Engineering Specialties and Online Programs

Engineering is a lucrative and diverse field. There are many different types of engineers working in various fields. Engineers can work on anything from spacecraft to medical supplies. They are responsible for helping develop many of the new tools and technology that we enjoy today. Through online learning, anyone can earn an engineering degree no matter their schedule.Here is a look at some of the different engineering fields and the schools with the best engineering programs, some of which are even online.


Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace engineering is focused on the engineering of spacecrafts and aircrafts. This field is also split further into aeronautical engineering and astronautical engineering. The median pay for aerospace engineers in 2015 was about $107,000.

Best Schools

The University of Colorado offers a bachelor’s in aerospace engineering completely online. It has one of the best values, costing approximately $38,000 for the program.

After obtaining an engineering degree, you can receive a master’s degree in aerospace engineering. Purdue’s aerospace engineering program is ranked 4th in the nation and is offered entirely online.



Bioengineering includes the biological and medical applications. It is often referred to as biomed or genetic engineering. Bioengineers make an average salary of approximately $87,000 annually. Bioengineering is typically a master’s or doctorate degree.

Best Schools

John Hopkins has consistently ranked in the top 20 schools for engineering in the past few years. They offer a master’s as well as a post-master’s certificate in biomedical engineering. Their program focuses on imaging and translational tissue engineering.

The University of Southern California offers a master’s degree in biomedical engineering online. The program can be completed in less than two years and costs approximately $53,000.


Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineering uses both physical and life sciences to solve problems involving chemicals, drugs, and other products. Chemical engineers typically work in a lab. It requires a minimum of a bachelor’s degree and has a mean annual salary of $97,000.

Best Schools

The University of North Dakota is ranked in the top 25 online schools and has an engineering accreditation. They offer a bachelor’s in chemical engineering entirely online.

The Atlantic International University is exclusively online; they have only a virtual classroom and their programs are oriented towards mid-career adults. Through their online engineering school, they offer a BS in chemical engineering. AIU offers payment plans which can be paid using PayPal.


Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is the practice of designing, maintaining, building, and supervising both public and private construction projects. The average annual salary for a civil engineer is $82,000.

Best Schools

UND has a well established engineering school that offers an online civil engineering bachelor’s program. It is a relatively affordable program at $340/credit.

The University of the District of Columbia is a public school based out of Washington D.C. They offer an online program for civil engineering online.


Computer Engineering

A computer engineer is a combination of electrical engineering and computer science. It focuses on technology and offers a career path in a variety of fields. Within computer engineering there are hardware and software developers, making it a field with many opportunities. The median salary in 2015 for computer hardware engineers was $111,000 and $100,000 for software developers.

Best Schools

The online software engineering program through BYU-Idaho offers the best value with tuition costs as low as $30,500 for the program.

This online university offers both an associate’s and a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering. It also offers discounted rates for active military and veterans.


Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineers design and develop electrical equipment, including motors, power systems, radar, telecommunications and more. They apply principles of electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism. Electrical engineering has an average salary of $95,000 per year.

Best Schools

Colorado Tech takes pride in being able to provide students with an affordable education. They also offer a Fast Track to help students complete their studies faster. They have a BS in electrical engineering that is offered online.

ASU is one of the best values for getting an electrical engineering degree online. The cost is $523/credit with no extra fees.


Mechanical Engineering

One of the broadest engineering fields is mechanical engineering. It involves the design, production, and operation of machinery. Mechanical engineers typically work in an office and earn an average annual salary of $84,000.

Best Schools

While the University of Southern California does not offer a bachelor’s program online, they do offer three different mechanical engineering master’s degrees. You can get your degree online in mechanical engineering, mechanical engineering with a focus on energy conversion, or aerospace and mechanical engineering.

You can get a degree online through the University of Alabama through their distance program. They offer a degree in mechanical engineering than can be obtained almost entirely online with the exception of a few labs.


Nuclear Engineering

Nuclear engineers focus on the research and development of processes used to derive benefits from nuclear energy. They study atomic nuclei and subatomic physics. Nuclear engineers are one of the highest paid in the field, earning an average annual salary of $103,000.

Best Schools

The online program through Thomas Edison State University offers both a bachelor’s in nuclear engineering and nuclear energy engineering. This university has focused on providing schooling to busy adults.

Excelsior College offers an nuclear engineering degree online. This college works to a budget by offering lower tuition, quicker graduation, discounts, and payment plans.


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