8 Great Online Art Schools

Many different schools across the country now offer online art degree programs. Online programs offer quality educations for students who need flexibility in schedule or those who want to work at their own pace. Students can specialize in art fields like; animation, art history, fashion design, fine art, game design, graphic design, historic art preservation, illustration, industrial design, interior design, painting, photography, sculpture, multimedia, etc. There are many options available to complete a degree for students who have no college experience. Options range from online certification to  doctorate degrees in art.  


Art Degrees

An associate’s degree in art (A.A.) is a two year program that allows students to become acquainted with their options in the arts. Courses often included in a A.A. include: art history, painting, illustration, computer design, arts merchandising, etc.

A bachelor’s degree in art (B.A.) is a four year program that often includes courses in modeling software, art history, figure drawing, multimedia design, art criticism, and more. A bachelor’s degree in fine art (B.F.A) is similar to a B.A. except for it is more focused in art specialty and limits liberal arts courses required.

Master’s programs usually take five to six years to complete dependent on the area of study. A master’s degree in art (M.A.), like a B.A., focuses on academic and research paths such as art administrations, art education, art preservation, gallery administration, arts publishing, etc. A master’s degree in fine art (M.F.A.) focuses on studio-based degrees and includes graduate-level coursework with a concentration in studio or production work.  

A doctorate degree in fine arts (PhD) generally takes at least eight years to complete from start to finish. Most who strive to finish a PhD in fine arts are seeking post-secondary education careers, or careers as consultants. The programs usually include both advanced coursework and directed studies, in addition to completing a scholarly dissertation.


Online Art Schools

There are many reputable and accredited schools that offer art degrees of every kind online. Finding the right school and program for you can vary depending on a few different considerations. We’ve found several schools that offer online programs for art degrees, and are considered the best in the nation. We’ve listed them below in no particular order.


The New School

The New School art academy

The New School focuses and specializes in art and design, liberal arts, performing arts, social sciences, and management. It is known for small class sizes and dedication to creativity, innovation, and social engagement. The New School offers a variety to degrees in art online. Students can receive certification in: Graphic and Digital Design, or Screenwriting. Students can receive a B.A. in Liberal Arts or Media Studies. Students can also receive an M.A. online in: Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages or Media Studies.

The tuition for The New School varies from $1,150 – $1,430 for an undergraduate degree online.

The tuition for a graduate degree varies from $1,400 – $1,570 depending on the program.

Rasmussen College

rasmussen college logog

Rasmussen College offers both an A.A. and B.A. through online courses. Through the School of Design, students can earn a degree in Graphic Design and choose from two different specializations: Web and Interactive Design, or Animation and Motion Graphics. Students can earn an associate’s degree in as little as 18 months and a bachelor’s degree in 36 months.

In the programs at Rasmussen College, design skills are developed while integrating business principles with design theory. Each student gets hands-on curriculum with an internship or final design project. Students are taught proficiency in the latest tools, and challenged to expand their limits of creativity.

Tuition for either an A.A. or B.A. degree from Rasmussen college is $260 per credit for full time students and $310 for part time students.



Savannah College of Art and Design

savannah college of art and design logo

Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) refers to online courses as eLearning. eLearning allows students to connect with faculty and programs without disconnecting from their already busy lives. SCAD has been offering online courses for more than 12 years, and is the first art and design university to receive the Instructional Technology Council’s award for Outstanding Distance Education Program.

A few of the programs and degrees available online from SCAD include: advertising, animation, fashion, graphic design, illustration, interior design, painting, photography, and more.  

Tuition for an online undergraduate degree at SCAD is: $11,730 for full-time (three courses per quarter); $7,820 for part-time (two courses per quarter); and $3,910 for less than part-time (one course per quarter).
Tuition for an online graduate degree is: $12,015 for full-time (three courses per quarter); $8,010 for part-time (two courses per quarter); and $4,005 for less than part-time (one course per quarter).



Academy of Art University

academy of art logo

The Academy of Art University has been offering innovative online art courses since 2002. The Academy of Art’s online programs allow students to receive the same rigorous education that is provided on campus, but with greater flexibility. Online courses include instructional videos, audio-enhanced slideshows, digital documentation, interviews, detailed feedback from instructors, and more.

Online students get a tailored experience for a rich education experience. The Academy also offers a wide variety of degrees: 24 A.A. degrees,  27 B.F.A. degrees, 18 M.F.A degrees as well as a few B.A. and M.A. degrees.

An online undergraduate art degree from the Academy of Art University costs $835 per unit, 3 units per class. The tuition for a graduate and art teaching credential costs $935 per unit, 3 units per class.



Arizona State

arizona state university logo

Arizona State University (ASU) has designed simple to use, and effective online courses for those interested in earning an art degree online. They believe that students should dedicate their time to learning in their courses rather than learning how to use the online format.

ASU is dedicated to providing innovative and high-quality education to online students wherever they may be. ASU offers several B.A. programs online such as; Art History, Film and Media Studies, and more. Earning an online B.A. from ASU prepares students for careers as commercial artists, secondary school art teachers, art museum managers or archivists.

Online courses from Arizona State cost $490 per credit hour regardless of residency status, with no additional program fees.



The Art Institute of Pittsburgh-Online Division

the art institute of pittsburgh online division logo

The Art Institute offers online degrees in art through the The Art Institute of Pittsburgh-Online Division. The Art Institute is a creative driven school that focuses on providing students with a supportive creative community that offers education, guidance, and technical know-how needed to pursue passion and thrive as a professional in fashion, design, media or culinary management.

The Art Institute offers many different programs for earning an associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree, certification, or diploma. Each program includes interactive online courses that focus on what students need to know.

Tuition for the Art Institute of Pittsburgh-Online Division costs $470 per credit hour plus a $100 technology fee and $50-$75 digital resource fee per course.



Southern New Hampshire University


Southern New Hampshire University strives to provide affordable undergraduate and graduate online degree programs for those who need flexibility and convenience in their education.  They offer a B.A. in Graphic Design and Media Arts with the option of concentrating in one of two areas: 3D Modeling and Animation or Web Design. The online art programs at Southern New Hampshire University prepare students for careers as graphic designers, advertising designers, web designers, art directors, and print and packaging designers.

Online undergraduate tuition at Southern New Hampshire costs $960 per course or $320 per credit hour.



Upper Iowa University

upper iowa university logo

There are several art degrees available online from Upper Iowa University. Students can earn an A.A. in Liberal Arts or a B.A. in Graphic Design, Liberal Arts, or Sociology online. Upper Iowa University online programs are flexible and convenient and  offer students a demo course to make sure it is the best option for students. Upper Iowa University is dedicated to making sure online courses are the best option for those students interested in earning a degree remotely. They urge students to prepare for classes ahead of time, connect with classmates, set aside time to study, be polite and respectful, ask for help, apply learning, and to find a source of motivation.

Tuition at Upper Iowa University costs $1,269 per 3 credit hour undergraduate online course.