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The Best Apps for Science Students

The world of science and math is marvelous and full of discovery; however, every good scientist and mathematician hits roadblocks sometimes. Students have talented professors and textbooks to help them understand material, but professors can be busy, and textbooks can be convoluted and difficult to understand. Luckily, there are all kinds of iOS apps that make excellent tools for learning and scientific discovery. These apps can help you check your homework, understand complex scientific processes, and even bring what you’re learning from books, to life. Below, we have chosen some of the most helpful apps for science students, and we have specifically divided them into four subjects: chemistry, math, astronomy, and general resources that could prove helpful in a variety of fields. Go through the apps, pick a few, and try them out. Whatever you are learning, and whatever grade you’re in, these apps are sure to make a scientist out of you.





This must-have chemistry calculator comes equipped with a unit converter, a molar mass calculator, tools to assist with stoichiometry and solutions, several periodic tables, and more.

This periodic table app displays each element using pictures instead of letters. There is also a database of information for each element that will not only teach you about element characteristics, but element history as well.

Need help visualizing molecules? This app allows you to build all kinds of molecules and manipulate them as ball-and-stick, space filling, and stick models.

Use this useful chemistry tool to review concepts and practice problems. This app includes tutorials, flashcards, and quizzes on principles of chemistry, organic chemistry, and biochemistry.

Drawing complex molecules and chemical reactions is simple with MoleculeSketch. Easily group objects, add bonds, “grow” and remove atoms, and even calculate the average mass and formula of a molecule.




If you didn’t quite understand what you learned in the book, or in lecture, Ultimate Math Tutor can help clarify math, ranging from basic algebra, to differential equations and calculus. There are even tutorials on chemistry, physics, and statistics. Step-by-step video tutorials make it easy to master whatever concepts you need to learn.

This equation editor makes it easy to type out complex equations and formulas. You can copy and paste, change font size, and even save important equations right on your computer. Make perfect, legible note cards with ease.

This instant problem solver is meant to help you check your answers, and learn math by giving you both the answer to your problem, and the how and why behind that answer. It will solve everything from algebra to calculus, and it can also solve finite math, linear algebra, and chemistry questions.

Don’t have money for one of those expensive graphing calculators? Then download this app for free and get everything those calculators provide, and more.

Whether you are in elementary school, or college, this app can help you with whatever level of math you are having trouble with. Provided by, the Math app offers you a database of over 50 complete courses. These courses include video examples, interactive problems, and year’s worth of tutoring and practice.




For stargazing novices and experts alike, the StarTracker app is one of the best stargazing companions out there. This app will help you find any constellation or planet; all you have to do is look at the sky through your phone.

There is even a “night mode” that casts a red filter over the screen so that the light from your phone doesn’t make it difficult for your eyes to adjust to darkness.

Turn your computer display either red or green with Darklight so you can work on your laptop and stargaze at the same time.

Through videos, photos, and multimedia content, this app provides all kinds of fascinating news on science and space. Find news feeds, podcasts, detailed treatment of space missions, and even live NASA streaming. Topics include Mars exploration, Hubble and other space telescopes, deep space exploration, space tourism, private space ventures, and much more.

It’s not everyday you have access to a high-powered telescope. Thanks to this app, you don’t need one. Moon Atlas provides a 3D rendered image of the moon that allows you to explore any feature of the moon as close up as you want, at any time.

With this app, you have access to the largest object database of any astronomy app. Explore both our solar system, and deep space. Watch eclipses in the past, and in the future. See spectacular views of many of the planets. Get access to the best photographs taken by the best telescopes and spacecrafts. View a database of science, history, and mythology.




Whether you are struggling with biology, physics, or calculus, Khan Academy has in-depth tutorials that can help better your understand of complex material. There are over 10,000 videos and they are all free.

With Quizlet, you can make and save as many sets of flashcards as you need. Keep studying effectively, even when you leave your study group. There are also study tools that can help you memorize vocabulary, learn languages, and test yourself on your study material.

Ask this app anything from answers to complex mathematical equations to the inner workings of star clusters and fluid mechanics. This app has information on over 30 different subjects including; astronomy, mathematics, sports, music, earth science, physics, dates and times, geography, and culture and media. But this app doesn’t just stick to surface level information. Each subject is broken down into detailed subcategories so that you can find answers to your most difficult STEM (or non-STEM) questions.

Browse over 1,400 formulas, figures, and examples with Math Ref. Tools like the unit converter, the quadratic solver, and the triangle solver should make this app useful for a wide range of scientific fields.

If you come across a word, name, or place you don’t recognize, look it up in Science Glossary for a detailed definition or biography.