, mechatronics, robotics, and many more.

School Overview

Tuition rate: $420.00 per credit hour
Student enrollment: 37,842
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University of Bridgeport – 22 points

  • Bridgeport, Connecticut
  • Graduation Rate: 29%

A small school located on the beautiful Long Island Sound, The University of Bridgeport students can choose from several technical areas. From Design Engineering to Sports and Aeronautical Engineering, each student creates an individualized program approved by a faculty advisor.

School Overview

Tuition rate: $1,015.00 per credit hour
Student enrollment: 4,615
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The University of Texas at Arlington – 22 points

  • Arlington, Texas
  • Graduation Rate: 57%

Students interested in earning a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at The University of Texas at Arlington will have the opportunity to get a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, or a double major. As a UTA graduate, students can become a Spacecraft Designer, Inspectors and Compliance Officer, or some other challenging career using science to create new solutions for life.

School Overview

Tuition rate: $438.00 per credit hour
Student enrollment: 60,000
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The University of Delaware – 23 points

  • Newark, Delaware
  • Graduation Rate: 81%

The online program at the University of Delaware is practical and easy for the working engineer. Complete your masters in just 30 hours with specialties in clean energy and environment, biomechanics, robotics and controls, composite materials and manufacturing, energy-efficient mobility systems and smart cities, and more.

School Overview

Tuition rate: $1,100.00 per credit hour
Student enrollment: 4,164
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Georgia Tech – 25 points

  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Graduation Rate: 86%

Georgia Tech’s Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering Master’s Degree was accredited in 1922 and graduated its first student in 1925. Through advanced analysis, students will learn cutting-edge methods to find solutions to problems.

School Overview

Tuition rate: $854.00 per credit hour
Student enrollment: 36,489
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Illinois Mechanical Science and Engineering – 25 points

  • Urbana, Illinois

Also known as the Grainger College of Engineering, Illinois Mechanical Science and Engineering features two online options: research- and professionally-driven. Students who complete the program will receive the same degree as campus attendees.

School Overview

Tuition rate: $792.00 per credit hour
Student enrollment: 52,331
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Colorado State University – 26 points

  • Fort Collins, Colorado
  • Graduation Rate: 67%

Through a practitioner-oriented program, students will gain knowledge focusing on material engineering at Colorado State University. With a combination of technical education and business management, students can concentrate on a particular area to meet career goals and interests.

School Overview

Tuition rate: $993.00 per credit hour
Student enrollment: 31,984
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The University of Cincinnati – 26 points

  • Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Graduation Rate: 66%

A public research university founded in 1819, The University of Cincinnati is the home of over 300 majors and 100 certificate programs. The Masters in Mechanical Engineering prepares students with innovative technology knowledge combined with business skills.

School Overview

Tuition rate: $797.00 per credit hour
Student enrollment: 46,400
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The University of St Thomas – 30 points

  • Saint Paul, Minnesota
  • Graduation Rate: 76%

Through technical vibrancy and an entrepreneurial spirit, the College of Engineering at The University of Thomas offers various choices for the field. In addition to Mechanical Engineering, the school has programs that train in software engineering, data science, electrical engineering, and manufacturing engineering.

School Overview

Tuition rate: $1,173.00 per credit hour
Student enrollment: 10,035
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Columbia University New York – 36 points

  • New York City, New York
  • Graduation Rate: 95%

Started in 1897, The Mechanical Engineering School at Columbia University has expanded and grown. Since that time, a myriad of professors at the school has gained national and international recognition. Professors Dudley D. Fuller, Harold G. Elrod, and Vittorio Castelli were part of lubrication theory advancement. Professor Ferdinand Freudenstein is credited with the kinematics synthesis and reshaping mechanical design.

School Overview

Tuition rate: $2,196.00 per credit hour
Student enrollment: 31,498
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University of Southern California – 39 points

  • Los Angeles, California
  • Graduation Rate: 92%

The University of Southern California features three distinct areas of concentration: Thermal and Fluid Sciences, Engineering Design, and Mechanics and Materials. The program educates professionals for such industries as petrochemical, energy and power, aerospace, automotive, utilities, manufacturing, and more.

School Overview

Tuition rate: $1,662.00 per credit hour
Student enrollment: 46,000
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Penn State World Campus – 39 points

  • Pennsylvania
  • Graduation Rate: 38%

Penn State’s Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering is 100% online. Students will learn a versatile skill set that enables them to move their career into overdrive. Challenging courses include automatic control systems, turbomachinery, fluid mechanics, heat transfer, and more.

School Overview

Tuition rate: $1,120.00 per credit hour
Student enrollment: 143,838
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Our Ranking Methodology

When searching for colleges, it can be frustrating as many online resources for rating schools feature the most expensive ones. Not everyone can afford that. Additionally, these schools are generally hard to get into as acceptance rates are low. BestValueSchools.org knows that many of our viewers are interested in finding quality schools with reasonable tuition where you can get the education you need without getting lost in the shuffle.

Because of this understanding, BestValueSchools.org came up with a ranking methodology that is different from our competitors. We have ranked schools based on two considerations: the tuition rate and enrollment numbers. The tuition rates make up 2/3 of the score, and the enrollment numbers are the other 1/3 of the score. The lowest tuition rates and enrollment numbers gave more points. We feel this system is a fair assessment of the schools.

Our results are based strictly on this methodology, and none of these colleges paid us to report on their numbers. You can rest assured these recommendations are completely unbiased.

We invite schools to request a review from us or to correct any information we may have inadvertently misquoted.

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